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Election fraud or split tickets – what’s the difference?

Either election fraud on a grand scale skewed the Election of 2020, or five million Republicans split their ticket. The facts favor the first.

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We're trying to rig an election here! Did they commit election fraud?

As every adult American should know by now, two diametrically opposing narratives compete in the trial of fact, in the jury of public opinion, concerning the Presidential Election of 2020. (And the Senate runoffs in Georgia.) One narrative says that an unconstitutional compact of six or seven State Secretaries of State colluded in election fraud. To be more specific, they allowed election fraud to continue without meaningful challenge. The other narrative says that about five million Republicans “put country before party” and voted for Biden instead of Trump. According to this narrative, they either split their ticket or cast no votes down-ticket. As CNAV has noted here, certain “fake conservatives” insist on the second option. (Sadly, some even avow that they split their own ticket, just to spite Trump.) CNAV will now analyze the two narratives, what evidence supports each, and what each predicts.

Facts demanding an explanation

One constructs a theory to explain facts or events. Before one can explain the facts, one must list them. The facts that demand explanation are as follows:

  • President Donald J. Trump received 75 million votes, more than any other incumbent President before him.
  • Toward midnight, election returns continued to favor him. But by morning, the returns in at least six States (Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada) showed highly suspicious stair-step jumps in the numbers for Biden.
  • The returns in parallel Senate and House races showed no such stair-step jumps. Furthermore, the Democrats lost strength in the House. Several key Members, like Donna Shalala, failed of re-election.
  • Poll watchers told of having officers of election block their view of vote counting and finally eject them from the premises. In one memorable case (the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia), the OOEs told the poll watchers that plumbing problems required the closure of the building. Then, after the poll watchers left, the OOEs withdrew suitcases of ballots that they had kept hidden all this time under a table, with a black cloth to hide them. They opened the suitcases, took out ballots, and scanned some of them fifty times to “count” them. Surveillance cameras, “looking” at the table, recorded all this.
  • Outside witnesses told of seeing people bring boxes of ballots in on snack trucks, and OOEs covering windows to hide their activities.

Audits happening after the election, some suggesting election fraud

  • Audits of the election in Antrim County, Michigan, and Maricopa County, Arizona, have revealed significant irregularities. The Senate of Arizona has ordered the most comprehensive audit of all, crucially examining the voting machines.
  • Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood have alleged widespread election fraud and named Dominion Voting Systems as a facilitator. Sadly, courts everywhere refused to hear any of these matters before the Inauguration. But after the Inauguration, certain courts have tried the facts on their merits and have found election fraud or something highly suggestive of same.
  • This same Dominion Voting Systems company is suing Attorney Powell and the Fox News Channel for billions of dollars. They allege libel and defamation of corporate character. Thus far, no trials of fact have occurred.

In support of the election fraud narrative

Obviously, Dominion Voting Systems must either sue or tacitly admit that they took part in skewing an election. They have a very serious factual problem. Eric Coomer, their Director of Strategy and Security, toldAntifaactivists in a conference call that Trump would not win.

Q. What are we gonna do if [Foxtrotting] Trump wins?

A. [from Coomer] Don’t worry about the election. Trump’s not gonna win. I made [Foxtrotting] sure of that! [Burst out laughing]

How? Well, how else except by election fraud on a grand scale? Why is he talking to anyone from Antifa, anyway? Will Eric Coomer feel good about testifying in a trial of Dominion Voting Services v. Sydney Powell, etc.?

The notorious left-wing apology site Snopes tried to deny that Mr. Coomer said any such thing to any such person. The best they could do was to call the allegation against Coomer “unproven.” Tellingly, they say this:

Furthermore, even if Coomer made the comment in earnest, he might have been lying, either to impress others on the call, to exaggerate his power and influence, or for some other reason.

HUMPF! If that’s how they defend Coomer, how then can anyone trust his company with the security of our elections?

Furthermore: why aren’t rallies for Biden or Harris any better attended than this? (A welcoming committee of two!)

Georgia does something to prevent even the appearance of election fraud

Last week, the State of Georgia did something about the suggestion that election fraud tainted the Presidential election of 2020. (And the Senate runoffs.) They passed Senate Bill 202. Which, among other things:

  • Provides a new voter ID requirement for an absentee ballot,
  • Standardizes voting hours,
  • Limits the placement of ballot drop boxes to election offices, and only during working hours. An Officer of Election must empty the boxes at the close of work each day.
  • Removes the Secretary of State as the chief officer of election,
  • Shortens a runoff period to four weeks, and
  • Forbids activists to approach voters and hand out “money or gifts, including without limitation food and drink.” But that same law lets duly sworn Officers of Election to set up help-yourself water stands for voters to use.

In addition, Republican activists in Georgia already have recruited someone to “primary” Secretary of State Brad “Riff Raff” Raffensperger. Why? Because they remember his corrupt “consent decree” that allowed the abuses that tilted the Election of 2020. They also suspect him of spitefully aiding and abetting election fraud. Among other things he not only let the Suitcase Incident to occur, but offered a totally specious explanation of it. (To take one example: even if that was standard procedure as his staff claimed, inducing poll watchers to quit the premises under a false pretext certainly was not.) Yet, for what this is worth, Raffensperger defended SB 202.

