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Conglomerate of polls show majority of Democrats want someone other than President Biden in 2024



A new CNN poll published this week showed most Democrats want someone other than incumbent President Joe Biden as the 2024 presidential nominee, echoing the findings of several other recent polls.

The CNN poll found 75 percent of Democratic voters would prefer a nominee other than President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for POTUS in the 2024 general election. While Biden has not yet made a formal announcement about whether he will run for a second term, there seems to be a growing consensus among voters that neither he nor former president Donald Trump should become their party’s nominee in 2024.

previous poll by CNN earlier this year showed 51 percent of Democratic voters wanted the party to nominate someone other than Biden, and Republican voters were split almost evenly, with 49 percent saying they wanted someone other than Trump. The number of Republican voters who wanted a nominee other than Trump in 2024 went up in this week’s poll to 55 percent.

Other polls have echoed these voter sentiments, with a NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ poll released this week showing 60 percent of voters thought Biden should not run for reelection in 2024, and almost 57 percent thought Trump should not seek a second term.

The same poll showed 16.12 percent of voters prefer Vice President Kamala Harris as the nominee if Biden does not run. Trailing Harris are Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at 10.72 percent, and California Governor Gavin Newsom at 8.94 percent.

These polls were released in the same month a Siena College/New York Times poll showed President Biden with a record low approval rating of only 33 percent. The poll also showed that in spite of an unclear leader in the 2024 presidential race in either party, the race for control of Congress is still tight, with Democrats leading by 1 percent with registered voters. 

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