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How the Vatican sacrificed its intellect



Pope Francis forgot to mention: the Vatican has walls. He also keeps protecting mistaken Catholic doctrine about Israel. And how can he support any part of Islam? President Trump made promises for building a wall. Has he broken them?

We first want to know in depth the world-historical significance of the Vatican’s recognition of the terrorist and artificial state of Palestine, whose autocrats genuflect to Mecca.

The Vatican fears Israel greatly

In a previous article concerning the Vatican, we indicated that the Catholic Church desperately wants to gain control of Jerusalem. This would disembowel Judaism and the State of Israel, of which the Vatican harbors the greatest fear.

We pointed out that the Church betrayed this fear immediately after the May 1948 rebirth of Israel, when, in an English radio program, the Vatican denigrated the new Jewish state by maliciously and absurdly describing Zionism as a “new Nazism,” and as “a grave menace to Christianity.”

Many Protestants, especially Evangelical Christians, might ask: How could Israel be “a grave menace to Christianity” if Catholic theology represents the absolute and undying truth?

Did the Vatican construe the miraculous rebirth of Israel as heralding the fulfillment of all the prophecies of the Old Testament, and therefore the eventual demise of Christianity?

If this is what the learned clergy of the Vatican surmised and feared, did this disturb their long-established belief in the truth of the New Testament?

But if they discerned that the theology of the New Testament, which consigned the Jews to eternal damnation, was being refuted by the historical fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, why didn’t the Vatican yield to the truth? Why did it, apparently in desperation, denigrate Zionism as a “new Nazism”? Indeed, why did one Pope after another welcome to the Vatican the satanic leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Yasser Arafat, a Muslim successor to Hitler.

Was the Vatican using the PLO to gain control of Jerusalem and thus prevent the ultimate fulfillment of Biblical prophecy?

Afraid of Truth?

What does “Jerusalem” mean to learned men? Jerusalem is known as the “City of Peace” as well as the “City of Truth.” There can be no true peace among the nations of mankind without Truth.

But Truth entails the end of all man-made religions and ideologies. Truth therefore entails the collapse of artificial power structures, and this threatens the interests and prestige of the many people that profit from this state of affairs, be they politicians or clergymen.

It is in this light that we are to understand the Jew-hatred and the current demonization of Israel. All this was foretold by Rabbi Avraham Kook, the first chief rabbi of mandate Palestine, who died in 1935.

Rabbi Kook was a philosopher of history and he was attuned to the esoteric wisdom of the Torah. Confined to Switzerland during the First World War, he kept abreast of events and was horrified by the unlimited violence one Christian nation waged against another, using poison gas and bombing the cities whose victims were civilians.

In his book OROT (“Lights”), he writes that Christianity never fully overcame the paganism of its origin, and that “Europe rightly gave up on God, whom she never knew.”

The Vatican and the atheistic Left alike fear Truth

Today scholars speak of a “post-Christian” Europe. Rav Kook explains what brought this about:

[W]hen in our day nationalism grew strong and penetrated the system of philosophy, the latter was forced to place a big question mark over all the content of absolute ethics, which truly came to Europe only on loan from Judaism, and as any foreign implant, could not be absorbed in its spirit.

By “system of philosophy,” Rav Kook had in view the moral and cultural relativism derived from Hegel’s philosophy of history, more precisely the doctrine of “historicism” or historical relativism which took Europe by storm in the 19th century, and has increasingly dominated higher education in the United States since the end of the First World War.

Today, Europe and America are mired in the nihilist denial of Truth, which is their constant enemy and greatest fear.

Indeed, the fear of truth will issue with increasing impact from Jerusalem, the City of Truth. This fear drives not only the Vatican, but also the atheist Left. Both have sacrificed their intellects to the “Palestinians,” the pagans who surpassed the Nazis by using their own children as human bombs!

No philosophical or theological arguments are needed to refute these enemies of Israel.◙

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