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Paganism in modern liberalism



Abraham leaving home. Abraham arguably began human history. He certainly stood against the paganism of his time, and laid the foundation of Hebraic civilization.

No Presidential candidate dares mention the paganism of present-day liberalism. This paganism parallels the Islamic terrorism of which President Obama, a neo-pagan, remains silent. Common sense and moral integrity have taken a vacation in Obama’s America.

The absence of law and order follows, with its tribal and neo-pagan mumbo jumbo about “Black Lives Matter”. This paganism in America is a democratic and infantile phenomenon.

Let’s face it: Democratic America is nothing if not an infantocracy. Americans twice elected Barack Obama, who can’t speak coherently even with a teleprompter. This part fool, part scoundrel may win a third term of office via America’s “crooked” Hillary Clinton. This woman can lie repeatedly to a slick Director of the FBI and get away with it!

Paganism ancient and modern

Ancient paganism was not a piece of cheese, because it did not have liberalism to adorn it. Modern liberalism is an infantile disorder. It purveys freedom as “living as you like.” Despising discipline and moral responsibility, modern liberalism fosters indecent speech, illogical thought, and illicit behavior. It’s propagated by sheltered academics who have never been mugged.

This liberalism yields indiscriminate tolerance, which is encapsulated in the campus adage “I’m okay, you’re okay.”

Nothing else has produced same sex toilets, same sex marriage, nor humanoids who can’t communicate without an Android Smartphone. The idols of idolatry have never been so verbal and mindless.

Probing deeper, the ultimate essence of liberalism, like that of idol worship, is denial of the unity of the world, hence unqualified pluralism. This pluralism releases nihilists from the responsibilities and obligations of living in a moral universe. This universe has a Unified God, the God worshiped by the descendants of Abraham, who smashed the idols of Chaldea and cleared a path for ethical and intellectual monotheism, the pinnacle of Civilization.

The eruption of Islamic terrorism is simply a manifestation of Islam’s war against Western Civilization. And of course the West does not want to regard this Muslim war as a war waged by the forces of evil. It does not want to hear of evil, since it has degenerated into moral pluralism, a modern form of pagan polytheism.

Judaism: enemy of paganism

The greatest enemy of pagan polytheism has ever been Judaism, and it is in this light that we are to understand the worldwide eruption of Jew-hatred superficially called “anti-Semitism.”

The pagan polytheism and moral pluralism in the West is reducible to a denial of the Unified God of Abraham. Today’s Jewish leaders of Israel lack the heart and mind to understand this. Abraham, rallying his herdsmen, had to wage war against and defeat several nations to establish a safe haven for his kinfolk. The nations he vanquished called him a “prince of God.”

It will be no different for Israel.☼

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