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Malthus was wrong, but famine is still in our future

Centuries after T. R. Malthus suggested famine as an inevitable consequence of progress, the Globalists are deliberately engineering it.

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Malthus predicted famine as a natural consequence - and today the globalists are engineering it

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. I will be talking about the evil globalists who seem to have so much influence in the world today. Influence over governments and the organizations that are supposed to serve them. Population reduction through famine, war, disease, and civil disorder seems to be all part of their plans for humanity. Only a small population of compliant people can be cataloged, monitored, and controlled like animals and that appears to be what the world is giving these monsters.

The wrongheaded vision of Thomas R. Malthus

Thomas Malthus was an English economist who lived in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. He developed a theory about population and food and people who adhere to his theory are even today referred to as Malthusians. He predicted that famine was the inevitable byproduct of agriculturally successful populations. His idea was that as populations advanced in agricultural ability they would grow faster as they produced more food and inevitably, they would eventually out produce their food supply and starve. Malthus predicted this result was unavoidable though tragic.

We know today that he was wrong because the population of the earth is many times what it was in his day and yet, here we are. Technology and modern agricultural techniques would allow the entire earth to be well fed if only the globalists and their toadies would leave us alone. I will call them globalists for lack of a better word, but that requires a bit of explaining. I use the word globalist to define a group of people who believe it is their right, their destiny to catalog, control and manage the world’s population. To be able to do that the population has to be drastically reduced which requires and justifies the killing of perhaps billions of people.

Technology of population control through famine

Population control has been an issue for decades at least, but the difference is that now they have the technology to finally do it. This is the generation, and the moment that the globalists have been waiting for. They are carrying out their agenda of population control at the same time they continue their goal of digital ID that allows tracking and monitoring of every person and every transaction on earth with the resulting control of entire populations as per the Chinese Social Credit System. You get a reward if you are a good little boy or girl, and you get punished if you are not. This allows the population to be killed off and still controlled if they object.

Just a few examples of how the world is following the Chinese example which I believe is first because of its massive population already controlled by a small ruling elite. In Sri Lanka, which was food independent, but is now totally dependent because of changes in farming caused by those in control supposedly worried about climate change. Monster, I argue, is a perfectly reasonable word describe those who would starve their own populations. The starving people charged the government buildings forcing the resignation of government officials. The new president has enacted a QR code digital ID program to access fuel in an effort to ration it because they and others like them sanctioned fuel exporting nations, and so the people have no fuel, only the elite have fuel.

Government permit to buy food and fuel

The bottom line is that to buy gas for your car or any other use, you must first obtain government permission. This new system was set up in Sri Lanka by the World Economic Forum. Your national ID must be tied to an app the government provides in order to ask the government’s permission to buy some gas. The Sri Lankan government is using armed military to enforce the QR code requirement. So, whose side is the military on in Sri Lanka but also in America. I have a bad feeling that we are about to find out. Places like Sri Lanka and some others appear to be test cases for the system that will be enacted worldwide unless something stops it.

A politician from any country who is willing to stand in front of this madness certainly risks his career, but potentially a lot more. The first step is the buy off, but if he refuses the money, the next step is ruin through scandal, and if that doesn’t work then a fatal accident or random street violence against him might be in order. I suspect they all know this fact and they all, or almost all, just take the money.

Sri Lanka was only the first

Sri Lanka is a bankrupt debt slave country waiting for the fate of all slaves, and the enslaving forces who hold all their debt wait to take over the very lives of their citizens. Nation after nation is falling into this trap, all over Africa, South and Latin America, and to some extent the Middle East. Who will buy our debt they ask? Who will help us, and the Chinese say we will, but we want control of your resources, your infrastructure, and the right to develop ports for the Belt and Road Initiative and for Chinese Naval Forces?

Over in Europe we find the same process developing, perhaps with a little more sophistication. Until now, Holland has been one of the premier food producing countries in the world, but the government of Holland has decided to end that. The government told the Dutch farmers to reduce their nitrogen output by 30%-70%, an order that will destroy farms and farming in Holland. The government is seizing farms to ensure the reduction is effective. When I say effective, I mean effective in destroying farming, thus starving the Dutch population.

Deliberate famine

Please keep in mind folks that when you cannot grow food you are dependent on the whim of the monsters who brought about your condition. You cannot be free without food a fact well known to the globalists. The Dutch farmers got on their tractors to head for Brussels, but the Dutch police reportedly opened fire on them. To my knowledge no on was killed, but the message was sent, comply or else. The sad part is that people don’t realize that this should be a worldwide effort of resistance and no police or military should obey these globalist monsters.

