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Poll: Ron DeSantis ahead of Donald Trump as potential 2024 rivalry intensifies



Recent polling data has suggested that the pendulum is swinging towards Florida Governor Ron DeSantis than former President Donald Trump to be the GOP nominee in 2024.

While DeSantis running in 2024 remains only speculation, Trump officially announced his presidential campaign on Tuesday.

Despite never suggesting that he would run for president, DeSantis is a favorite of many Republicans.

During a debate with Charlie Crist, which occurred prior to the midterms, DeSantis refused to give an answer when asked if he would serve a full term as Governor of Florida.

Newsweek reported that multiple recent polls have shown DeSantis in the lead.

One poll, which was conducted by YouGov and carried out between November 13th and November 15th, found that, of the 432 adults surveyed, 46% preferred DeSantis as the Republican nominee, while 39% chose Trump.

Two other polls cited by Newsweek were conducted by WPA Intelligence. The first poll surveyed 843 likely voters and gave DeSantis a winning margin of 20 points at 55 percent. In the second poll, this time with 1,044 respondents, DeSantis won by an even larger margin of victory; 26 points ahead of Trump, at 56 percent.

However, as Newsweek noted, multiple other polls showed Trump leading ahead of DeSantis by similar margins.

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