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Red wave meets blue seawalls

The Red Wave broke against a triple seawall of Republican complacency, isolated incompetency or fraud, and widespread embrace of evil.

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The truly meaningful results from Midterms 2022 have come in. The Great Red Wave broke on a triple seawall of complacency, possible fraud, and definite stone-cold evil. But all that energy had to so somewhere, and it went to States to which many conservatives have already moved. These results highlight the Great Sortation, which will likely only move forward. Secession fever will succeed to this, and heighten the tension between “blue” and “red” States and even within States.

Election results – the Red Wave breaks into channels

Results come from, whose pages climb to the top of a engine search. Florida and Georgia show the most striking victories for Republicans. Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Mario Rubio won re-election handily – in fact more handily than ever before. Little Havana revolted against the Castro-lite regime of Miami and Dade County and delivered its votes to both incumbents. More than that, Florida’s residents embraced DeSantis though they had only cautiously given him a try four years ago. Florida has always received the country’s retirees, and until now had been a swing State. No longer. Florida has received “Left-ugees” (apologies to Dr. Steve Turley), and those move-ins allied with Little Havana to carry the day.

Georgia brought in mixed results. Brian Kemp won an outright majority of 53.5 percent of the vote. Even Stacey Abrams had to concede. The only certain result in the Senate race is that Herschel Walker will get into a runoff with incumbent Sen. Rafael Warnock. Libertarian Chase Oliver, with 2.1 percent, is the spoiler. But, Georgia being a runoff State, Walker has twenty-seven days, beginning today, to pick up his votes and the race.

The ranked-choice riddle

Alaska also will have mixed results, but with its ranked-choice voting system, those will take longer. Mary Peltola, who won the special election this summer, has a commanding lead. Sarah Palin and Nick Begich are nearly tied. Recall that in that special election, Nick Begich’s voters voted for Peltola as their second choice. Nick Begich is a scion of the Begiches, a Democratic dynasty in Alaska. Dynastic politics reigns supreme, and Begich’s voters were always Begich family retainers first and Democrats second. Vote for a Republican as second choice if Begich loses? Not a chance. If even twelve percent of Nick Begich’s voters rank Peltola second, Peltola wins.

Kelly Tshibaka managed to finish first in the Senate race. But Lisa Murkowski finished a close second. Democrat Patricia Chesbro finished with 9.5 percent of the vote. Result: she falls out, and her votes, and not those of Lisa Murkowski, redistribute to their second or third choices. They are not going to rank Kelly Tshibaka second. Their votes either break for Lisa Murkowski, or, if they are really spiteful, “exhaust” and drop out of the count. The only candidate who can save Kelly Tshibaka is Buzz Kelley, who garnered three percent. In fact he quit the race but left his name on the ballot and endorsed Tshibaka. But if present trends hold, Lisa Murkowski is too close. And with Pat Chesbro’s votes redistributing to her, she wins – absent near-total exhaustion.

Arizona – incompetency or fraud?

Arizona remains too close to call at 9:17 a.m. EST, according to this Brave search. Currently Republicans lead in only two down-ticket State-wide races. (These are State Treasurer and Superintendent of Public Instruction.) Democrats bid fair to sweep the Governorship, the Senate race, the SecState race, and the Attorney General’s race.

The key reason for that lies with the Maricopa County Board of Elections. They are, it would seem, the least competent – or most corrupt – Board of Elections in the country. Your editor is a paid Officer of Election and has now worked two elections in Virginia. And he cannot imagine the disgusting debacle that seems to have taken place.

According to Creative Destruction Media, twenty percent of the scanner-tabulators in Maricopa County precincts did not work properly. They either did not run at all, or else could not scan many ballots. The precinct chiefs involved seem to have advised voters to spoil their ballots and then go vote in another precinct that had a working scanner-tabulator. But here communications broke down. Either the chiefs didn’t tell the County Board what they were going to do, or the County Board didn’t pass that on. So several voters show up to vote in the wrong precinct! Naturally those chiefs either sent those voters back where they came from, or ordered them to cast provisional ballots. (That’s what your editor’s chief would have done, and that would have been entirely appropriate.)

Lawsuit – and preliminary injunction denied

The campaigns of Kari Lake and Blake Masters, and the Republican National Committee, have sued the Maricopa County Elections Board. They allege deliberate sabotage and a conspiracy to deprive residents of Maricopa County of their vote. They then asked a judge to extend voting hours by three hours. And the judge said no.

Kyle Cheney, legal affairs reporter for Politico, covered the debacle on Twitter. Here is the first tweet in the thread:

Most of the succeeding tweets don’t matter, but this does:

RNC has anecdotal evidence that some voters affected by tabulator errors were told to vote at another location, travel to that other location and were told they had already voted.

“These errors can determine the outcome of the governor’s race and the Senate race.”

