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Ben Hecht, thinkers, Jews, and ants



Ben Hecht would have a field day with modern Muslims and liberal Jews.

The following remarks reconstruct and update a few observations and ideas appearing in A Guide for the Bedeviled, by Ben Hecht. He made them in 1949 about Germans on one hand and Gentile “academics and journalists” on the other. Today these apply to Muslims and to many Jews. What follows, therefore, are paraphrases from the original text. They are what Ben Hecht would write, did he live today.

Ben Hecht warned: “objective” thinkers not always objective

Objective thinkers are always assuring us that it is a sin against reason to condemn a whole people as evil, such as Muslims, when only a part of their soul is at fault; since it’s obvious that, in addition to gleefully cheering murderers, Muslims are also very polite and hospitable.

The objectivity or “fair-mindedness” of academics and journalists is disturbing because they constitute a majority of our “thinkers.” Perhaps these fair-minded thinkers are reluctant to attack something evil as evil because they are secretly related to it. This may account for the eagerness with which they hunt down the villain’s hidden virtue.

The scoundrel, whether politician or mullah, has always known it is easier to win followers through their deep talent for hate than their capacity for love. He knows that hatred is the magic for victory, if you can control it. Hatred strengthens people and solidifies them – behind you. When we hate someone, we feel the courage needed for murder. If we happen to hate someone weak, this does not lessen our sense of courage. In fact, it increases it. Scores of nations have shouted themselves to battle by first “triumphing” over the Jews.

An enemy delights in the benevolence of his targets

You would think Jews would wake up to one fact about themselves, that their benevolence is the chief delight of their enemies.

There are Jews who have the courage to fight for the cause of another. But they haven’t the courage even to speak up for their own.

Many Jews see Israel’s ruling elites as inept politicians, when they may really be evil men conning others with words of peace and humanity.

Any nation whose religion preaches submission and subservience must hate freedom-loving Jews. Therefore, any nation intent on perfecting ants must automatically hate the Jews. The Jews say “no” to the ants. Their “no” is the health of humanity.☼

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