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Texas border wall going up



Flag of Texas - or Texit

The Texas Nationalist Movement has said nothing about its petition drive, a week after a deadline to submit signatures passed. Did the TNM fail to qualify the Texit question on Midterm primary ballots? CNAV is still waiting for some definitive word. (We do know that TNM essentially begged the Texas Republican Party to put Texit on the primary ballot anyway.) But this much CNAV can say. Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) is doing everything he can to damp down secession fever and keep his job. That means actually finishing the Texas border wall, as he promised.

Photos from the border wall

The details appeared yesterday in this article at The Western Journal. Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin took pictures at a key border wall construction site and shared them to Twitter.

According to these tweets, Governor Abbott simply hired the original contractor who had been building the border wall for President Trump. Now that contractor works for Texas, building a stretch on Texas State land, in Starr County.

Then another Twitter user named Griff Jenkins broke this incredible story. The Federal government refused to sell Texas the steel panels it had received for the border wall.

Bill Melugin picked up on that.

Governor Abbott also made his own direct announcement:

This represents a key step. Several commenters on the Western Journal article ask about one thing: why doesn’t the Texas State or National Guard simply take the panels? They point out that the panels are resting on Texas land. But because Texas was prepared to pay for the steel, the State will simply buy other steel.

Further details

Further details on the Texas border wall project come from Fox News. George Prescott Bush, Texas Land Commissioner, told Fox:

We went to work knowing that the Biden administration wouldn’t do their job. So we were proud to announce on Saturday morning that it was the people of Texas [building] on state-owned land. We finally said enough is enough. Enough of the open borders policy. Enough of the record spike in violent crime and drug smuggling that we’ve seen in border communities in Texas. And we’re going to take matters into our own hands knowing that, in the next three years, we’re not going to get assistance from the federal government on this issue. So we’re excited with the first stretch of wall that is being constructed to address one of the most trafficked corridors of violence that you’ll find in our entire state – a two-mile stretch where over 100 migrants come across on a daily basis. 

What this means

First, it means that Texans are getting their backs up. Gov. Abbott would not have done what he did if they weren’t. But he’s still temporizing. After all, why didn’t he do it sooner? Could it be that the one thing that saved the Republican Primary from having a Texit question on the ballot was that Gov. Abbott finally fulfilled a promise from earlier in the year, and “got cracking” on the border wall? (But give the governor credit for this much: these pictures come after the petition deadline passed, not before.)

Second, Dan Miller and his Texit movement need to tell us what about that petition. Miller is running for Lieutenant Governor in the primaries and seems to endorse Col. Allen West for governor. Col. West does not favor Texit, but Texas would need his kind of leadership if the people voted for it.

For further information, see the Texit List.

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