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A journal of the plague year — redux

The great virus plague of 2020 could have any of three nefarious causes. All these causes arise out of human nature, which has never changed.

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COVID Virus provokes bare store shelves

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today I will be talking about the plague year that we are currently in. The virus that the World Health Organization tells us should be called covid-19. This is a politically correct term to keep us from labeling it Wuhan flu, Kung-flu or some other such name.1 Those names are all racist in today’s world so we can’t use them. For our purposes I will refer to it as Coronavirus or simply the virus. I do this even though I know that name is not specific enough to be technically correct.

The virus v. the Black Death in London

The title of today’s Report was taken from Daniel Defoe’s book A Journal of the Plague Year (1725). I first read Mr. Defoe’s book in high school. But it is a stark reminder that what we are going through in our world today has happened before. It is an account of the year 1665 in the city of London and the struggles of that City’s residents to survive the bubonic plague, which they called the black death. Wagons came down the streets each morning with the driver calling for people to send out your dead.

From London in 1665 to the world today

The story is in narrative form complete with graphs, charts, and government documents. It is fascinating how many of the things he tells about London are happening again today. At the time humanity had no microscopes and no idea where the plague was coming from. The prevailing theory was that it was God’s wrath on sinful humanity. The plague was far more terrible and lethal than our virus. But our virus has an advantage that old Europe’s plague did not have. Our virus can occur in Wuhan China, or Milan, Italy, or San Francisco. It can then board an airplane and reappear anywhere in the world within hours. If the 1665 plague had airplanes perhaps there would be no humanity. But then microscopes, especially electron microscopes, revealed the invisible world of disease to us.

From bread and circuses to bread alone

However, we are not here to discuss 1665 Europe, we are here to discuss 2020 America. Here in America everything was going along just fine. My law firm was more profitable than it had been for awhile and I was optimistic for the first time in months. I just talked to a friend who runs a bookstore in another city. She was having a great year but now it looks like she will soon be closed. My law firm will be working from home, with reduced staff after this week. So everything is OK until it isn’t. This spring, hopeful and renewing as always, brings pestilence and death as well as flowers. They used to bring us bread and the circus. But now with all sports and concerts canceled, its just bread and we shelter at home to eat it.

From where did this virus come?

Is it true that someone eating a bat in China can destroy the lives of ordinary Americans almost immediately? That whole concept seems ludicrous on its face, but there is a real virus that came from somewhere. My wife’s cousin, a world-renowned physician and expert in infectious diseases, and leader in the effort to treat HIV is now positive for the Corona Virus, so we can conclude that it is real. A perfectly legitimate question is where did it come from, and how did it get here.

There are a few choices that we can look at. First let me say that I have no expertise or training in the medical or scientific fields that would give me insight. I try to use logic and apply that to the events that I see and read about.

Virus choice one: the Wuhan wet food market

The first choice then, is that the Virus jumped from animals to humans at a fresh foods market in Wuhan, China and correspondingly spread all over China and then it got on airplanes and infected the whole world. That is actually the story authorities expect to believe.2 Any other version puts us into a conspiracy nut category.

Virus choice two: an escaped Chinese bioweapon

The second possibility is that the Chinese were working on bat viruses at their bioweapons lab located coincidentally in Wuhan. Then one somehow escaped into the local population. To substantiate that view I saw pictures of scientists supposedly working with bat viruses in that lab. Several of them were not even wearing masks. That version often includes the added narrative of Chinese agents stealing virus samples from level four labs probably in Canada. If China or anyone else wanted to make a bioweapon, they could make one a lot more lethal than the Corona virus, so why wouldn’t they? The answer under that view is that it was intended as an economic weapon, and only coincidental to human destruction. If that version were true, the damage to the Chinese and American economies would be clear evidence.3

Virus choice three: an American bioweapon

The third possibility is that it is a bioweapon, but it was introduced into China and Iran by another country most likely the United States. Why would the Americans do such an evil thing? To damage the Chinese economy and give them a painful lesson in who runs the world. Why choose a weapon that damages your own people and your own economy? Collateral damage is the answer to that question. Sometimes you must be willing to take casualties to win a battle.

