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Russia v. Ukraine – who’s right?

Who is in the right, as between Russia and Ukraine? A self-styled Twitter journalist offers shocking evidence to try to answer that…

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Two days ago, a Twitter user who has long criticized the U.S. government, made an extremely provocative statement. At the head of what is now a 41-tweet thread, she said, “I stand with Russia.” In the ensuing thread she set forth her reasons for saying such a thing. Those reasons contain what purports to be photographic, video and other evidence to support her stance. That evidence suggests that not only is Ukraine in the wrong, but worse, Ukraine has always aided and abetted the most dangerous ideologies and oligarchies the West has known since the days of the Roman Empire. If half this evidence is valid, this should give pause to anyone voting to send any more treasure to Ukraine. It should also give pause to any ordinary citizen who would elect any congressman or Senator who casts such votes.

Who is Jennifer Long?

The user in question is Jennifer Long, who has been a member of Twitter since 2013. She has consistently protested things like vax and mask mandates. When Kanekoa the Great started his thread about the Ohio Train Wreck, she started one of her own.

When Detroit had its own nearby train wreck, she covered that, too:

But on February 2, she dropped a long thread leading with this quote from Vladimir Putin:

I will make public the depopulation plan the United States and Europe have planned.… The scientists hidden in the Ukrainian bio-weapons labs we captured are in Moscow right now; they’re disclosing everything.

Recall that Kanekoa the Great talked about the same thing late the night before – after User WarClandestine revealed much more.


Herewith a few other threads she has recently left, all dealing with either Russia and Ukraine, or with coronavirus:

Much of this material, others have already verified. The rest, one might be able to verify from historical research. But even the material in these earlier threads, is mild compared to what she revealed starting two days ago. She supports these revelations, wherever possible, with links. But because CNAV cannot independently judge the veracity of her sources, we can only compare her evidence to other evidence we have seen. Inevitably we must regard some of it as unverified rumor, and ask that people investigate further for themselves.

The thread saying to stand with Russia

Here, then, is the thread, as the odd-numbered tweets, beginning with the first or anchor tweet:

A false-flag pseudo-operation?

That last tweet is to an article by a correspondent at Israel National News. He alleges that a General Smith, presumably General Eric Smith, USMC, the Commandant of Marines, received an anonymous tip that agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation were preparing to bomb an electrical substation near Boise, Idaho, during last Sunday’s Super Bowl. General Smith sent a small force, about half a platoon, with one officer in charge. That officer deployed one squad each to guard three substations in Boise, Eagle and Meridian, Idaho.

During the “Halftime Show,” a team of saboteurs did show up at Meridian. They wore gear typical of that which President Donald J. Trump has sold to interested supporters. Furthermore, they had festooned their vehicle with bumper stickers pledging support for Trump, should he seek reelection next year. In addition, one carried bolt cutters, and two had what looked like Armalite AR-15 rifles slung over their shoulders.


The Marine squad waited for this irregular fire team to cut the padlock that secured the gate. Then they challenged the four. That was when one of the “riflemen” unlimbered his rifle, chambered a round, and aimed at the Marines. The Marines then opened fire, thus terminating that fire team with extreme prejudice. Upon searching the four, the Marines recovered several magazines and a pouch of C4 plastic explosive – but no identification. The vehicle came from Wilmington, Delaware. But two of the four turned out to be FBI, out of the Spokane, Washington field office.


Reaction to the thread was about fifty-fifty favorable v. unfavorable. Russia gained a reputation for empire building in the Soviet era, and that surely weighed on many minds. But witnesses said the same people who think Putin is the villain, also thought Trump was a villain.

At least one user remembered losing half his family to the Soviet Army, and the other half to the Wehrmacht.

Analysis – is Russia in the right after all?

CNAV does not suggest that Vladimir Putin is running his “special military operation” to “save the world.” He is fighting to save the nation-state – the civilizational state – that he leads. But much of what Jennifer Long reveals in this thread, others have revealed before and in other contexts.

Some of the allegations, especially the new ones, are difficult to believe and require further investigation. Allegations of “impressment” of children have come to our attention before. The spectacle of Ukrainian soldiers seizing and taping children to poles is difficult even to explain. Breach of discipline? Psychological warfare? Even Jennifer Long offers no explanation – only the photographs.


Again, Russia’s reputation for empire building weighs on people’s minds. No doubt those drumming up war fever in America are counting on that. But the only Soviet leader who had any appetite for world conquest was Nikita S. Khrushchev. His eventual successor, Mikhail S. Gorbachev, surrendered any such ambitions.

Russians have always expressed fear of the American CIA. The Soviets called them the Dark Forces. Bradlee Dean and other contributors to this space have said much the same. So did the author of the video at the top of the thread.

The only flaw in her argument is the citation of Biblical prophecy. Most Biblical scholars identify Russia as the “Gog” who attacks Israel. But that need not apply to Putin – especially since he built up the Russian Orthodox Church upon taking command.

So who’s right? Russia or Ukraine? That needs investigation – not mindless acquiescence.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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