Across Europe and in other places governments are deliberately choosing famine for their populations. Canada has joined the procession to starvation as well, over the protests of the governors of food producing provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan. In Ireland, according to the Irish Times, the Minister for Agriculture has agreed to force a cut of 27 to 28 percent of the nation’s agriculture. The globalists pressure the Irish government to make the cuts deeper. The Irish have experienced famine before so we will see how the take it this time.

Plans for famine in America

Here in America, we are not immune to the madness. The war in Ukraine has supposedly deprived American Farmers of the fertilizers they need to feed the nation. We are supposed to believe that America takes the high road in regard to Russia, but few sensible Americans will believe that involves starving our population. Available fertilizer is much more expensive which means food is much more expensive. Anyone can see that, and I hope few are fooled by it. This is a shame and I pray many will wake up and rise up to stop it. Partisan politics aside, they intend to starve us into compliance and as long as divided we stand and we believe our liars but not their liars, then the monsters will succeed.

Bill Gates buys up farmland to create famine

Much of the modern society we have developed in America is due to agriculture and its continuing development and improvement through the continued use of the old methods and through technology. It is estimated that each American farm feeds about 150 people quite well. Each farm shut down, bankrupted, or enslaved by debt is 150 unfed people. Monsters like Bill Gates and his ilk at the WEF buy up hundreds of thousands of acres of American farmland.

Just a few days ago he bought a 2100-acre potato farm in North Dakota. Why would he do that. There can only be a few reasons such as maybe Bill wants to grow potatoes in his spare time. Maybe he wants to demonstrate his new improved techniques for growing potatoes. No, I think he wants to take that farm out of production while he lectures us mortals on getting used to fake meat and bugs as our diet.

The Great Reset and other means of mass murder

On July 8, 2020, the Rockefeller Foundation published a document entitled “Reset the Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.S. Food System”. That 23-page document which I have here fresh off my printer makes bold statements about upcoming food shortages which were unknown at the time. One month before that document was published the Great Reset was announced by Klaus Schwab, the founder of the WEF. They had their ducks in a row these documents reveal, and they are eerily similar in their announcement that we the masses will have to get used to different food and less of it. Artificial food that would be produced by that great humanitarian Bill Gates.

We should be glad to be starved by our betters because its all to save the planet. The population of the world is now around 8 billion, far to large to manage even by an all knowing, god-like group of enlightened. So, the population must be drastically reduced and not just by starvation. Oh no, these wise ones have many ways of disposing of us. The recent COVID virus would be a fine example, and the vaccine which wasn’t a vaccine and didn’t work would be a better one. Even Dr. Birx, who was Trump’s medical adviser admitted she knew in advance that it would not work, but she insisted on the lockdowns anyway.

The authorities are your enemies

The scientists and doctors at Pfizer and Moderna knew and therefore the FDA knew, but they did it anyway. Why, for money, just for money? No, that doesn’t explain it all because if it was just for money why run You Tube ads advising mothers to get their little ones vaccinated. Yes, these monsters are killing children on purpose. The internal documents from the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA confirm that. As Paul Craig Roberts has said, vaccination does not protect, it harms. So, the only reason to enforce it is to kill people.

People have to learn to distrust authorities who simply cannot become authorities unless they are down with the cause. I suppose they think they will be in the mansion with the enlightened ones someday, but more likely when they are no longer useful, they will go as well. We have to resist digital ID and vaccine passports at all costs, and I mean all costs. Vaccine passports give the government the ability to say take this vaccine which you believe to be dangerous or even murderous, or you will not eat our fake meat and bugs, and you cannot buy fuel for your vehicle or home.

What are we going to do about this?

In conclusion folks, I quote from an article by Lew Rockwell called the COVID Vaccine Plot:

This is the first time I have seen the argument for population reduction used so blatantly and widespread in the mainstream media, and it suggests to me that a trend is forming. For years I have warned my readers that they will know when the globalists are about to pull the plug on the current system when they start talking about their criminality openly. When they admit to their agenda in a free way, this means they are close to a global reset and do not care anymore who knows about it. The openness of the plot to cut world population is becoming apparent.

If Lew is correct, then it is past time for us to talk openly about these things and perhaps make a plan for dealing with them.

Finally, folks, there is nothing wrong with agriculture or its ability to feed the world, those who seek humanity’s destruction, those satanic anti-God, masters of the universe are the problem. I agree with Lew about another point. His theory is that these people are psychopaths looking for a socially justifiable way to kill as many people as possible. Why, because they enjoy it.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

From, appears by permission.

About the image

This portrait of Thomas R. Malthus comes from the Wellcome Trust. They have licensed it under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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