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Political language and moral bankruptcy



The Ten Commandments, foundation stones of liberty

“Guilt,” writes Ben Hecht in Perfidy, “does not make a politician outcast, whether he’s Jewish, British, or Nazi, for the politician is never guilty as a wrongdoer, only as a wrong thinker or wrong guesser. Even if his thoughts and guesses set bonfires raging in the world and rain disaster on large areas of it, he is still immune from guilt in the eyes of the law, and in the eyes of his contemporaries.”

No moral judgment, no accountability

The Knesset: no moral values under discussion here

The Knesset, observing 61 years of existence. Photo: Itzik Edri, CC BY 2.5 Generic License

So it is with the Israeli Prime Ministers who have slavishly adhered to the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement of 1993, even though it has not only been violated countless times by the Palestinians, but resulted in the murder of more than 1,500 Jewish men, women, and children.

Moreover, no Israeli Prime Minister has been held accountable for any part of this bloodshed. To the contrary, Israelis, who say “Never Forget” in remembrance of the Nazi Holocaust, hobnob with Palestinian leaders who not only deny the Holocaust, but who are responsible the murder of the Jews mentioned above.

Are we to say, in Hecht’s words, that Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been Israel’s Prime Minister off and on for 21 years, and who, from time to time, has surrendered Jewish land to Arab leaders, and has repeatedly released Arab terrorists from prison as “good will gestures” – are we to say he is nothing more than a “wrong thinker” or “wrong guesser?”

This seems to be the attitude of most Israelis, since they have repeatedly elected him PM – many with the excuse that the alternatives are worse. What a deplorable commentary on the moral and intellectual level of the Jewish state of Israel! Let’s probe deeper.

No moral values in public discourse

Have you noticed that the language of public discourse is “morally free” or devoid of “value judgments,” to use the language of the social sciences, which has corrupted generations of college students and public officials in the democratic world?

Can you imagine the prophets of Israel being “value free” or “morally neutral” or ignoring the culpability of Israeli Prime Ministers since Oslo 1993?

Do you know that the intellectual source of this avoidance of moral judgment is German philosophy, specifically, Hegel’s doctrine of ‘historicism” or “historical relativism,” more popularly known as “moral relativism,” a doctrine that precludes any rational condemnation of the Holocaust, and gives a green light to Arab terrorism and to President Obama’s refusal to use any pejorative language regarding Islamic terrorism?

Do you know that Obama, consistent with the teaching of Hegel, is s multicultural moral relativist, and that this academic doctrine provides an intellectual basis for his nuclear weapons agreement with Iran, a Mullocracy that gleefully screams “Death to America” as well as “Death to Israel”?

Do you know that not a single American presidential candidate displays the mental stature and courage to expose Mr. Obama’s moral relativism, which also underlies the Mr. Netanyahu’s “two-state solution” to the Israel-Palestinian conflict , as well as the Israel-PLO Agreement of 1993?

Do you know that that Agreement was promoted by Hebrew University Professor Y. Harkabi, a self-professed moral relativist, as well as the mentor of Shimon Peres, who has held the office of President of Israel!

From Hegel to today

When Ben Hecht said, some 60 years ago, that the politician is never guilty as a wrongdoer, only as a “wrong thinker” or “wrong guesser,” he was actually describing the intellectual and moral corruption resulting from the impact of German philosophy on American as well as Israeli education.

Before Hegel’s historical relativism permeated higher education in the 20th century, a politician might be called not only a “wrong thinker” or “wrong guesser,” but also an “evil-doer.” No more. The word “evil” has been erased from the dictionary of democracy. Thanks to academia, democracy knows only of “right-wingers,” “left-wingers” and “centrists.” Spatial dimensions have replaced moral dimensions. Hence the “I’m okay, you’re okay” adage on American campuses, an adage reflected in the America Supreme Court okaying same-sex marriage!

No one is good, no one is bad. Such terms are reserved for the weather, or for dogs that have or have not been housebroken.☼

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