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Proportional representation: flawed system



Flawed policies come from a flawed election system of proportional representation and endless coalition government. Israel turns out to be a democratically elected despotism. In fact its policies cast doubt on whether Israel is a Jewish State or not. A Prime Minister who changes this system can become truly great. But it means ditching Israel's democratic reputation. The Likud Party make it worse when, dependent on Arab votes, they let insurrection slide.

Many political scientists in Israel admit that its parliamentary electoral system of proportional representation (PR) breeds single-issue political parties – ethnic, religious, and economic – all of which fragments the nation and prevents the ascendancy of a majority party, one that represents the nation’s enduring beliefs and paramount strategic interests.

Proportional representation emphasizes ego over people

I know of no political scientist in Israel who publicly repudiates proportional representation on the simple grounds that it magnifies and multiplies personal and organizational egoism. Nor do I know of any political scientist who says that PR in Israel was established to dis-empower the nation’s religious community by fragmentation, a policy of divide and conquer that can be sold as democratic.

The politically misguided or mis-educated people of Israel boast of their country as a “democracy,” when, in fact, this so-called democracy is a haven for voluptuaries without vision – jobbers all too susceptible to corruption; and Israel’s corruption index is reported in international surveys.

That Israel nonetheless flourishes is only evidence of the graciousness of God. Indeed, that Israel survives under its dysfunctional system of multiparty government is not only evidence of the worthlessness of Israeli departments of political science, but also proof of God’s supervening existence!

Disastrous foreign policy

Those academic departments provide the experts for Israel’s policy makers and decision makers, to whom we may credit Israel’s disastrous 1993 Oslo or “territory for peace” nightmare, which has resulted in more than 15 thousand Jewish casualties. It’s not inferior politicians, of which there is no shortage in Israel, so much as their inferior educators that should be held primarily responsible for this catastrophic state of affairs.

For example: Bibi can thoughtlessly say on November 11, 2016 on the America TV program “Sixty Minutes”:

I’m willing to negotiate with [the Palestinian Authority] at any moment. I haven’t reversed my position. I’ve said, “Look, we will solve this [Israeli-Palestinian conflict] because we want two nation states at peace and with the proper security arrangements.” Two states for two peoples…. that’s where I’m focused.

Bibi is so myopically focused on creating a Palestinian state that he has lost sight of the fact that the Palestinians Charter is committed to Israel’s annihilation, as evidence of which the Muslim Palestinians, inspired by their prophet Muhammad, have murdered and maimed more than 15,000 Jewish men, women, and children since 1993, when the now sainted Yitzhak Rabin, signed the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement. Who notes that Rabin and or his policy experts, were educated by professors of the Hebrew University, one of whom, Yehoshafat Harkabi, head of military intelligence, was a self-professed moral and cultural relativist indifferent to the evil instilled in the Muslims comprising the fictitious Palestinian disciples of Mohammad.

It begins at the top with the educators of the nation’s policy makers. And if you want to reform those policies, you must begin with the universities.☼

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