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Complicity in murder



Yitzhak Rabin might have signed his death warrant by accepting this prize for the Oslo Accords. And was he guilty of complicity in murder by so signing? Does Amalek rear his head in this form?

The phenomenon of complicity in murder did not begin with the Labor-led government of Yitzhak Rabin, the Government that consummated the Israel-PLO Agreement of September 13, 1993, otherwise known as the Oslo Accords.

That treacherous Government, which released and armed thousands of Arab terrorists, secretly committed itself to the creation of a Muslim-Arab State in Judea and Samaria, the immemorial heartland of Jewish civilization.

Oslo was nothing less than the Israeli Government’s complicity in murder. This complicity has resulted in more than 15,000 dead, wounded, and traumatized Jewish men women, and children. And there is no end in sight given Netanyahu’s worshiping at the Satanic church of Oslo.

Complicity in murder since 1985

Truth be told however, this complicity in murder was initiated by the Likud-led Government of Yitzhak Shamir when, in May 1985, that Government exchanged 1,150 Arab terrorists for three Jewish soldiers captured in Lebanon by the PLO. In fact, that Likud Government allowed 600 of those terrorists, including those convicted of murder, to return to their homes in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, where they subsequently became leaders of the intifada that erupted in December 1987.

The Likud’s treachery continued under the Likud Government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This perfidious government withdrew from swaths of Jewish land including Hebron. They even supplied Yasser Arafat’s terrorists with highly sophisticated machine guns to enhance – you won’t believe it – Israel’s security! Israel thus ranks as the world’s leading producer of useful idiots, to put it mildly.

But has any Israeli Prime Minister held himself accountable for this havoc and its rivers of blood, which is tantamount to complicity in murder?

This complicity became a gruesome form of stupidity under Likud Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. He released 300 Arab terrorists for the corpses of three Jewish soldiers in Lebanon!

Blame Likud, not Labor

Any Likud MK who served in a Likud-led Government is complicit in the Likud’s betrayal of, and crimes against, the Jewish people, so long as he remains in this party, and no matter how much he rails against its arming and releasing Muslim Arab terrorists.

The Likud, more than any other party in the Knesset – and all are culpable – is responsible here. They have made Gaza a Mecca of international terrorism.

Does this Likud Party, long led by Netanyahu, have a strategy to eliminate Muslim-Arab terrorists one-by-one, hunting them down and serially killing these murderers of Jewish men, women, and children?

Why is there no party or group in Israel that rises up to revenge the murder of these Jews? Someone should replace Netanyahu with a war leader whose fervent policy is to mobilize the Israel Defense Forces. They should then hunt down and kill these Muslim-Arab terrorists like rabid dogs.

The mere fact that Netanyahu wants to talk to these Jew-killers disqualifies him from holding any public office!

On the other hand, Netanyahu has many would-be successors. They include Jewish Home Party leader Naphtali Bennett and Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog. So why don’t they raise hell about Netanyahu’s political timidity or dereliction of duty? Why don’t they demand his resignation and replacement by a warrior prime minister?

Are there no warriors in Israel?◙

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