Virus choice four: a Malthusian elitist bioweapon

The fourth possibility is some plan by the Malthusian elite to thin the human population4 and control the ones who are left. To make that explanation plausible you don’t have to kill everyone, just the undesirables. Who are they? The elderly of course! How many times have you read or heard someone say, “Its nothing because it only kills those over 65 and those in poor health”? It’s a concern to me because both my wife and I are over 65. But thank God we are in good health.

Bloomberg gives the game away

Possibility number four is at least an interesting coincidence. At the exact time that Democrats advocate socialized healthcare or “Medicare for all,” along comes the virus to help with one of the biggest problems. Michael Bloomberg, in a campaign interview, told us that free healthcare was not affordable for all. So the term all would need definition. If you are old and have prostate cancer, we might have to say sorry we can’t help you.

Bloomberg’s vision makes itself real?

One may wonder why the government would concoct a plan whereby the most vulnerable would also be the most costly. But that’s easy to explain. The hospital beds, especially the ICU beds are all full. So I’m sorry elderly American, go home to die, we can’t help you. That triage has happened already in other countries. And according to the well-renowned physician that I mentioned earlier, that triage could come here. So, the most expensive and least productive, and coincidentally, traditionally the most conservative, are killed off, weakened, and frightened into hiding out in their homes, until the bank forecloses.

Without God all things are permissible – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Whether the fourth possibility exists in someone’s mind or not, the effects on the elderly are the same. I will be transferring my law firm to work at home status soon with a reduced staff. I fear for my employees and clients and want to protect them as this contagion gets worse. But I am also one of those high-risk individuals so I must hide in my house for a while.

One hundred years of relentless anti-God propaganda, in our schools and in the media, has destroyed God. So He is no longer available for us to look to for deliverance. Our churches are closing for the government’s mandated meeting size limits as government exerts its authority over the church. Pastors encourage their congregations to listen via livestream which of course destroys the intimacy of worship.

Government as God-substitute

Don’t you worry though, you don’t need God because government will be there to save you. If the government destroys your business as it is destroying mine and my friend’s bookstore the benevolent government will let you apply for an SBA loan in an attempt to pay your employees under the draconian, unrealistic rules set by government for no other reason than to punish and destroy small business where the majority of people work. Soon, unless the direction changes, those employees will no longer be happy, productive citizens, proud of their work and production, just raising their families in peace. They will become wards of the State which apparently is the ultimate destination the government desires for all of us.

The virus future: triage and immunization…

What does our government have in store for our future? I can only guess but using logic and evidence I can make some educated guesses. Triage in the virus hospitals whereby the elderly will not get treatment, or even testing. Mandatory vaccination when one is available which should be in a few months. The vaccine will kill more people than the virus. But to refuse it will get you ostracized by society, unable to buy or sell, and possibly arrested. Full destruction of the dollar and the American economy as we are seeing now.

The virus aid packages

If the government wants to inject a couple of trillion dollars into banks and failing corporations, which it is doing now, there must be no problem with debt or future interest payments. The airlines say we need fifty billion to save us and the government says OK here it is. When small business complains about the unworkable requirements placed on it, we are told, just apply for an SBA loan and in 3 or 4 weeks you’ll be considered. The government proposes to send “some people” two thousand dollars. It seems that government would not make that universal benevolence and the term person would need definition.5

Where does the truth lie?

To send out that free, unearned money must mean that debt and interest are irrelevant and destruction of value is a false concept. Therefore I ask why only a thousand or two. If those assumptions are true, why not one million as the mathematically challenged MSNBC host suggested? The conclusion must be that government is sitting on a huge pile of money. Then the only reason they won’t give it to us is greed.

Whoever we elect, we’ll get it, I promise you that. For as H.L.Mencken said,

Democracy is the theory that the average person knows what he wants and he deserves to get it good and hard.

