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Remember the election stakes



Osama Bin Laden compound. A terrorist attack to kill an ambassador, but not to avenge this? Remember this in elections to come.

Americans have long set aside days to remember our men and women in uniform, some of whom gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our God-given freedoms.

Sunday, Sept. 11 is the 15th anniversary of the Islamist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We also remember that hijacked jet brought down by patriotic Americans in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, which was likely intended as a gigantic bomb bound for the U.S. Capitol building.

In New York alone, 2,753 people died. The dead included 23 New York City police officers, 37 Port Authority officers, and 346 firefighters. Some of these men ascended stairs in the crumbling World Trade Center towers even as evacuees fled past them.

At the Pentagon, 184 people lost their lives when one of the hijacked jets crashed into the Outer Ring.

On Flight 93 from Newark Airport, several passengers on their cell phones learned that a jet had crashed into one of the Twin Towers at 8:46 a.m. Knowing they would never land safely on Earth again, several passengers formulated a plan to overpower the hijackers.

Todd Beamer’s last words to his wife are seared into the consciousness of every American who recalls that horrific day:

Are you guys ready? Let’s roll.

It was the only instance of American resistance to the attacks that day. Minutes later, the jet flipped upside-down and crashed into a field, killing all 40 passengers and crew.

Remember who leads, and who doesn’t

As Election Day 2016 approaches, we face the most consequential choice in our lifetimes. It was in February 1998 during Bill Clinton’s presidency that Osama bin Laden declared a fatwa against the United States. In so doing, he urged radical Muslims to kill Americans wherever they found them. That fatwa remains in place, and we have seen its bloody effect in several recent attacks here in America.

Over the past seven years, a feckless foreign policy led by Barack Obama has destabilized the Middle East. It has also subjected Christians and others to genocide. Worst of all, it has let Iran continue its march toward nuclear terror, aided by payments in cash from our own government.

History tells us that tyrants and bullies respond only to force, which is why the years of weakness have emboldened our enemies.

If someone tells you it’s not important to vote on November 8, or that it’s fine to throw away your vote on a third-party candidate, please remind him or her that our very freedoms are at stake. We cannot survive more years of the same failed policies, either domestically or around the world.

Voting is the least we can do to honor the memories of those who came before us and fought and died for this beloved country that we are in danger of losing.

Please remember to pray for the families of those in our armed forces and law enforcement, the victims of the ongoing terrorist war against civilization, and for America.

And vote on November 8. Vote as if the very future of our children and grandchildren depends on it.

Because it does.

Reprint from The American Thinker

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Ron Chronicle

Ron Chronicle liked this on Facebook.

Bob Roberts

I wouldn’t call the president’s decision to send our special forces to capture/kill OBL deep into Pakistan feckless. It was the opposite of feckless.

Terry Hurlbut

But his policies since have been feckless.

Bob Roberts

That’s an opinion, but myself and millions of others don’t share that opinion. We need less cowboy, tough guy rhetoric and a more level headed approach to the ever complex and changing world of today.

“You take the victories where you can. You make things a little bit better rather than a little bit worse,”

“And that’s in no way a concession to this idea that America is withdrawing or there’s not much we can do. It’s just a realistic assessment of how the world works.”

““I think, the goal of any good foreign policy is having a vision and aspirations and ideals, but also recognizing the world as it is, where it is, and figuring out how do you tack to the point where things are better than they were before,” “That doesn’t mean perfect. It just means it’s better.””

You’re welcome to call that feckless if you want, but it seems more level headed or pragmatic to me which is a nice change of pace from W’s “get em dead or alive” or “smoke em out of their caves while allowing OBL to escape justice.

Bennie Sue West

Bennie Sue West liked this on Facebook.


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