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Biden has lost friends

Joe Biden continues to lose friends, even among his legacy media allies. Are the Democrats taking him down? Should Republicans stay out?

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It’s obvious now. President Joe Biden has lost almost all his friends, in government and in the legacy media. A media mutiny that began with CBS and NBC now has spread to CNN and The New York Times. Moreover the tone of the coverage has shifted from “honest mistake” to “cover-up.” Now the hottest firebrand in the House Republican Conference openly suggests that Biden is under attack from his own side. This leaves open the question of what the Republicans will – and should – do about it.

The FBI lays on a raid

The Daily Wire reports that the FBI laid on a raid on Biden’s house in Wilmington, Delaware last Friday. They found six more classified documents, besides those his personal attorneys revealed. Some of these documents go back to Biden’s Senate years; the rest come from his Vice-Presidential years. The FBI evidently asked the White House not to comment on the search until they had completed it.

More to the point, CNN released evidence on what those classified documents were about. (Hat tip: Trump Train News.) User Robby Starbuck tweeted out two CNN videos on Wednesday, describing CNN’s coverage. “Did someone hack their airwaves or what?” he asked. The reason: CNN is publicly revealing that Joe Biden and his brothers all had corrupt business dealings with Joe’s son Hunter.

Also on Friday, The New York Times released a report describing “Sixty-eight Days of Silence,” according to The Daily Caller. The article blatantly asserts moral equivalency between Biden and his predecessor, Donald J. Trump. That, one can expect. But this sort of quote, one would not expect:

The decision by President Biden and his top advisers to keep the discovery of classified documents secret from the public and even most of the White House staff for 68 days was driven by what turned out to be a futile hope that the incident could be quietly disposed of without broader implications for Mr. Biden or his presidency.

Really? Futile hope? Quiet disposal? The Times admits that the result has been the opposite.

The Biden timeline

To review, here is the timeline, or as much as CNAV can piece together:

November 2, 2022Biden’s personal attorneys find the first cache of classified documents at the Penn Biden Center.
November 3, 2022The National Archives repossesses the documents.
November 4, 2022Justice Department receives notice of the affair.
November 9, 2022The FBI enters the case.
November 14, 2022Attorney General Garland tasks U.S. Attorney John Lausch to investigate.
December 20, 2022Biden’s personal attorneys inform Lausch of the second cache – in a garage in a house that may or may not be in Biden’s name, stored next to Biden’s personal automobile, a late-model Chevrolet Corvette.
January 6, 2023Lausch informs Garland that he must appoint a Special Counsel.
January 9, 2023CBS News breaks the story of the first cache.
January 11, 2023NBC News breaks the story of the second cache.
January 12, 2023Attorney General Garland appoints U.S. Attorney Hur as Special Counsel. Source: The New York Times.
January 18, 2023CNN reveals details on corrupt business dealings involving the President, his son, and his brothers.
January 20, 2023The New York Times releases its retrospective suggesting that a tight circle of advisers thought they could avoid controversy. The Times seems to admit that those advisers thought wrong.

Apparently Joe Scarborough at MSNBC is still asserting that Biden is innocent in this matter, according to The Patriot Chronicles. If that’s true, MSNBC might now be the only media friends Biden has.

Is this an inside job?

Yesterday afternoon, “Noah” at We Love Trump summarized several reports that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) thinks a plot is afoot to put Biden out of the running in 2024. Kyle Becker put out two tweets on Saturday about the FBI raid on the Biden home:

Earlier (Friday night) a Nick Adams shared this article in The Conservative Brief giving Matt Gaetz’ opinion. Gaetz finds this time element most striking:

But just as Joe Biden is hardening the cement around his decision to run for president again, they start looking for what classified documents might have been tucked away eight years ago.

Translation: the Democrats don’t want Joe Biden to run for President again.

Adams wasn’t the only one:

Gaetz spared very little time and no outrage at any scandal involving classified documents. He suggested Americans worry far more about weaponization of government against them, than about any venal shakedown operation Biden might be running.

The broader consensus seems to be that prominent Democrats do not want Biden to run in 2024, because they know he’ll lose.


Gaetz has a point – because the weaponization is current. CNAV agrees: those documents are far less important than what this President is doing now to American liberty.

Besides: what happens if Republicans impeach Biden over this? If Gaetz is correct and “it’s an inside job,” the Senate Democratic Conference might:

  1. Spare enough votes to convict, or
  2. Encourage enough Members to absent themselves and thus lower the threshold.

In which case, Kamala Harris becomes President. No one asked Mr. Gaetz about his opinion on that matter. But any reasonable person might conclude that they would rather have a senile dotard in the White House than a cackling maniac who might be taking some kind of stimulant to cope with the strain. (Sources familiar with drug users’ behavior have told CNAV that Kamala Harris’ laugh is that of a user.)

But if those documents relate to dealings with China, then they point to a current compromise of the President. Likewise, if they relate to Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine, that could explain why the administration wants to keep funding efforts to drive the Russians out of that region. Whatever “good thing going” Hunter Biden has with Volodymyr Zelinsky, he would not have with Vladimir Putin!

Almost all Democrats and their sympathizers seem to have broken with Biden. That could mean that Republicans should leave this alone, and not take part in taking him down. Why jump from the frying pan into the fire?

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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Where appropriate the Republicans should point out the hypocrisy.


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