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Disney could get sued!

The Walt Disney Company has the attention of the America First Legal Foundation, who demands independent counsel investigations.

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The Walt Disney Company just drew the attention of a non-profit legal group with its “woke” policy announcements. Does this mean that Disney faces a lawsuit for its “woke-ness,” as well as the boycott already taking shape?

Disney gets woke

Regular readers will recall CNAV’s treatment of The Walt Disney Company and the disturbing steps it has taken. We all know who is responsible for that: Bob Iger, the Barack Obama of Disney. Sadly, Bob Chapek is no Donald Trump. If he were, he would never have said what he said against the Florida Parental Rights in Education Act.

Note that Bob Chapek either coined or repeated the false phrase “Don’t Say Gay Act.”

Let’s face it. Bob Chapek has a swamp to drain that is larger and stinks worse than the Everglades. If you doubt that, play the Christopher Rufo leaked Zoom conference videos. For convenience, you can scroll down to the bottom of this article. More to the point, he has let people like Kathleen Kennedy at Lucasfilm distract him from the very serious implications of what he is doing, and what he is letting people get away with.

And now he won’t get away with it anymore. Already Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire is ginning up to compete directly with Disney. But that might not be the worst thing he and the Disney company now face.

A new sheriff in town

The legal scene has a new non-profit legal advocacy group for those of us who care about civilizational values. Last year this month, several former Trump administration members formed the America First Legal Foundation. They recently released a statement reflecting on a year of accomplishments. They’ve taken on:

  • The border crisis,
  • Abortion,
  • Religious persecution right here in America,
  • Grooming of children in school,
  • Forcing doctors to sign on to surgical mutilation and hormonal poisoning of children,
  • Critical Race Theory,
  • Medical tyranny, and
  • Reverse discrimination against whites,

among other thing. That last, by the way, includes something they call “medical rationing.” Other influencers, like Joseph R. Mercola, D.O., might think rationing conventional medicine is a good thing. It encourages people to find healthier alternatives. But what matters here is the harm the bad guys want to do, whether it really hurts or not.

Well, Disney’s actions have drawn the Foundation’s attention, as we hear from Pajamas Media. So they just sent Disney chairwoman Susan Arnold a detailed demand letter.

That letter demands that Disney take several extraordinary steps to restore the faith of shareholders and customers alike – a faith that Bob Chapek, Kathleen Kennedy, and the un-worthies in that Zoom conference have severely shaken.

What America First Legal demands of Disney

Some of those steps are the kind you expect people to demand from Presidents and Governors. They talk about independent counsels and third party culture auditors. Seriously, they want these counsels and auditors to:

  • Investigate how and why Bob Chapek came to make his statement against the anti-grooming bill,
  • Release to the public all emails and other communications that led up to Mr. Chapek’s statement,
  • Fire people who have leaned on conservative Disney “cast,” in violation of several laws,
  • Address issues that several employees raised in an open letter to management and the Ethan L. Clay Quillette article,
  • Take steps to make sure that the disgusting goings-on at Disney not only stop but never happen again,
  • Put up or shut up about how “adding queerness” to children’s programming will “enhance the Company’s reputation,” and while they’re at it,
  • Come across about Disney playing up to the ChiComs in order to operate in China – which does not tolerate such “woke-ness” in any form.

Changes like that might move Disney back to what it once was.

Not everyone at or connected with Disney is going to like this. Abigail Disney, Walt’s crazy great niece, went on a long rant about bigoted detractors. Just imagine what she’s going to say about this.

Disney actually must do this. Aside from any legal trouble they might be in, they’re losing customers already. If they want those customers back, they’ll do as America First Legal says.


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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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