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Bodyguard of lies

Sir Winston Churchill spoke of a bodyguard of lies. Barack Obama orchestrated such a “bodyguard” against Donald Trump after Trump won the election.

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Obama, hypocrite in chief at the National Prayer Breakfast, and orchestrator of a bodyguard of lies

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. I am happy to say that this Report is not about the virus. For two months it has been all virus all the time, but today we return to the world of politics. This is day 56 of house arrest for the Castle family, two complete months with only each other, and voices on the telephone for company. The family daughter remains safe on her small island at the bottom of the world. We plan to return to our law office starting Monday but gradually with two people at a time returning. Nevertheless we go back to the world starting Monday.

Bodyguard of lies – where did that come from?

The title of this report comes from a quote from Winston Churchill:

In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.

Truth is indeed precious in part because it is so rare today. We are fighting and have been fighting for some time a different war than Mr. Churchill’s. Our war is cultural and it is a war intended to destroy our existing culture. I recently heard a lecture from a psychologist who explained that computers have essentially the same function as the human brain. Both are processors and disseminators of information according to their respective programming.

Garbage in, garbage out

If you enter corrupt data into your computer, it will not perform its functions accurately. It is like the German Enigma code machine that Mr. Churchill referred to in the quote I mentioned. To code messages the Germans designed a machine that scrambled information in a random fashion mathematically difficult to unscramble. When the messages attempting to program our brains are false but presented as absolute truth from those we once trusted, our brains are almost certain to process the corrupt data in the wrong way.

Bodyguard of lies – whom is Obama kidding?

Today it seems that almost all the programming presented through the mass media is false. The intent of this false information is not to convey accurate information. Rather, it is to program our brains to think a certain way. For example, President Obama on CBS 60 Minutes, January 25, 2017, said:

I’m proud of the fact that … we are … the first administration in modern history that hasn’t had a major scandal in the White House.

The interviewer did not call him on his obvious lapse in memory of Fast and Furious.1 Nor Lois Lerner using the IRS to target and eliminate conservative groups,2 nor many other scandals. Perhaps now his perception of political invincibility bolstered by years of media pandering may be coming to an end, and history may have to reveal the truthful story behind his administration. I’ll believe it when I see it, but I am hopeful that the truth can be discovered in court through evidence.

Hashtag: #ObamaGate

On this Report I have limited time and space. I can therefore only scratch the surface of the body of lies surrounding the entire scandal commonly called Russia-gate. According to recent tweets from President Trump, one should call it Obama-gate.

Why would that title be appropriate? Because it is obvious from the evidence that President Obama from the very start met with the group of operatives. Whom he then dispatched to undermine the Trump presidency. This undermining was in fact an attempt at a bloodless coup against the will of the people of the United States to make their own choice in elected officials.

The bodyguard of lies comes under investigation

Right now, the House of Representatives and especially the Department of Justice (DOJ) under Attorney General Bob Barr, are investigating. Specifically: how a three-year campaign commonly known as Russia gate could proceed without a shred of evidence to support it. Please keep in mind that what I am talking about is not just my opinion or some rumor. We have evidence presented to Congress through thousands of pages of documents and through testimony.

The internal documents of the Democrats involved in investigating the Trump campaign for Russian collusion reveal that:

  1. They knew the charges were false and without evidence all along. But:
  2. Publicly they proclaimed it all as true.

The sham impeachment

Most of these hearings into Russia and the Trump campaign happened in the House Intelligence Committee. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) was and is its Chairman. It appears from the evidence that Mr. Schiff repeatedly lied to congress and to the American people:

  • By lying to the media, and
  • Through his statements as chair of the committee.

Unfortunately, he is free to lie to Congress, even his own committee because that is not a crime. If one of us, as a private citizen, lied to congress that would get us a stretch in federal prison.

A false investigation by the FBI

The same is true for the FBI. It is perfectly permissible for an FBI agent to lie to us. But if we lie to an FBI agent as Lieutenant General Michael Flynn was accused of doing and pleaded guilty to doing, then we go to prison. The FBI went after General Flynn whom President Trump selected as National Security Adviser. Apparently they did this because he was smart enough and experienced enough to see through the coup attempt immediately.

The Obama administration used the US national intelligence agencies such as CIA, FBI, and NSA to set up various counterintelligence operations in foreign countries such as Ukraine and Russia. Some of those operations apparently involved Vice President Biden and his son Hunter. Then Trump unexpectedly won the election. So they simply brought the operations back to the US to use against the Trump campaign.

Flynn would have cracked the bodyguard of lies

As I mentioned earlier General Flynn was the key to making the coup work. Had he taken control of the NSA, he more than likely would have discovered the plot. General Flynn was set up to be trapped into a lie with the FBI. We know that statement is true because we have:

  • FBI director Comey’s speech in which he bragged about seeing what he could get away with, as well as
  • A note from President Obama’s counterintelligence director which requested directions on what he was to accomplish with General Flynn.

He asked the question: are we looking for the truth? Or do we want to get him to lie so we can prosecute him? Or do we want to get him fired?

Why would General Flynn plead as he did?

Why would a person plead guilty to a charge when he was not guilty? Or only guilty of a statement not material to the actual investigation? There are two possible reasons for doing so.

