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Jen Psaki definitely leaving

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, is definitely leaving the post on May 13. Her deputy, Karine Jean-Pierre, will replace her.

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The White House has now confirmed the rumors. Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, will definitely leave that job on May 13. The announcement came yesterday afternoon.

Jen Psaki fueled speculation over a month ago

The rumors started flying back in March of this year. By then, many embarrassments had happened in rapid succession. These included high fuel prices, possible U.S. “advisers” in Ukraine, and her catching COVID even after getting the vaccine.

And, true to form, she will take an anchor job at MSNBC. Her deputy, Karine Jean-Pierre, will take her place on May 13, her last day. In choosing her, President Biden seems to have checked off as many diversity points as he could. She’s a she, of course. She happens to be black. And she is part of the “alternative lifestyle” crowd.

WorldNetDaily describes Jen Psaki as the press secretary best able to deflect, or outright deceive. Not in so many words, no. But they cite her saying with a straight face that the President had nothing to do with his son’s business dealings, in face of clear evidence that he did. They also cite that quintessential Jen Psaki-ism, “I’ll circle back.”

That last part is telling, because it means that, half the time, she got stuck for an answer. That must be very easy to do when working for a Democratic administration. On the other hand, she’s had previous experience, in working with the Obama administration.

And speaking of which, Jen Psaki admitted the obvious. This is Barack Obama’s third term. Barack Obama, through his staff, gives orders to this President. Watch her admit that Biden and Obama talk regularly:

Does her replacement have what it takes?

Matt Vespa at didn’t think so. In fact he suggested back in March that the only reason she hasn’t left sooner, is that her deputies couldn’t hack it. Here is what he said specifically about Karine Jean-Pierre:

You’re going to leave the press job to … Karine Jean-Pierre. That’s like handing the car keys to a 10-year-old, telling them they must travel cross-country and hope they don’t die along the way.

We shall see.

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