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Greenwashing the naïve

Greenwashing – blackmail for environmental causes – is the weapon of Western elites against their own, and will lead to disaster.

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Greenwashing the naive

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 18th day of November in the year of our Lord 2022. I will be talking about how greenwashing, or the propaganda of green energy ideology used to make the unjust appear to be just, and how the real effect of that is a reduced standard of living for the naïve middle class, and starvation for the helpless poor.


We see the world dividing into hostile camps right now with nations coming together to resist the moves to continue the economic hegemony of the West. The BRICS nations I have mentioned many times are primarily an economic bloc of nations resistant to Western economic dominance. But now it also includes many other things. The nations in the original bloc include Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. But now many others are lining up to join. Some of those include Argentina, Venezuela, Iran, Indonesia, and even Saudi Arabia. Yes, its ironic that long time enemies like the Saudis and the Iranians would consider coming together economically. But I guess the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The economic blocs that have developed involve nations jockeying for position in this new world that is developing. And that involves a lot more than green energy. Western leaders attend their climate conferences and they set climate discussions within conferences. As they did at the recent G-20 summit in Indonesia this past week. It would be funny if it were not so serious to see and hear President Biden. Who just once again publicly said to the attendees, I will do my part, no more drilling in the United States.

Greenwashing – an example

When Senator Joe Manchin called him to account for his promises regarding fossil fuels he sent Jean-Pierre out so say oh yes, we know that miners and oil workers are the backbone of the nation, etc. It’s all just hypocrisy and a pack of lies. The United States persuades the G-20 to agree to give $20 billion of U.S. money, your money, to Indonesia as a payment for the Indonesians to quit using coal and convert to solar and wind. The Indonesians took the money of course, even though their application to the Brics is pending. It is just greenwashing and really means nothing except a bribe to keep the Indonesians from representing the best interests of their own people.

It could possibly mean one other thing, however, if the Indonesians actually did stop using coal. It would mean starvation for the Indonesian people as it has for many people in Europe and across Africa. These people who are coercing and buying corrupt politicians to the detriment of their own people is an old story. But it is usually a corporation giving a suitcase full of cash to some dictator or warlord. Now, it is heads of state giving the labor of their people who have already accepted long term impoverishment and hunger because their oh so virtuous and progressive leaders have insisted.

America faces greenwashing and its effects

Americans are struggling to buy food and fuel at ever increasing prices, but their president is bragging about giving $20 billion to subsidize solar panels and windmills in Indonesia. The stated reason was to help Indonesia transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy. The real purpose is to bribe a Muslim country that has shown extreme hostility and persecution of Christians to switch its energy from reliable coal to unreliable wind and solar thus exposing their people to starvation.

Inflation and energy shortages are problems across the world including Europe, but there the problems are exacerbated by food shortages caused by cutting the Russian supply lines and intentionally attempting to switch from gas and coal to wind and solar. Along with the switch comes a belief that many of the problems which make saving the planet necessary are caused by farming. That’s right farming or growing food for people to eat. Ending farming would mean mass starvation, but that is apparently fine with the Western Progressive leaders.

Nations like Denmark and Holland, for example say they are going to close 30% of their farms by 2030 in keeping with the goals of agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum. That is less than 8 years away now, but the process is well underway. Without farms how will the people have access to enough food to eat. That remains an unanswered question and one our leaders apparently don’t care to know the answer to.

Russian sanctions

Without fertilizer it is impossible to grow enough food to feed a population. But if you don’t care if they starve. What difference does it make? Much of Europe’s fertilizer comes from Russia. And if you count Belarus as part of Russia, it is well over 50%. The sanctions against those countries are obviously adding to the misery of the European people, especially in those countries on the fringe or what used to be part of the Eastern bloc. Couple the fertilizer cutoff with the decision to stop importing Russian gas1 along with the decision to stop using it even if you have it and you have a witch’s cauldron of disaster for millions of people.

I have personal knowledge of at least one country in Europe and that is Romania. My wife and I started a Christian childcare mission in Romania 25 years ago. It is still there, caring for the children of that country. We feed, clothe, and house a lot of Romanian kids and we talk to people there almost every day. They tell us that conditions are terrible with no electricity, which is what provides heat and light. Schools are closing because of lack of electricity. It is unaffordable even if available. Couple the energy shortage with unaffordable and unavailable food and you have a nationwide disaster on your hands.

Disaster means…

Disaster means adults and their children begging in the streets, schools closed, along with other agencies tasked with assisting the public. It means desperate people coming to your door asking if there is any way for you to help them, and having to say no. It means internal conditions deteriorating to the point they were under Communism. Who cares enough to change the behavior of governments? Apparently, no one cares that much, but I will say that if something isn’t done to reign in the madness of these people at the head of governments, not to mention the real culprits in the World Economic Forum, we can expect a French Revolution type of answer to them.

