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The State of the Union and Democrat Solidarity



The institution of Congress takes the blame, but its members really should. Many of them proved that at the State of the Union speech. Many have let lobbyists buy them. But how to drain the swamp? Donald Trump pledged to do this, regarding ObamaCare and other issues.

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. On today’s report I will talk about the State of the Union Speech on 30 January by President Donald Trump. The President obviously had a plan for this speech. He probably intended it to be a unity speech full of pro-American things that any American who loves his country would have to stand and applaud for. It included very little of the usual bombast that we have come to expect from such speeches. In fact it was, for all intents and purposes, a kinder, gentler, and more Presidential, Donald Trump.

State of the Union? Democrats want no part of it

The President probably wanted this speech to be a hand reaching across the aisle and inviting opponents to work with him on fixing our immigration and infrastructure problems. The Democrats, however, came to the speech with their own pro-unity expectations, and their own agenda. Do not show any respect for this man in any way. Show only the most vile hatred and despicable incivility toward him. Do not clap for anything that you are not absolutely bound to show mild applause for. Don’t stand for anything, not even “In God We Trust.”

The two agendas, so different in their intent, created one of the most embarrassing spectacles that I can remember seeing in all my years of watching State of the Union speeches. A couple of times I thought the two Parties had perhaps changed places. After all isn’t the Democratic Party supposed to cheer an announcement that black unemployment has fallen to the lowest level in history. The Democrats didn’t stand for that announcement. Not even the African-Americans stood, so I wondered what gives here, but then I got it.

Solidarity to what end?

They were just trying to show solidarity, even if their show is anti-American and not in the best interest of their African-American base. I guess having more African-Americans employed than ever before just doesn’t interest the Democrat Party as much as having all their voters on welfare so they will be totally dependent on Democrat politicians for their sustenance. Perhaps people out there where Americans live, i.e., outside the beltway, feel differently, perhaps they appreciate the opportunity to have a decent job. Perhaps African-American working men and women, fathers and mothers don’t really appreciate always being placed behind foreigners, who the Democrats seem to think have some kind of civil right to come to this country illegally and take their jobs.

Trump’s tax plan pays off

He came to speak to average Americans, normal working people, and that is what he did. He came to announce that his programs are starting to work and that is apparently more than his Democrat enemies can stand. His tax reform package is perhaps still a high risk gamble but it is already paying tremendous dividends.

Here in my city of Memphis, Tennessee, a city I will add, that is desperately in need of good jobs and some type of economic growth, Fed Ex just announced that in response to the tax plan the company will spend 3.2 billion dollars on new jobs, raises, and bonuses for employees and expansion. Fed Ex will get the credit here, but the company made it clear that the tax cuts were what allowed it.

The same thing has been happening around the country as hundreds of companies have announced similar intentions. When Trump spoke in Davos, Switzerland the other day, at the World Economic Forum, he hosted a dinner for European business leaders and CEO’s. He apparently wanted to talk to them about the current economic boom in America and how they could take part. The reports were that, one by one, they came by to speak with him and tell him that in light of his tax program they would be manufacturing again in America as well as investing billions. I saw a list of dozens of CEO’s who lined up to speak and tell him that.

With an enemy like George Soros…

The best news from the World Economic Forum, however, was George Soros’s absolute and open hatred of the President; hatred which gushed out every time the man opened his mouth. I can’t think of anyone in this world whose hatred would be more of an honor to have than George Soros. Since Soros so obviously wants to destroy Europe and America, his speech of hatred of the President of the United States gave me hope that the future is brighter here in America than I thought.

The tax changes and early positive results give the President momentum to continue and expand. Along with George Soros, American Democrat politicians also hate Mr. Trump, and their faces on camera during the speech reflect that. Their incivility is evidence that American Democrat politicians are some of the most Anti-American people in this country. That would be a good slogan for the Democrats in the 2018 elections, vote for us the Anti-American Party, because we hate everything good this country stands for and we love it when foreigners come here illegally to take advantage of the job market and social welfare system ahead of American citizens.

Democrats make it a sad State of the Union

President Trump was reaching out his hand to them but not in the begging, groveling way they demand and usually get. Instead he spoke from a position of strength and the confidence that comes from success. He had supreme confidence in reaching out to them but in a way that told them they would also have to participate in the cost of the compromise. He obviously intends to drive a hard bargain on immigration as evidenced by his “Americans are dreamers too” quote. Not as hard a bargain as I wanted, but certainly better than anything for a long time. The immigration plan I would have proposed to them would have been zero-based, until they could tell me why immigration is good for America right now, and why we Americans have no valid interest in controlling our borders.

He projected a tough tone softened a little by references to first responders, military veterans, and other American heroes. Those are the references, although more subtle, to America First that got him elected in the first place.

Democrats seem to disrespect not just the country and its history, its traditions, its religion, and its culture. Indeed they disrespect the ordinary Americans who live in this country — military heroes, victims of illegal immigrants who commit horrible crimes, victims such as Kate Steinle, and victims of North Korean cruelty. Yes the Democrats are equal opportunity haters who seem to hate everyone they disagree with, regardless of color.

Whom do Democrats really support?

They simply can’t abide the thought of an American success story. Illegals are their top and perhaps their only priority. The “right” as they see it, of foreigners to come here illegally supersedes all others. That’s why I would not have offered the 1.8 million illegals compromise that Trump mentioned as they sat on their hands. It’s a mistake to appease your enemies because it never works. Appeasement doesn’t turn enemies into friends; you do that by defeating your enemies and then acting magnanimously.

Illegal immigrants are the core constituency of the Democrat Party today. That is why they want more and more of them. That is who they represent, and who they want to please over and above the interests of working Americans. They just don’t seem to care about what happens to the rest of us. Well, I’ll bet that those people going to get the new jobs and getting raises at Fed Ex care.

In the 2018 elections I suppose we’ll see how many people share the Democrat ideas of higher taxes, redistribution of wealth, open borders, erasure of gender, identity politics, and failed education.

Finally folks:

Rancor, and obstruction do not win elections, but optimism and projection of future success do.

Love of country wins elections and President Trump’s speech demonstrated love for America loud and clear. He loves this country and its people.

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

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