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Food shortage – intentional or just incompetence?

Have incompetent leaders made a food shortage? Or is this a deliberate gambit in the war between the globalists against the rest of us?

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Food forbidden - or food shortage

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 20th day of May in the year of our Lord 2022. On this Report, I will once again be talking about food and asking the questions:

  • Is there a worldwide food shortage or one inevitably coming? And if so,
  • Is the cause deliberate sabotage of humanity or just the incompetence of the world’s leaders?

Food shortage building

I don’t know the future only God knows it for certain, but I can look up at the sky and see the dark clouds rolling in and make a reasonable assumption that rain is coming and soon. The price inflation and empty grocery store shelves are similar in that they tell me that a food shortage is on its way. It is hard to imagine a food shortage any where in the Western World let alone here in America, but when there is a crises like the COVID virus or even a sudden snowstorm, we get a glimpse of empty shelves. Without the panic of a crisis what could cause such a thing?

It seems that there are many causes some of which are war, sanctions, inflation, reactions to COVID, and supply chain disruptions caused by a combination of all those things. Looking at sanctions placed on Russia is to the food supply as the dark clouds are to rain. When we hear the West’s politicians talk sanctions, we know we are going to be hungry. For example, the German Foreign Minister declared recently that sanctions against Russia will only be lifted after a complete withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukrainian territory. Well now, Foreign Minister, let me think. Yes, I remember now that Germans killed about 27 million Russians during WWll. Isn’t that enough? Maybe you should consider sitting this one out, but I guess you must sit at the feet of your master.

The food shortage didn’t start with Russia

Crimea has been a part of Russia for hundreds of years with only a gap between 1991 until 2014. It is Russia’s only Black Sea port and only warm water port and only entry into the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf. Now, Putin has it with a land bridge to it as well and I seriously doubt that he will give it up while he has thousands of nuclear weapons. What that means is that the sanctions will never be lifted and food problems resulting are obvious. The truth is that the supply chain problems preceded the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but the war has intensified the problems and made them far more intractable.

We in America, for the most part can live with prices and supply as they are now. Even though the shelves are depleted, and the items still there cost a lot more, we can get by so the question is will it get worse? If so, how much worse, and what would that mean for the American people. I’m afraid the answer to will it get worse is yes. Prices for gasoline are over $4.00 per gallon on average nationwide now, however the critical price affecting food is not gasoline but diesel because that is what affects the price and availability of food. The supply system we have in America now is so globalized and so dependent on trucking and rail deliveries that the slightest rise causes problems and increased prices.

Your grocer cannot store food

Grocery stores have no storage capacity and are therefore dependent on daily deliveries. When the deliveries miss even one day there are shortages and soon nothing. The price of diesel has doubled in the last year and some suppliers report critical shortages both of which have a corresponding effect on food. Large trucking companies and large food distributors are warning that we are on the precipice right now and unless something is quickly done much of the world faces a food disaster.

Russia and Ukraine together produce about 29% of all the wheat exports in the world. They have relatively small populations, and they grow a lot of wheat, much of it for export. Yes, you say but now Ukraine produces nothing thanks to the Russian invasion. That is true thanks to the intransigence of the Western leaders who refused to even discuss Russia’s security concerns.

Now it is too late as anyone can see. The sanctions are only stopping Russian wheat exports to the West because many other countries which can afford it are buying Russian wheat in rubles in defiance of Western sanctions. Many countries get 70 to 100% of their grains from Russia, Ukraine or both. So without those countries exporting they are starving. The U.S. Canada, and Australia grow a lot of wheat, but they also consume a lot of wheat. The other big wheat exporter, India, announced last Tuesday that it would stop exporting wheat and the world market price went up another 6%.

Planting season is over

The planting season in the northern hemisphere is roughly March and April so it is over for the most part. Nothing was planted in Ukraine to speak of, and Russia’s was reduced. Starting in about October that grain was slated to be delivered to the world and now it won’t be. The countries getting 70 to 100% from Russia and Ukraine constitute roughly 10% of the world’s population. So this fall the world will be facing mass starvation. In America our immediate concerns are price and supply, but in much of the world their concern is survival.

Spring planting is also past its crucial time in the U.S. For months farmers have been screaming that they can’t get fertilizer to plant. Much of the minerals to make fertilizer are once again produced in Russia and Ukraine. But in America we can produce enough but then we must deliver it. There are shipping problems with rail delivery that are cause for concern and lead me to consider that this problem might be deliberate in the U.S. The largest supplier of nitrogen fertilizer in the U.S. is CF Industries which also makes a diesel engine additive. The CEO of CF, on April 8, 2022, stated that he was informed by Union Pacific Railroad, with no advance notice, that it was reducing the volume of private cars on its railroad effective immediately.

