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Obama: anti-American President



Mahmoud Abbas enjoys the ear of our alien President Obama.

Barack Obama admits being a Muslim. This may be the only significant truth he has uttered since becoming President of the United States. Ponder this embed and hear Obama speak for himself on this issue:

Otherwise, most extraordinary about his official utterances is their brazen and surreal mendacity. Obama’s prevarication also betrays his utter ignorance of, and/or contempt for, the intelligence of ordinary, let alone college-educated, Americans. Ponder this.

Perhaps Obama’s most authentic character trait is taqiyya, the art of dissembling. Taqiyya leads its Muslim practitioners to believe their own lies.

Obama elected – twice!

Obama keeps his origins secret and displays his thin skin.Most disturbing is that this charlatan was elected twice to the highest office of American Government. What an awful commentary on the intelligence of the American people! But this justifies Obama’s blatant contempt for their intelligence. Moreover, if the American people are dull-witted, surely this is a reflection on the benighted character of their educators, hence, on the dismal level of American colleges and universities.

Can it be that higher education in America dulls the minds of most Americans, that it renders them incapable of recognizing a fool and a fraud? Can it be that academia in America has stultified the good sense of countless students, hence of those who eventually become America’s “Intelligentsia,” the nation’s opinion makers, diplomats, and decision makers?

To cut to the chase, can it be that many university graduates have been corrupted by the academic doctrine of multicultural moral relativism, a doctrine that stunts their ability to discriminate between right and wrong, true and false, in consequence of which they cannot recognize the plain fact that whereas Islam’s world outlook degrades the individual, America’s world view exalts the individual?

Can it be that such has been the erosion of their moral convictions that countless Americans can no longer believe with confidence that the revolutionary ideas of the American Declaration of Independence are ethically more discriminating and far more rational than the violent ideas emphasized by the Qur’an, and therefore, that the democratic and American way of life, whatever its shortcomings, is intrinsically superior to the autocratic way of life that has enthralled Islam down through the centuries, a way of life that has fostered not Nobel Prize winners but suicide bombers?

Muslims yes; Israel no

This candid and “politically incorrect” comparison may explain the mental miasma and dangerous direction of America’s President:

  1. His genuflecting to King Abdullah, a Sunni despot;
  2. His appeasement of Shiite Iran, another Islamic despotism;
  3. His appointment of six members of the Muslim Brotherhood to his Administration, including the Department of Homeland Security;
  4. His prohibiting members of his Administration from making statements associating Muslims with terrorism; and
  5. His appointment of Samantha Power to his cabinet, the lady who advocated a military invasion of Israel to create a Palestinian state.

Obama has been waging a war against Israel. This was made crystal clear by Victor Sharpe, author of Politicide: The Attempted Murder of the Jewish State. In the American Thinker dated August 20, 2014, and which I will slightly paraphrase, Sharpe writes:

Whereas Israel’s request for a shipment of Hellfire missiles and mortars to replace those expended during the defensive struggle against Hamas has been denied, the requests of Israel’s Muslim and Arab enemies are speedily and unquestionably granted by Obama and the State Department.

Stopping weapons shipments to a close ally in a time of war is deliberate sabotage by the incumbent in the White House.

President Obama recently signed a massive armaments agreement with the government of Qatar. The weapons include Apache helicopters, advanced Patriot surface-to-air missiles (SAM), and Javelin handheld ground-to-air defense systems. Qatar is a strong ally of the Muslim Brotherhood and finances Hamas.

Can Americans redeem themselves?

It has thus come to pass, at this most critical juncture of history, that the American people, corrupted by their institutions of higher education, have elected an anti-American as their President. They have thus fulfilled the malediction of this President’s mentor: the “God-damn America” Pastor Jeremiah Wright. Nor is this all.

To damn America is to attack her primary foundational principles. These are embodied in American Declaration of Independence, in the Declaration’s pivotal concept, “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” To learned men of the 18th century, “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” encapsulate the Seven Noahide Laws of Morality enshrined in the Book of Genesis. Mr. Obama’s malicious mentor therefore rejected the Judeo-Christian foundation on which America stands, and without which she will fall.

Therefore, to dissolve Pastor Wright’s malediction now personified in Barack Obama, the American people must revive what Abraham Lincoln called their “ancient faith,” which has been eroded by 100 years of “higher” education. Indeed, as an American-born citizen of Israel I will go even further. To be worthy Lincoln’s having exalted Americans as the “almost chosen” people, I urge Americans to regard the rebirth of Israel – especially the restoration of the Hebrew language that was taught in America’s colonial colleges – as the key to America’s redemption.

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Ron Chronicle

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Peter Rosenfeld

He represents massively wasted opportunity (not to mention money) over the past 8 years. That’s his sad legacy.

Tony L Sundberg

Can Americans redeem themselves? Hmmm, I love Israel, I love my ancestry, there are some Americans who may not love Israel, some politicians we have elected who despise Israel, those are the ones who need redemption.

Digg Patriots

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