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Our Post Covid World

The post Covid world is a sad to violent place, where the authorities have shaken the people’s confidence in them through their own faults.

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The coronavirus or COVID virion or virus particle, in profile and section. New normal? Or are we seeing bogus morbidity and mortality statistics from it?

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday, May 28th in the year 2021. This is also Memorial Day Weekend. Those of us fortunate enough to have jobs in this post COVID world will get a 3-day weekend. This Castle Report will talk about the world post COVID, known here after as simply the virus. What are the most prominent things happening in the world today and what has changed in the world post virus? What have we gained and what have we lost?

The Castle family is doing well this Memorial Day Weekend. Despite the virus, we are looking forward to 3-days off work. Joan and I will pause to remember on Monday as we usually attend a ceremony at the local Veterans Cemetery to pay our respects. The family daughter is doing well with her husband in California as she told me by video just a couple of days ago.

Different COVID stories

This Memorial Day Report is a good chance to also pause and remember or at least review what is happening in this country and in the world since the advent of the virus protocols some 15 months ago. Yes, approximately 15 months ago we were told to just shelter in place for 2 weeks to flatten the curve. Two weeks became 15 months and counting as the virus protocols have caused what will probably be irreparable damage to the American and world economies.

The world is different now and today I want to take a brief look at some of those differences. The most obvious difference that I see is the atmosphere of fear that seems to pervade the country. Fear seems to have subsided a little, however, at least among those low-risk people who just needed an excuse not to be afraid. Here in the River City of Memphis Tennessee we are fortunate to have good leadership at both the state and local level, so we were kept well informed, and fear stayed at a minimum.

When the mayor sought to comply with federal and state guidelines, he did not simply order churches to close as did Gavin Newsom in California. Instead, he gathered as many pastors as he could on a conference call, explained the situation, and asked for their permission and cooperation. I know of no harassment or threats against pastors as occurred in California.

California’s fear regime

The situation in California became so bad that pastors were threatened with arrest, but some did not back down to the intimidation and sued the Governor for what they alleged to be discrimination in the way he determined what business was “essential” and what was not. Just a few days ago the court ruled in favor of the churches and ordered the governor to pay $1.35 million in attorney fees. Basically, the court ruled that a state cannot arbitrarily rule churches non-essential, while ruling other favored businesses essential.

So many were upset with the Governor of California’s heavy-handed tactics which he demanded ordinary people obey while he did not have to obey, that a recall petition was circulated against him. The last count I saw had the signature totals at about 3 times the number needed to put the measure on the ballot so a recall election will be held pursuant to California law. California was not the only state to reject their governor’s actions. Tom Wolf, Governor of Pennsylvania, had his emergency powers taken away and given in part to the legislature by referendum vote.

COVID lockdowns did more harm than good

The primary thing that came out of the lockdown protocols as far as I am concerned is that they did more harm than good, and apparently, they did not stop the spread of the virus. The states that did not lockdown, such as South Dakota, and Florida, fared no worse and in many respects much better than those who locked down for the entire year. Some states are still not fully open despite CDC guidelines stating that they can be. The fear continues to inflict itself on those who internalize it.

The vaccine debate – unsettled

The mandates are finally being relaxed by state and federal authorities as more and more people believe the vaccines are effective. There are many competing opinions, even among doctors, regarding the effectiveness of the vaccines in preventing the virus. Some doctors even deny that what is being injected into the arms of the world are vaccines at all if you use the classic definition of vaccine because they do not seem to convey immunity as is required by the definition. Nevertheless, vast numbers of people around the world are being vaccinated and that is enough to make the politicians of the world breath a sigh of relief.

Vaccinating the entire world of roughly 8 billion people has turned out to be quite a task even for Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical companies he controls. Here in America, there are apparently much more vaccine doses than are needed as the 50% who have not been vaccinated do not intend to change that status. It’s just not happening the way the media, the tech companies, the pharmaceutical companies, the politicians, and other vaccine supporters envisioned.

The poor people aren’t buying it

The poor people of the world, and I mean the really, desperately poor who have literally nothing are not buying all the propaganda. Those people are expected to just line up and let the smart people stick the needle in their arms, but they are apparently running to hide in the mountains and deserts from those who say they are there to help. The Wall Street Journal May 26 edition tells us that the shipments of vaccines were not arriving as scheduled, although that explanation does not appear to hold water. I have seen video interviews with people from India to Africa and other places and the people are just not buying into the World Economic Forum’s plan for the world.

I have been hoping and praying that the poor of the world would someday grow tired of being used as guinea pigs and some billionaire’s depopulation plans and rebel so maybe this is it. May God make it so. The global plan obviously calls for vaccinating everyone not just the adults. Since the risk for children is very close to zero that plan makes little or no sense. An organization called America’s Frontline Doctors, and a collection of parents filed a lawsuit with a motion for a temporary restraining order in the Northern district of Alabama to prevent vaccination of children.

