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I live in an occupied country

America is an occupied country – occupied by evil educators, mediocre and preachy talents, and politicians who set people to hate each other.

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Occupied Tibet

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 30th day of April in the year of our Lord 2021. I will be talking about how my perception right now is as if I live in a country occupied by a foreign and hostile force. I don’t mean a foreign nation but a foreign ideology. Which is foreign to everything I hold dear and everything I have believed in throughout my life. Yes, a foreign and hostile ideology occupies the halls of power, of education, of business, and of entertainment.

Today is the last Friday and the last day of April and temperatures are starting to heat up here in the River City. Yesterday the temperature was in the mid 80’s and the Castle family roses are responding with their beauty coming out for our enjoyment. We are fine and in good health now just rolling with the punches as is the family daughter out in the land of California.

How France became occupied France

Speaking of living in an occupied country, many people in 1940 thought that the French army was superior to the Germans because of the vast numbers of men and tanks, but all those people turned out to be wrong. It took the Germans about four weeks to conquer France and occupy Paris. The older French people who had sacrificed so much in the previous war, cried. The young men were in uniform or in the resistance, as were many of the young women. They all had a common hope, however, and that hope rested in the hundreds of thousands of young men willing to risk their lives to rescue them and their nation.

We have no such hope today and that is the sad part of this story. There are no American and British soldiers coming to our rescue. That is why the resistance to our occupiers is so important just as the French Resistance was important to the Allied war effort. To have a proper understanding of the world especially the technologically advanced world of today, a nation must have an educated class of people. For example, when Otto von Bismarck led Germany in its defeat of France in the Franco Prussian war of 1870, he thanked the German schoolteachers.

Occupied schools

The Nazis took control of the schools to make sure that only Nazi propaganda was taught to the young French Children. Today, in America, a foreign ideology has complete control of education, or what is left of it, from kindergarten through university. They have left in their wake a human catastrophe of lost potential and societal destruction. Young people who endure even 12 years of stultifying politically correct propaganda are handicapped for life by the decisions of the new occupying ideology that now runs American education.

Many people say that American education is a failure since it ranks near the bottom of the industrialized world, but my view is that it is a spectacular success. The schools in America are doing and doing well the job they are intended to do: to turn out more grist for the mill that is the godless, atheistic new world ideology that has won the war for the soul of America.

The enemy responds by saying that all the problems that it has created are easily explained by systemic racism. The way that works is to attempt to convince normal that they carry some type of original racism sin in their DNA. Since normal people are systemically racist without knowing it, the system must be gamed to counter that unknown gene. The result of it all is a hostile, divided nation that can accomplish nothing except to march along to the drumbeat of the new pied piper taking us nearer the falls each day.

The occupiers say: open the prison doors

The people who control all this are so incredibly despicable that it would be hard to overstate it. They, and their educational system are destroying generations of people who are the future for all of us. The primary educational major for millions of inner-city kids right now is prison and welfare. Those two things are obviously the standard that our conquerors have convinced us to accept while blaming it all on the uncontrollable systemic racism of normal people.

What answer does our occupying army require of us when we see the prisons full of their educational efforts? Open the doors of course because they must be there because of systemic racism. First you go around the country in all the major cities and you elect, with George Soros money, district attorneys who will refuse to prosecute certain crimes and who will open the prison doors for the others. The result is a horror show of murder and violent crime in every major city in America.

Object: destruction of civilization

When our overlords see the results of their policies they don’t care. They see hundreds of young black men killing each other in the streets of our cities and if there is no policing to stop it, they don’t care. They know they are sacrificing the lives of hundreds perhaps thousands of their own people and they don’t care. I suppose they look at it as collateral damage in their war effort. They fight a war not to improve and make life better, but to destroy civilization itself. What will replace the civilization they, through their self-induced chaos, violence, bloodshed, and hatred, destroyed? I suppose we will have to wait and see although they show us glimpses of it from time to time.

Even the best, most elite prep schools where the children of the occupiers are sent for Marxist indoctrination often send them into the world ignorant but indoctrinated. If they have the politically correct opinions about everything important that is enough because after all, the intelligence is in the machine, not in the head.

Political correctness

Political correctness is the lever used to pry open the lock box that once held our civilization. Cancel culture is one result but it is just the tip of the iceberg. The lie that everything is based on systemic racism is being used to destroy this civilization. No one will dare speak out and no one will dare resist because the army of occupation has total power and control. They have even managed to destroy and divide the once sacrosanct American family, like the old Civil War brother against brother theme.

That is enough about the ruination and destruction of a once proud educational system. I speak for a moment now about something far less important but still an integral part of American life and that is entertainment. I would suspect that very few of the French people went to see the Nazi propaganda films showing in Paris theaters. Did you watch the Oscars last Sunday night? Neither did I and neither did anyone else relatively speaking. The ratings were down 58% over last year with less than 10 million worldwide watching. That was the lowest rating in history. I guess the attitude is, we know you control everything, but that doesn’t mean we have to assist you.

