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The world is run by lunatics

The world is an insane asylum, and the inmates are running it. No other conclusion if feasible when so many play with nuclear fire.

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The world is an asylum and the inmates are running it

Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 23rd day of September in the year of our Lord 2022. I will be talking about those who run the world or at least front for those who run it with a special emphasis on war in particular the war in Ukraine.

Are lunatics running the world?

I know what you must be thinking. What would make Darrell refer to world leaders, even elected ones, as lunatics? How dare he make such a claim or say such a distasteful thing. Well, I make that statement because I’m trying to be kind and respectful to the world’s leaders. I’m trying to give them the benefit of a doubt for their actions because the alternative of lunatic would be homicidal maniac and I sure would not want to put that label on anyone without evidence.

So, to give them the benefit of the doubt I conclude that they are simply crazy, mad as a hatter, wild as a March hair to avoid the possibility that they are taking mankind to the brink of destruction on purpose. Let’s look at some of the evidence I can offer to support my conclusions. The President of the United States does not want the war in Ukraine to end. He, in fact, wants it to get worse, to destroy more lives, more property, and the taxes of more Americans. The Administration has committed weapons to the conflict that according to the Wall Street Journal, will not be ready for shipment for three years.

Number two, the President plans to name the U.S. assistance to Ukraine as a separate and distinctive military command with its own general.

Say WHAT!?

This from the Wall Street Journal:

The naming of the operation formally recognizes the U.S. effort within the military, akin to how the Pentagon dubbed the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Freedom’s Sentinel. The naming of the training and assistance is significant bureaucratically, as it typically entails long-term, dedicated funding and the possibility of special pay, ribbons and awards, for service members participating in the effort. The selection of a general, expected to be a two or three star, reflects the creation of a command responsible to coordinate the effort, a shift from the largely ad hoc effort to provide training and assistance to the Ukrainians for years.

With respect to the Wall Street Journal and thanks to it for reporting this madness, to me it says that the United States, i.e. the Biden Administration is at war with Russia and plans to be for the foreseeable future. This new command is not a plan for bringing the war to a swift conclusion nor is it a plan that includes any effort at diplomacy. It is a plan as Secretary of Defense Austin once said, to weaken Russia.

Weaken Russia, maybe, but at what price?

It will weaken Russia in the short run, but I submit that it will also weaken the United States by bleeding the taxpayers and by the constant threat of kinetic war weaken the U.S. morale and U.S. economy, which is already obvious. The U.S. Congress should at the very least be permitted to weigh in when the U.S. is committing itself to a long war on behalf of others, a war in which the U.S. has little or no strategic interest.

So. The U.S. proxy war in Ukraine will now feature a catchy name, and since the U.S. controls the narrative, it will be all Ukraine all the time in the news. Right now, the news about the war is all about the new Ukrainian advance in the Eastern Provinces in one area to within two miles of the Russian border. You Tube is filled with videos of Ukrainian soldiers using the latest, most high-tech weapons supplied to them by the United States, to destroy Russian armor, and other land vehicles as well as helicopters. The Javelin man portable, or manpad, missile has made life unlivable for Russian tanks and the roads are littered with their burned-out shells.

Why Russia would respond with tactical nuclear weapons

Russian helicopters whether troop transport or attack are extremely vulnerable to a stinger missile again operated by a single soldier on the ground. Does this mean that the Russians are losing the war, yes it does at this point. Does it mean that Russia will ultimately lose the war, retreat back to Russia and beg for peace, no I don’t think so. Why I don’t think so involves a proud man named Vladimir Putin and 6000 nuclear weapons including a large stockpile of tactical weapons. I do, however, think that it has exposed the Russian army for what it is and is not. It appears to be no match for the technologically far superior high-tech weapons supplied by the U.S.

Tactical nukes are weapons designed to obtain an instant advantage on the battlefield. They are not the city destroyers of Hiroshima fame and the world destroyers that both nations have in their arsenals. If Russia deployed a tactical nuke would the U.S. respond in kind? Biden has said he would but who knows if his words mean anything anymore. When he speaks whether in an interview, off the cuff, or in a prepared speech he says some dangerous outlandish thing and the White House staff immediately starts walking back what he said and telling us what he really meant.

Playing with fire on the world – WHAT did Biden say re Taiwan?

He said the U.S. would defend Taiwan from a Chinese attack with U.S. soldiers, sailors, and Marines lives. No, the White House said, that’s not what he meant. He said the Covid pandemic is over. No, the CDC, FDA, and the White House staff said, that’s not what he meant. So, when he speaks his words always raise more questions and give few answers. What do his words mean and if the answer is nothing then whose words do matter. Who is running this country and who is making life and death decisions for the American people. It the answer is not the President then something is really wrong in “our democracy” and we the people should demand answers.