Your editor will vouch, as an OOE, that electronic poll books sometimes have hard-to-read displays. (Electronic poll books became popular because they update each other at the precinct and obviate having to segregate voters alphabetically. Modern EPB systems use Bluetooth servers that do not connect to the Internet.) A voter listing might show bright read with a Stop sign for various reasons. “Voter has already voted” is only one of these. The other common error is: “Voter in the wrong precinct.” That was the problem. So unless those chiefs who sent the voters elsewhere were lying, communication broke down. Either thing is inexcusable.

Other reasons to doubt the Red Wave

Democrats returned to full State-wide power in Pennsylvania. Georgia’s Never-Trumper pundit tartly observed,

Pennsylvanians really did decide to go with a native vegetable over a transplanted New Jerseyan.

That vegetable is John Fetterman, whom many now expect to resign and let the new Governor, Josh Shapiro, appoint his wife to take his seat. The wife is just as radically leftist as the husband, according to Fox News. Fetterman might also have benefited from an OOE actually electioneering for the Democrats.

If this is the same OOE, she also pre-set the voting machines to vote a straight Democratic ticket by default. In Philadelphia, voters “mark” their ballots on touch screens. (Not so in your editor’s jurisdiction, where voters mark paper ballots and personally insert them into a scanner-tabulator.)

We Love Trump expects Republicans to take control of the House – with a two-seat majority. The Senate will either have exactly the same “balance of power” as it has today, or it will pass to Republican control with 51 Republican seats.

So what did happen to the Red Wave?

The Red Wave broke, as we said above, on a triple seawall. The first wall is Republican complacency. Everyone, even Democrats, believed the hype about a fifty-seat gain in the House of Representatives. Instead Republicans will barely take over. When they do, they must do as Democrats did: govern as if they had a mandate. Because they do have a mandate: to make our governing institutions trustworthy again. If that does not happen, the result could be the United States in 1832, with another set of Nullification Crises. That, recall, ended in the War Between the States.

The second wall consists of instances of incompetency and/or outright fraud. Each of those instances, in itself, is isolated. No one believes that a Philadelphia OOE rigging a machine to vote a straight Democratic ticket by default, had anything to do with precinct chiefs in Maricopa County, Arizona, telling their own voters to try to vote in other precincts. Maybe these incidents do have a connection. Maybe Andrew Torba is right when he charges that the youth vote is a totally fraudulent illusion.

One of the first things I learned as a student of political science in college is that young people don’t vote. But you expect me to believe that during the midterms, which historically have much less interest than Presidential election years, this happened in key swing states.

But even so, this is the weakest of the three seawalls and would not have held without the other two.

The soul(s) of a country

This brings us to the third seawall. Quite simply, the souls of half the voters in our country are in a very dark place. Voters in New York State just kept in office an Acting Governor who asked why crime should even matter. To those voters, it didn’t. Maybe the crime perpetrators outnumber the crime victims now. And until a judge slaps a felony rap on them, the perps vote and will keep on voting. Furthermore, they’ll vote for the proxy thievery that is progressive taxation. A thief really is an irregular wealth-redistribution agent. That is their answer to inflation.

Still other voters not only want to go on ending pregnancies for any reason or no reason – while taking no measures to stop becoming pregnant to begin with. They are perfectly copacetic with the regime of psychological, physiological, and surgical experimentation on the country’s children. Jack Posobiec sent this message on Telegram about Pennsylvania using tax moneys to fund these experiments. (To say nothing of doping children on the synthetic narcotic, fentanyl – the result of lax border security.)

And when it comes to nuclear war – well, perhaps those voters don’t care. Or they blithely assume that the conflict will stay more than half a Great Semicircle away. Maybe they didn’t read that we have boots on the ground in Ukraine. The Post Millennial tells us about American “weapons inspectors” in the war zone. The minute one of them gets captured…!

The Red Wave found some channels

True, the Red Wave did find some channels – holes in the seawalls through which it broke through to limited effect. John Solomon tells us this. Little Havana breaking for Ron DeSantis and fellow Cubano Marco Rubio (his parents fled Cuba, Marco was born in this country, but they didn’t get naturalized until he was five) is part of it. Another is Anna Paulina Luna flipping a Democratic House seat, also in Florida. And furthermore, Republican Senate seats have gained some solid, nationalist-populist replacements. Eric Schmitt, the Attorney General of Missouri who sued the Deep State and its State actors, is one. (He replaces semi-RINO Roy Blunt.)

But the recriminations have already begun. The Georgia Political Junkie is already telling Republicans to come home to RINO-dom. And according to Nick Fuentes, Republican mega-donor Ken Griffin is changing his support from Donald Trump to Ron DeSantis. DeSantis is no RINO, but he and Trump already seem to be falling out.

On the other hand, Andrew Torba is telling people something much closer to the truth. “Balkanize and build,” he openly said on Telegram.

Move to deep red states, make them Christian Nationalist states, and build a literal wall around them if we have to.

When a person talks about literal walls between States, not between countries, he’s talking about civil war.

Toward the Great Sortation instead

After Torba used that phrase “Balkanize and build,” he sent a few more sober messages. First, he forecasts Democratic victories, not Republican, in the years to come. He cites:

Millions and millions of illegals pouring over our border and being distributed to key swing states.

An electorate trained to believe that hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots appearing is normal.