The railroads couldn’t have times things worse

Union Pacific is one of four railways and the largest, but those four carry 80% of all U.S. agricultural freight. The timing according to CF, could not have come at a worse time for farmers. They will have to greatly reduce their planting, and some may not be able to plant at all. Union Pacific with its arbitrary action has chosen to jeopardize the livelihood of farmers and the food supply of the nation. No fertilizer means no crops and by fall 2022 that means no food. It also means no animal grade grains to feed farm animals. So by fall more land will have to be dedicated to feeding them. CF has made urgent appeals to the Biden administration but so far there have no actions.

Why can’t the President see this as a pending national disaster which is an obvious national security issue and take action to protect the nation as he has sworn an oath to do. Well, thanks for asking. Because it turns out that the investment firm Blackrock and the giant firm Vanguard own majority stakes in both CF and Union Pacific. Here is where it gets even weirder folks. The CEO of Blackrock is a World Economic Forum globalist named Larry Fink who is in the frontlines of the great reset and the Green New Deal.

From Blackrock: force people to change behavior

He is the one who said corporations must work harder to “force people to change behaviors”. I suppose we must change our behavior and even starve if it means meeting the great reset deadlines. Fink presides over $10 trillion in assets. He is listed as a member of the WEF board of trustees and one of their top Agenda C0ntributors. He serves on the board of directors of the Council on Foreign Relations which many think determines U.S. foreign policy. Fink also sits on the International Rescue Committee, one of nine private agencies that funnel refugees from destabilized countries all of which are places the U.S. military has been involved. So destabilizing countries, starving people, nice guy, right.

Are they deliberately engineering a food shortage?

I can hazard a guess at what you must be thinking. This is all madness and lunacy by our own leaders, and it appears they are trying to destroy the nation they took an oath to defend. Concepts like loyalty and fidelity are so 1940’s apparently.

At first glance, however the Union Pacific and CF dispute sounds like a private business dispute between private companies until you look at who owns them both. Then you also realize that a rail company on its own, issues new regulations on private use of its railways. Regulations which adversely impact every person in the U.S. The company applies to the Secretary of Agriculture for adjudication of its dispute and then if Secretary Tom Vilsack chooses to act, he applies the concepts contained in the Green New Deal to resolve the dispute after its too late. I’m sure it’s nothing folks nothing to see here so we’ll just move along.

Prediction or threat?

Several globalist organizations and even Joe Biden himself are predicting what they call food shortages in 3 to 6 months. The International Monetary Fund, The Bank of International Settlements, The United Nations the World Economic Forum, and Bank of America, etc. have issued such warnings. They all mention the war in Ukraine as the cause. But they fail to mention the cause they are all guilty of creating: price inflation. Or said another way, currency devaluation caused by pumping out trillions of dollars with no production to offset them.

The price of fuel has doubled in a year as we all know, and diesel fuel a little more than that so what did the President do as a mitigating factor? He announced that he would allow a 50% increase in corn-based biodiesel and ethanol fuel mix for at least this summer. Every acre of land dedicated to growing corn for fuel is an acre removed from food production. Biofuels now have about 40% of the corn acreage in the U.S. The U.S. is by far the world’s biggest producer and exporter of corn. So taking a large percentage out while fertilizer supplies are skyrocketing in price and deliveries are being allowed to be blocked sure seems like a deliberate act. But maybe this rather simple concept is just lost on him and his entire staff.

Prices keep rising

The FAO Food Price Index which measures changes in international prices for a basket of food commodities reported that prices were 32.8 percent higher than a year ago. Staples like wheat up 41%, maize 38 percent obviously affect the most people especially those on the margins. The World Health Organization says that some 9 million die each year from hunger-related problems. And now thanks to the idiocy across the world the price of food is dramatically rising. The UN reports that the number of people facing a critical lack of food has grown by 60 million over the last two years and now they have raised that to 200 million in this coming year.

The globalists are at war with the rest of us

In conclusion I’ve spent some time trying to convince you that a food crises exists and is getting worse, but as usual I saved the best for last. Every day, according to the UN, more than 700 million people go to bed without food to eat. Hunger causes malnutrition and that means a short life expectancy, stunted mental development of children, premature death of loved ones, widows, orphans, and childless parents. No one who must care cares and they may even be responsible.

The world is changing in fundamental ways we can barely comprehend, and it seems now we are in a war. Not the one in Ukraine, not any of our current disputes, like black against white, man against woman, the psychosexual against normal people, etc. Those disputes are just distractions or disinformation to occupy the minds of the masses. The real war is between the globalist ruling class—the superelite, global corporations, the various alphabet global organizations, against those who want to live a free life.

Finally, folks, the world is run by so called experts and we are constantly told to follow their orders. What do we do when the experts are paid to give the wrong answer? What if the experts, the Western ruling elites have morphed into a parasitic aristocracy looking out for itself at the expense of the rest of humanity?

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

From, appears by permission.

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