One thing seems certain in the U.S. war against Russia and that is that Russia is out of troops. That leaves Putin on the horns of a dilemma. He can’t hold the positions the Russians gained during the early days of the war with what he has committed thus far, and he has no more available to fill the ranks. His choices then are accepting defeat which probably would mean he would be deposed, announce a mobilization of the Russian reserves, go nuclear or some combination. He announced in his speech a couple of days ago what he called limited mobilization. That was described as 300,000 reserves from ex-military still available for active service. No conscripts or general mobilization was announced.

Putin isn’t bluffing

He also alluded to the use of nuclear weapons by saying that he wasn’t bluffing and that he would use whatever he had available to defend Russia. That seems reasonable to me, even admirable, from the standpoint of defending his own people. I admire one thing about Putin, and that is that he seems to care about Russia, and he appears to act in the best interest of Russia as he sees it. That is the opposite of what American leadership appears to be doing.

I keep trying to tell anyone who will listen that nuclear armed nations do not lose wars with missiles still in their silos. There is none so blind as he who will not see and right now that appears to describe American leadership. Do they want nuclear war, apparently so, or maybe they really are just bloodthirsty lunatics. The administration says it takes Putin’s comments, which it calls threats, seriously but we will see if that converts to action. Putin’s warning that he is prepared to use any means necessary to protect Russia’s territorial integrity was described as reckless. To me, it seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to say, and it is what the leader of a nuclear armed nation should say.

The world has leaders even dumber than the pResident

It may come as a surprise to you, however, to learn that there are people in very high places who are dumber than Joe Biden. Take the secretary general of NATO, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, for example. He told Moscow very clearly, according to Reuters, that Russia cannot win a nuclear war and that NATO has been amassing troops on its eastern border to “remove any room for miscalculation or misunderstanding.” This is dangerous and reckless nuclear rhetoric he went on to say. Well yes, Mr. Secretary indeed it is but when asked what NATO would do in the event Russia used nuclear weapons he responded with “that depends on the circumstances.” He reiterated again that communications made it clear to Moscow that Russia could not win a nuclear war.

Well, here is a tip for you Mr. Stoltenberg that you are apparently unfamiliar with, but nuclear war has no winner, only losers. People like you sit in your walnut paneled conference rooms and discuss civilization destroying events as if they were just water cooler conversation. Nuclear armed nations should conduct their affairs through diplomacy because they both know that the opposite of diplomacy is war and that is unthinkable. In today’s world, however, it Is not unthinkable because this world is run by lunatics who have some agenda of destruction in mind, or else they are completely insane.

Project for a new American century? Been there, done that

The administration seems intent on continuing the project for a new American century and building a unipolar world. The world is now populated with nuclear weapons with more and more nations scrambling to acquire them. That is what happens when you are the big kid or the bully. People scramble to join with other bullies to oppose you or they get bigger and stronger, and the world progressively becomes more and more dangerous. There is never any talk of standing down or saying no to more and more weapons which leaves us constantly in danger and constantly in fear.

Russia’s defense against the West, besides its nuclear arsenal, is its access to cheap energy, in particular natural gas. Cutting of natural gas to Europe does a lot more than give Europe a long cold winter because the European economy is grinding down as a result. Factories are closing as are restaurants and other small businesses because there is no power. The other weapon is fertilizer which is made partially with natural gas. Farmers across Europe are failing to produce enough food for the population because of lack of fertilizer to grow food. Those who should care and should see that condition as an emergency apparently do not. Their response is rationing, austerity, and a shut down of their economies.

Where else is the U.S. engaged?

Ukraine is, unfortunately, not the only place the U.S. is actively engaged right now. The U.S. has conducted many airstrikes in recent months in the nation of Somalia which if you did not know is in Africa. The Biden Administration supposedly pulled all U.S. forces out of Somalia but now we know that either that was never true, or U.S. forces have re-engaged. Airstrikes kill people on the ground as they are designed to do and that tends to upset the civilian population. When that nation is one like the poverty stricken and voiceless Somalia the people are never heard from, and they have no options except immigration to the U.S.

Leadership here in the United States seems cold, unfeeling, without regard for the people the leadership is supposedly elected to serve. The leadership seems unconcerned about foreign enemies except the designated enemy of Russia. It is far mor concerned with political opponents which it chooses to label domestic enemies to divide us for the purpose of gaining more power over us. At least that’s the way it seems to me.

Worse than lunatics running the world today

Finally, folks, as I said I call them lunatics as a complement because the alternative is even worse. The alternative is that they are doing these things while fully competent and mentally able to function rationally, and that would make them homicidal maniacs, so I hope they are only lunatics.

There will be no podcast next week as my dear wife will not be available to assist me and I can’t do it without her. God willing, I will talk to you again on Friday, October 5th.

Until then folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

From, appears by permission.

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Darrell Castle is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, a former USMC Combat Officer, 2008 Vice Presidential nominee, and 2016 Presidential nominee. Darrell gives his unique analysis of current national and international events from a historical and constitutional perspective. You can subscribe to Darrell's weekly podcast at

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

People should read the books of Daniel and Revelations. Then what is going on will make sense.


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