But he also forecasts collapse of “the existing system.” And indeed a system based on theft (“wealth redistribution”) and experimentation on children cannot last. As above, he doubts that the Great Youth Vote even exists, coming as it did in swing States. Then he adds:

We are the new pilgrims. We must move to deep red states, push them further right, build, and secure a future for our families.

Which CNAV has observed has been happening already. So has a Parallel Marketplace, and now an interstate secession movement. True, that last just became an order of magnitude more difficult. A divided or barely-controlled Congress will not consent to a Greater Idaho or Greater West Virginia or New California. But without it, people will simply move away. Let those who doubt that, just ask U-Haul how much trouble they’re having keeping “blue” States in moving trucks.

The Red Wave will gather again – but this time to a different effect

As of this day, Republicans have a choice. They can sue in jurisdictions where incompetency, or worse, has decided elections. But they can also put off their complacency – and in some cases, their frankly stupid power games. (Like Mitch McConnell sacrificing Blake Masters so that he could hang on as Minority Leader instead of seeing a MAGA Caucus back-bench him next year.) In addition even to that, they can push for a revival of civilizational values. That means contesting school and county supervisory and city council elections, where many frankly evil decisions have gone down. And suing schools that groom children for experimentation, in States where they can’t legislate such grooming away.

Either they do this, or see their voters move out of “blue” States entirely. U-Haul will soon have as much trouble keeping New York State in moving trucks as they do California. Oregon will be a different case. Maybe their rural people will scatter to Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming – and Nevada and Utah. Arizona and Virginia will either “flip red” or see a mass exit of their own. Arizona could see a rebellion of its western region against Maricopa County. Virginia will make its choice next year. They will either “flip” their Senate or see renewed tension between rural counties and Virginia’s most populous cities and counties.

From the Great Sortation to …

All this relocation will create a crisis as “red” areas take population – and income – away from the “blue.” The “blue” States could “flip” their last remaining “red” House seats in 2024. Republican voters who elected Representatives in those districts will all have moved away. They might flip a few seats from Democrat to Republican in the “red” States – but not enough to matter. Nor could the Sortation happen at a worse time: in the middle of the decade.

So unless West Virginia fires Joe Manchin in 2024 (and Virginia fires Tim Kaine), the Democrats will recapture the House and Senate in 2024. (Lisa Murkowski of Alaska might turn Democratic to cement her ties with the king-making Begich family.) The Democrats will thus have outsized representation in proportion to their numbers. And, facing a Census Deadline, they will pass laws to codify abortion on demand, confiscation of firearms, and the child experimentation they call “gender affirming care.”

The “red” States, with rock-solid majorities and like-minded Governors, will move to nullify such laws. That will set up a repeat of the Nullification Crisis of 1832.

Worse yet, the “blue” States will all go into debt crises, like the one now affecting California. California owes billions it cannot pay back. “States of emergency” won’t fool the bankers for much longer. And what goes in California will go in Oregon, Washington State, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, New York State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Colorado, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and many others.

… the road to civil war

And now we see the pathway to a Second War Between the States. The Texas Nationalist Movement will press for its Texit Referendum again. In two more election cycles, Texas “Left-ugees” will vote out more Texas legislators who “chub” the Texit Referendum. The bill will pass, the Referendum will go on the ballot – and it, too, will pass.

And while the Texit Study Committee is holding hearings, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) will introduce a bill to confiscate the “surplus” wealth of “red” States, or differentially tax their residents, in order to provide “debt relief” for the “blue” States. She is only one “blue” State Senator who might be crazy enough to introduce such a measure. More to the point, it will pass – and President Joe Biden (or Kamala Harris or Susan Rice) will sign it. The “red” States will sue, claiming a violation of Article I Section 9 Clauses 4 through 6. Chief Justice Roberts will join with Justices Jackson, Kagan and Sotomayor to rule against the “red” States. Justice Brett Kavanaugh will then have the choice to save the country, or not. And maybe another rhetoric-crazed assassin will attack Kavanaugh – and this time, succeed. Result: a tie, and no injunction against this tax.

The last time confiscatory taxation of lower-level governments became a country’s policy was 1767. A repeat of that would push every other “red” State to send deputations to Texas. “Secede, and we will join you!” they would say. One need only imagine what would happen next.

Which is it to be?

So which is it to be? Will the Republicans use every method, legislative and legal, to stop this progress? Will they seek to warn their fellow citizens that they are going down the wrong road? For make no mistake: the Democrats are going down the wrong road. Theft is wrong. Experimentation on children is wrong. Abortion is wrong. Confiscation of firearms is wrong. Just as, and for the same reason that, slavery is wrong.

CNAV shouldn’t have to say any of that. But someone must. Republicans have complacently refrained from saying it – except for a few stalwart officials who have not only said it but acted upon it. Observe the result in Florida.

But the “blue” States have reached the tipping point. Conservatives have moved away, and rank-and-file leftists gloat, “Good riddance!” The national divide will become geographical as well as ideological. And if Republicans don’t get their act together, it could get worse.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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