Tell me that I have to drive an electric car and I am upset because my freedom of choice and lifestyle is being curtailed. But tell me that I have to watch my children starve and you have a French Revolution on your hands. I’m not talking about farmers driving their tractors to the capital. That is a help, and I am with them of course. But I am talking about millions descending on them with an off with their heads intent. Yes, it will soon be time to go to the barricades if it is not time already.

The UN defends greenwashing and demands more

The UN tells us that this charade being forced on us will be very expensive. It’s going to cost us, the poor wretched middle classes of the Western World, a lot of our labor. They say, at the UN that it will take $340 billion to complete the destruction of humanity. They say that the amount will prevent the world’s temperature from rising 1.5 degrees centigrade above preindustrial levels. This is all just complete nonsense and a way of fleecing the planet while reducing the population by what amounts to cold-blooded murder.

The ultimate greenwashing scam: FTX

It’s the war they tell us, it’s the war, and therefore it’s all-Putin’s fault. Ukrainian President Zelensky sent a recorded message to the G-20 conference stating, “there can be no effective climate policy without peace.” It is apparent that he considers peace to consist of endless cash and endless weapons and nothing of diplomacy. I suppose he is a quick learner in the greenwashing scam. It turns out he was laundering money paid by American taxpayers by investing in FTX, a now bankrupt crypto company. FTX then contributed the money to Democrat politicians through its CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried. They in turn voted to send him more money. This information is all coming out in the investigation of the collapse of FTX and its CEO for fraud. Starving people, it seems, often has less than noble purposes.

This problem is self-fulfilling, and it just feeds on itself on and on. Rising prices for natural gas mean rising prices for fertilizer when there is a supplier. And that means rising food prices. Not many options exist short of talking with Russia and bringing the war to a close. And talks are apparently on-going backchannel. The offer being considered apparently is Russia withdraws from Ukraine and Crimea becomes a demilitarized zone. I don’t see how that works for the Russian Navy. How could Russia operate its warm water base if it were a demilitarized zone.

Russia withdraws from Kherson

The Russians did retreat from Kherson this week. That is very significant because geographically it lies just north of Crimea. Rumor has it that the Russians are busy fortifying Crimea as if they expect a fight or die stand there. We will see what happens in Ukraine, but it’s hard to understand why this war fought by others and is really a struggle between Putin and Biden, should be used as an excuse to starve and impoverish the world. I suppose that ordinary human decency let alone honor can no longer be expected from those who hold power over us.

Food for Europe is a difficult problem right now with very few solutions. There are very few if any suppliers able to replace Russia even in the short term. This all means that next spring there will be few crops planted in Europe. So the continent will be import dependent, or just where the WEF and its captive leaders want the European people. Europe has only two options: get through somehow by their wits, or compromise with Russia. Europe is reportedly investigating compromise, but I’m certain they remember Nord Stream.

War reparations? YGTBK

A resolution came before the UN General Assembly recently to force Russia to pay War Reparations, and it has passed so far. The vote was 94 countries in favor, 14 countries against, with 73 countries abstaining. Damage and loss or injury to people and to infrastructure is the part and parcel of it. We can’t seem to learn anything from history. For example the Versailles Treaty that ended WW l and led to the rise of Hitler and ultimately WW ll. War crimes, it seems, sometimes depend on who wins the war. For example, a missile recently struck two miles inside Poland. Both Zelensky and Polish authorities reported it as Russian, I suppose to provoke a NATO response and perhaps start WW lll. Fortunately, NATO tracked it on radar and identified it as Ukrainian so nuclear war averted again.2

In conclusion, the elites, the know-it-alls, the impeccably educated, the media savvy, who strut across the stage with such purpose and such confidence, what do they have in store for us little people? Could our future be unfolding before our eyes in Romania? This whole thing does serve one useful purpose, however. It validates my disbelief in the power seekers and the powerful. My deepest conviction about their bloodthirsty natures is confirmed.

The Parallel Economy

Next week is Thanksgiving so no Castle Report. Have a good week and don’t forget to give thanks.

Finally, folks, for our futures and our children’s’ futures, prepare to live differently. To survive on our own, we will have to decentralize the food supply and localize everything. Build relationships with local farmers and ranchers and create a parallel or black-market economy in the food industry.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

Editor’s Notes

From, appears by permission – Ed.

1 Or to blow up the one pipeline that was bringing the gas in. Everyone who cares to know, now knows that the British did precisely that, at Washington’s behest.

2 Actually this is only the latest in a long line of “accidents” involving antiquated Soviet-era equipment and collateral damage/casualties. These are almost certainly false-flag pseudo-operations.

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