More adverse reactions than ever

I quote from the lawsuit, “every plaintiff with children or patients in the target age group stands to be immediately and irreparably harmed by the extension.” The word extension involves extending the demands that all be vaccinated to children under 16. I continue now with a quote from The Wall Street Journal:

“We’ve never seen this level of side effects for any vaccine without the FDA taking action, Dr. Angelina Farella, pediatric medical director for America’s Frontline Doctors, said in a statement. The Rotavirus vaccine was pulled for 15 cases of non-lethal side effects and the Swine Flu vaccine was pulled for 25 deaths. But now, by the CDC’s own data, we are seeing a 12,000% increase in deaths with these vaccines and they’re still talking about giving this to our kids.”

Dr. Farella went on to say that children are at zero risk for COVID-19. The data shows that the survivability rate for COVID-19 patients under the age of 20 is 99.997%. According to the CDC’s own medical and scientific data, in the last four months, more than 4000 deaths tied to COVID-19 vaccines were reported as opposed to 1500 deaths total in the previous ten years for all vaccines. I will add to that statement on my own initiative that some of those deaths linked to the vaccine have been of Olympic athletes in other countries, in other words, young healthy people.

Where did COVID really come from?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, people are starting to look for answers about where the virus came from. We were told for a year that it came from bats in a Wuhan, China meat market and anyone who challenged that view was cancelled by Facebook, You Tube and the other tech giants. Now, suddenly even Tony Fauci is admitting maybe I was wrong about the origins of the virus. Maybe the virus did escape or was released from a Chinese bio-warfare lab after all. Dr. Fauci, in his statement, failed to add that Wuhan is a lab that he personally funded and worked with.

President Biden canceled the investigation begun under Donald Trump which former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo was leading, but he ordered US intelligence agencies to redouble their efforts to determine the cause of the virus. I’m sure those agencies will be remarkedly successful in their investigation. Senator Rand Paul has been the leader of the movement in the senate to stop funding the Chinese virus research labs and is apparently having some success as his numerous death threats would indicate. Just speculating, but I suspect that the origin of the virus is the last thing Washington wants us little people to know.

COVID vaccine bribery? (And who’s going to pay for that? Blank-out!)

Our post virus world includes more than just news about the virus as anyone can see. A presidential election was held, and the virus even affected that. Joe Biden is now president and is, therefore, running the virus protocols. In addition to attempts at vaccinating everyone on planet earth, Mr. Biden’s more modest goal was to vaccinate 70% of Americans by the 4th of July. I predict that he will fall about 20% short of that goal, but I know there are incentives coming to get vaccinated. I predict a payment system for getting the vaccine will soon be instituted. If you have not had the vaccine, there must be a reason. Would $1000 make your fears of being vaccinated go away? California has set aside several million for such incentives.

One other thing that has happened during the last 15 months is that crime, especially violent crime, has skyrocketed. Murder especially is off the charts due to the defund the police movement started in reaction to the death of George Floyd. Defunding the police, of course, was the exact opposite of what should have been done in order to give people in our cities maximum protection. Often people act against their own bet interests.

Rising crime

There is a lot of new blood being spilled on the streets of our cities that is hard to explain any other way. In Chicago, for example, which as usual is the gold standard of murder, so far this year 1400 people have been shot and 261 are dead. Just this month with Memorial Day Weekend still to go 353 shot and 62 dead. This weekend should add at least another 10 to 15 bodies to the total. So, I suppose I should say congratulations to the defund the police movement and especially to Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago who apparently signals virtue to Black Lives Matter while her city dies, literally.

In Minneapolis, where Mr. Floyd died, a large memorial was built to honor and remember him. I have not seen it but from pictures it appears to be a very large display. On the anniversary of his death many people gathered to celebrate the anniversary and apparently many of them decided to celebrate the occasion by shooting each other.

In Portland, Antifa commemorated the anniversary of Mr. Floyd’s death by rioting, attacking police officers, vandalizing businesses, and burning much of the city. There was no one with the authority, or courage to stop them so why not. They tried to burn down the justice center as a reminder of last year when they tried the same thing, but again firefighters managed to extinguish the blaze before the building was totally ashes.


Finally, folks. What is the greatest or most lamentable casualty of the virus? I suggest that it is the permanent presence of big brother in our lives. In other words, our freedom as Americans is at least partially gone. To replace them we have Big Brother, he is here for us perhaps permanently.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

This article appeared on the author’s own site and appears here by permission. – Ed.

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The fact that many Democrats violated their own COVID-19 lockdown diktats is telling…


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