The virus cannot make statesmen

The politicians on both sides of the isle miss their chance to emerge from all this as statesmen. Their lust for power clouds everything they do and say. Now the only thing they know is how to get it and how to keep it. In the Cuban missile crises days, you heard people on the other side say we are in a national crises and I support the president and what he is trying to do. Once this is over, we can argue about whether it was the best course or not. But right now it’s the course America is on. No more statesmen or women just power mad politicians.

The New Viral Order?

Perhaps the virus will become so bad worldwide that the whole world screams in unison for a new form of government to save humanity. Give us your surveillance and your armies to protect us. I can certainly see that as a possibility. The rights that have been taken from us to fight the virus as an emergency are perhaps gone forever. No more privacy, free speech, free assembly, all gone. They tell us to shelter in our homes, and not even churches are open.6

Or is it?

Perhaps I’m wrong to be so critical of government efforts. Our leaders have proven themselves to be lying, power mad hypocrites for so long I find it difficult to ever believe them. But people I know and trust, people who are medically and scientifically trained, do. They have pointed out to me that we are in extreme danger. Everything hangs in the balance over the next couple of weeks. If we are fighting World War C7 then I apologize but we’ll watch and see.

The virus destroys the new world order

If there is anything at all positive from all this it could be that it kills what our power mad Malthusians tell us we must have and that is a new world order.8 The virus seems to be abating in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and some other countries. Russia closed its borders early and has hardly been touched. Perhaps open borders are not such a good idea after all. In fact, the entire set of rules we set up to make this a completely interconnected and interdependent world may not be such a good thing now. Maybe those oceans really are a blessing of protection.

The wicked do exist

In conclusion, do we have people on this earth, in this country, wicked and evil enough to do the things I have been talking about? I’m afraid the answer is yes. Because in 6000 years of recorded human history virtually everything has changed dramatically except human nature. We humans are just as wicked, conniving, and power mad as we were 6000 years ago. And perhaps more so because technological advances make evil easier.

It’s personal

Finally, folks, from a personal perspective this virus will probably prevent me from attending the funeral of my last brother. Out of eight siblings only my sister and I remain. But it seems the virus will keep me from paying honor to my family. If that were enough it would be plenty, there’s more. I have another loved one stuck by the virus on the other side of the world who cannot get home. Sometimes these things are personal as I’m sure they are for many people. Could these sacrifices turn out to be very small skirmishes in a very big war? Yes, they could as this contagion could get out of hand quickly. Let’s do our best, take the necessary action, and pray for deliverance.

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

Editor’s notes

1 The Epoch Times, a site with Chinese exile and dissident staff and reporters, calls it the CCP virus. They do so to accuse the Chinese Communist Party of gross negligence that let the virus spread.

2 It is also the theory The Epoch Times accepts. The wet food markets of China are things one must see to believe. Not one Western safety standard applies to such a market. But The Epoch Times adds this to it: the Communist authorities ordered their scientists to stop all research and destroy their samples and records.

3 Unless, that is, the virus escaped containment before the “bug marshals” were ready to deploy it.

The Population Bomb

4 Paul and Anna Ehrlich and John Holdren, in The Population Bomb, explicitly wished such a virus would strike. In that book, Holdren called for introducing “sterilants” into public water supplies.

The gravy train derails?

5 Apparently the Democrats sabotaged their own scenario yesterday (22 March). The Senate, on a tie vote, failed to move the debate on the latest installment. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Republican Leader, blamed the Democrats. Tellingly, his junior colleague, Rand Paul (R-Ky.), is under self-isolation and thus may not vote. The vote required 60 Ayes, so Vice President Pence did not have a tie to break.

The dispensational future

6 John Nelson Darby and the Plymouth Brethren foresaw something similar, nearly two centuries ago. He argued that the Prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and others, Paul of Tarsus, and especially St. John of Jerusalem articulated a vision of the future to include this very sort of tyranny. But it would end when Jesus Christ came back, not on a mere donkey, but on a war charger. The virus could in this scenario correspond to John’s vision of Death on a pale-green horse.

7 This term references the motion picture World War Z, about a virus that turns people into zombis.

The new world order dies

8 See, for example, this video:

About the image

“coronavirusoutofstock31620tar2” by 2C2KPhotography is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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