The electric reaction

This bill, which Gov. Brian Kemp (R-Ga.) signed into law on 25 March, electrified Democrats everywhere. First, Rep. Park Cannon (D-Atlanta “Fourth Ward”) tried to disrupt the signing ceremony. She pounded on the Governor’s office door, a door clearly marked “Governor’s Staff Only.” A Capitol Police officer told her she was creating a nuisance. If she did not stop, he would arrest her. She screamed in his face and kept pounding on the door. Whereupon he and his buddies put the handcuffs on her and dragged her out, kicking and cussing, if not screaming.

“President” Biden railed against the bill. “An un-American law to deny people the right to vote!” he thundered. Then he made this incredible statement:

I will take my case to the American people – including Republicans who joined the broadest coalition of voters ever in this past election to put country before party.

“To put country before party” is code for Republicans voting Democrat. Then he said, “If you have the best ideas, you have nothing to hide.” But! If you have the best candidates, then you need not fear measures to avoid even the appearance of election fraud.

Hollywood celebrities, including the actress Cher, denounced the bill. So did the two Senate runoff victors. Not only that, they have made a Federal court case of it.

But suppose five million people did split their ticket?

Let us now suppose, as the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media assert, that five million voters did split their ticket, or decline to vote down-ticket but voted in the Presidential election only. Why, then, did the House Democratic Caucus move at once to tee up a bill to legalize and standardize the procedures witnesses saw on November 3-4, 2020? Why must they:

  • Forbid States to require identification for voting,
  • Require them to mail out ballots to everyone whose name appears on the voter rolls,
  • Forbid them to clear the rolls of the dead and the move-outs,
  • Directly finance and cover all expenses, including staff salaries, of political campaigns who meet some cloudy “standard” of approval, and
  • Provide that anyone who utters one peep to support a Republican faces a fine for making an over-the-limit in-kind campaign contribution?

For these are the provisions of HR 1, the “For the People Act.” That’s “People” as in “People’s Republic of Whatever.”

If five million Republicans split their ticket, then by now they surely wish they hadn’t. But they did not split their ticket. Or else HR 1 would be an unnecessary risk of blowing the gaffe. A risk the Democratic Party would not dare take.

But why didn’t the election fraud go further down-ticket?

Actually, it did, in the Georgia Senate runoffs. But even so, the sheer numbers of Trump votes the fraud perpetrators had to overcome, was simply too great. They didn’t assemble a large enough cadre to:

  • Forge all those signatures, and
  • Darken-in all the circles

on the ballots they brought in on roach coaches or in suitcases for last-minute counting, after barring the poll watchers. So they said, “Hurry up! If we can just stop Trump, we’re cool!” CNAV would imagine that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), after watching her majority shrink that night, summoned some key activist staff and threatened to strangle some of them for not recruiting a large-enough cadre to “take care of things” better than they did.

So what’s next?

President Trump said the new Georgia law satisfies him. Heritage Action called it a model for other States to follow. The problem: not every State, and not the most important States, will enact a law of this kind. Not, that is, without some serious shaming. In fact the best motive CNAV can discern for “Riff Raff” declaring support for the bill, is shame. Brad Raffensperger was ashamed of himself for signing that consent decree with Stacy Abrams after the Election of 2018. For among other things, that new law forbids anyone on the State Election Board to sign any such consent decree in future. That, in addition to taking away the Secretary of State’s vote and providing for a permanent chairman of the board.

Shame might also be the point of appeal in the coming campaign to the wider electorate. Any ticket splitting that actually occurred, was a shameful act. The consequences of that act are manifest. A senile dotard has become President, taken several unconstitutional actions, and threatens other unconstitutional acts, in total violation of his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” And his Party is determined to rewrite the Constitution to permit their agenda to:

  • Punish the successful, and
  • Disarm all civilians.

To defeat election fraud and defend the Constitution

The only way to defeat election fraud permanently is to change State law as Georgia has now done. Until then, those who value their liberty must recruit those who, until now, have not cared to vote. They must then do what they did in 2016: overwhelm any attempt at election fraud.

Whether HR 1 will become law is an open question. Recently the Biden-Harris administration (their words, not CNAV’s) offered a bribe to Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.). Specifically they appointed his wife Gayle to the Appalachian Regional Commission. The job pays a salary of $169,000. That could satisfy the Senator to the point of voting to scuttle the “filibuster” in the Senate. At which time, HR 1 passes 51-50 with Vice-President Harris breaking the tie. (Or maybe Senator Manchin would want more, and more, and more. And he knows he will get nothing more the minute he casts such a vote.)

Suppose HR 1 passes. What then? Then the American Patriotic Militia Judge Advocate General’s Corps, meaning right-thinking Constitutional lawyers, sue to declare it unconstitutional. At least three Attorneys General are no doubt ready to file such a lawsuit: Texas, Florida, and now Georgia.

Surrender is not an option.

  • Abridgment of the freedom of speech,
  • Infringement of the right to keep and bear arms, and
  • Deprivation of life, liberty and property without due process of law,

all are on the Democratic Party agenda. Did the American people really sign on for this? CNAV doesn’t think so.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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