On the Occupied Oscars

Piers Morgan wrote about it for me:

The tragic truth is that the Oscars as we know it died last night—woked to death by a craven collective desire from those involved to preach not entertain, to lecture rather than make us laugh, and to virtue-signal instead of perform.

John Nolte of Brietbart News put it like this:

The woketard stink is all over everything related to Hollywood and an overall entertainment industry that has made it stridently clear that its long history of entertaining the masses is over. It is no longer about putting on a good show. Instead, we will be lectured and shamed by elite a–holes who think they are too important to sing, dance and make us laugh.

Who would want to watch these people? Those who live and work in Los Angeles must stumble over thousands of homeless sleeping in the streets,1 pay outrageous state taxes, and unaffordable housing, as a direct result of the insane policies of the occupying army that controls California. People finally get a day off from the stress of work and that is what you roll out to entertain them, no thanks.

Mr. Nolte again:

The unearned arrogance is bad enough, but you can also sense just how much Woke Hollywood hates its own audience, how much they hate everyday people. This hate just pours out of them, every word and look. These idiots might not have much talent, charisma, or smarts, but they do carry an awful lot of hostility.

Woke sports

Professional sports are no less pontificating and arrogant. Gone are the days when the high school kid you went to class with grew up to be a big-league ball player. Now we are faced with multi billionaire owners and deca millionaire players who seem to feel the same way about normal people that the Hollywood celebrities do. People are turning them off by the millions as ratings plummet. Speaking for myself as a lifelong sports fan I don’t care how players vote or how they think, I just don’t want it rubbed in my face every time I watch so I no longer watch. I am not going to pay to be insulted anymore and my guess is that many feel the same way. I consider my nonattendance and non-viewing as the voice of resistance.

Occupied politics

So, an occupying force has destroyed education and entertainment, what about politics. I’m glad you asked. Most people can see that with $28 trillion of debt and climbing there is a day of reckoning coming. The philosophy in Washington seems to be grab, buy, steal, and spend as much as you possibly can before the whole thing collapses. When it does collapse, we favored ones, we occupiers, will be just fine.

The Biden $1.8 trillion tax grab bill being presently presented includes $511 billion for education including universal preschool for 3- and 4-year old’s and free community college. I am sorry for the families too ignorant or too poor to keep from delivering their 3 and 4 four years into enemy hands. I could go on and on about this bill which will only serve to take a once great nation faster down the road to ruin. Let us now provide $511 billion more for the further destruction of our children.

A clever method

This occupying army, this alien ideology, that I have been talking about is very clever in its methods. It acquires millions if not billions of fake federal reserve computer blips courtesy of the Biden administration. But it also solicits and accepts foreign donations from hostile governments and from hostile individuals such as George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and the like.

The clever part comes in their ability to capture the involuntary hostile rage that lives within people due primarily to the conditions under which they live, conditions caused by the very people who seek to control and use them. That involuntary rage, when collectively harnessed is a very powerful force and when met with no resistance will expand into destructive chaos very quickly.

That force is being used to convince a lot of black people that they are the victims of a system that will not let them achieve and which hunts and kills them on the streets. Black Lives Matter and Antifa both perpetuate that myth. The leaders of those groups know it is a myth. It is mythical and as evidence I point to the hypocrisy of the BLM leader purchasing more than one multimillion-dollar home in  LA in a neighborhood less than 2% black and spending $26,000 at a Malibu Night Club. For self-confessed Marxists they seem to enjoy the benefits of capitalism.

They’re lying, of course

They must know that with their anti-police attitude and ghetto warrior, don’t come into my hood attitude, they will be a destructive force in black communities. That destructive force will do far more harm than good and is costing the lives of thousands of mostly young, mostly black people. The leadership of those groups does not care nor do the white politicians who egg them on. Why don’t they care? How could they possibly not care about the obvious destruction they are causing.

Their cause is not to help or to heal, but to destroy and that is why they don’t care. They are out to destroy the very civilization that made it all possible. They are aided by foreign enemies but primarily it is all driven by a foreign occupying force. That force does not care about this country or its people, and in fact it hates them. None of this would be possible if the occupied still had the Christian faith along with Christian morality so that was destroyed a long time ago. The people groan under the weight of oppression and they don’t even know what is causing it.


Finally, folks. How does totalitarianism gain control of a free people? Lie by lie, give in by give in, acceptance by acceptance, before you know it you are in it and everything you know is part of it. Imperceptibly, it becomes your reality so that others are deviants, deniers, anti-vaxxers, super spreaders, and Nazis. Many are prisoners inside their minds, but will they ever be free? Time will tell.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

(This article first appeared on Mr. Castle’s site and appears here by permission.)

About those homeless people in Los Angeles…!

1 Actually, the Academy insisted that city officials clear Union Station of its homeless denizens before the show began!

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