The first reason would be to protect someone close to you. For example, say someone asked you did you have an affair with some woman. Even if you did, you might say no to spare your wife the embarrassment.

The second reason would be to avoid a much longer sentence than the one on offer. The reason the federal system has mandatory minimum sentences is to induce guilty pleas. Instead of the offered five years perhaps the FBI threatened him with twenty years. If you go to trial and lose, the punishment is severe.

They already had the answers

Keep in mind that the FBI already knew the answers to the questions they asked General Flynn. The questions were not material to the investigation. The FBI asked them merely to ensnare this three-star general in a lie. That constitutes the vilest form of corruption. Because it undermines the republican form of government the constitution charges the president with guaranteeing.

The FBI always makes what it calls a 302 which is just notes from an interview. They interviewed General Flynn without a lawyer after telling him the usual, this is just routine. After the interview they altered the 302 to reflect what they wished he had said. When he finally hired a law firm one of the partners in that firm had an Obama campaign connection.3 That is the lawyer who kept urging him to plead guilty.

Bodyguard of lies – why was the guilty plea vital?

It was particularly important that he plead guilty, because if he had gone to trial with a real lawyer such as the one he has now, the whole sordid mess would have come out. That’s why recent reports of a federal judge ordering a halt to the dismissal of the indictment against General Flynn is not really so alarming. If they want to go public and air their very dirty laundry in front of the whole world, let them. Bob Barr was offering his Democrat friends a face-saving way out so perhaps they should take it. You know the old expression: when you are in a hole first stop digging. His current lawyer, Sidney Powell, takes the position that his guilty plea was not freely and voluntarily given. The law requires both. Therefore she is ready to take his request to withdraw the plea up the chain.

The heart of the matter: reversing an election

The heart of the matter is that the Obama Administration used the various intelligence agencies of the United States in an effort to overturn the election of a President of the United States. They ran a counterintelligence operation inside the United States against the American people. These agencies included among others:

  • Department of Justice
  • National Intelligence Agency
  • Central Intelligence Agency, and
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation.

All these agencies were involved. All lied through their teeth to congress and to the American people. They have disgraced themselves and their agencies. It will take a long time to rebuild the trust they once commanded.

Agency heads, not rogue agents

The heads of these agencies,

  • Susan Rice at NSA,
  • Loretta Lynch at DOJ,
  • James Comey and Andrew McCabe at FBI, and
  • John Brennan and James Clapper at CIA

all lied repeatedly about evidence of Russian collusion in the election. For three years we heard hardly anything in the mainstream media except Russian collusion. The people I just mentioned were repeatedly on the news programs. And they stated that they had clear and concrete evidence of Russian involvement when no such evidence existed.

Cagily telling a bodyguard of lies

When they testified before congress, they were very careful to state that they knew of no evidence or that they didn’t recall seeing any. We now know that this happened because congress has the documentary evidence to prove it. Internal memos, emails, and handwritten notes repeatedly say that they had no evidence but publicly they sold a different story. The point to remember is that for 3 years they went forward with this investigation including appointing an independent prosecutor. Yet they knew all along that it was false and without a shred of evidence to support it.

The worst offender

James Comey was director of the FBI. And through his arrogance, his hubris, his constantly smug mugging for the cameras personally ruined the FBI’s once great reputation. But he is not the worst in my opinion. The former CIA director John Brennan has been just as arrogant. And he used his agency to conduct unlawful operations inside the United States. In addition, he has repeatedly and publicly accused the President of the United States of treason and of being a Russian agent. Both of which he knows to be false.

I’ve followed presidential politics for a long time. But I can’t remember a former president continuing to stay involved with the affairs of his successor and continually critical of it. The testimonial and documentary evidence shows that President Obama was at least aware of the false coup attempt. He even asked people to keep him up to speed on it. I suppose from the standpoint of ultimate responsibility he was the worst.

The bodyguard of lies fails – the hunters become the hunted

The tables are turning right now so the corrupt investigators are themselves under investigation. Will there be prosecutions? Your guess is as good as mine. But I heard a congressman on the committee in charge of the investigation say that criminal referrals would be made to the Department of Justice. So, Adam Schiff might be embarrassed if he is capable of such an emotion. Barack Obama might also be embarrassed but I doubt it. James Comey, Andrew McCabe, John Brennen, James Clapper could be facing criminal charges. But I’ll believe it when I see it.

Finally, folks, to quote Ralph Waldo Emerson:

When you strike at a king, you must kill him.

Adam Schiff and the other Democrats struck at the king. But only wounded him and left him alive and in power. So the pay back will hopefully be interesting.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

Editor’s Update:

John Brennan’s arrogance knows no bounds. Here he is doubling down on his conduct:

Editor’s Notes:

1 See CNAV’s extensive series on Operation Fast and Furious, beginning with this search result. Barack Obama owned Fast and Furious when he shielded then-Attorney General Eric Holder from a Congressional subpoena.

2 CNAV covered that, too. See here, here, and here.

3 That absolutely violates the lawyers’ ethical canon. No lawyer ever takes a case when he, or his partner or associate, is already representing an interested party. Large law firms routinely investigate every prospective client for such conflicts of interest.

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