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Pandemic accord – the train to global government

The Pandemic Accord – a non-treaty treaty – will define global government and destroy Americans’ health, in punishment.

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Pandemic accord - the train to global government

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 10th of March in the year of our Lord 2023. I will be talking about The World Health Organization’s proposed treaty which will give it control, globally, over the response to pandemics of every country on earth which signs the treaty. This treaty is supposed to promote so-called Global Health Equity. Which means that in a pandemic or other worldwide disease emergency, Americans should not get better or faster health care from their own government than inhabitants of third-world countries get from the American government.

Who are the World Health Organization?

The World Health Organization is a United Nations affiliate formed in 1948. Its website says it does exceptionally beneficial work in mostly third world countries and maybe it does normally. Today, it is demanding that the world’s nations surrender sovereignty over the health of their people to this organization which is now more of a World Economic Forum affiliate than a director of world health. The United States has good relations with WHO and even has an ambassador assigned. We will talk about her in a minute.

This treaty, by the way, is not a treaty according to the Biden Administration, but an agreement. Because a treaty requires approval by a two thirds vote of the U.S. Senate for ratification. But an agreement, according to the administration, can be made binding by executive order. Yes, that’s how dishonest, nefarious, and sinister this administration is. Americans will undoubtedly suffer and die needlessly because of this “agreement.” But the president intends to enact it by executive order in May of this year.

Calling it an agreement instead of an international treaty flies in the face of “our democracy.” But nevertheless that is the danger that the American people face. The constitutional requirement to ratify all treaties by a two thirds vote of the senate is bypassed by simply saying it’s not a treaty but an agreement. It is a treaty and everybody knows it including the president. But when you have a completely lawless administration other avenues must serve.

Enactment of the Pandemic Accord – a treaty by EO

America will have surrendered its health sovereignty and will be trapped in a global health prison if this treaty is allowed to be unconstitutionally enacted. Whenever the bureaucrats at the WHO decide to declare a new pandemic no matter how arbitrary and unscientific that decision may be, the American people will be bound by it. The WHO may decide to require massive lockdowns with resulting ruined economies and lives, compulsory masking, social distancing, testing, contact tracing, and of course mandatory injection of killer vaccine poison.


The zero draft of the treaty, yes, I call it a treaty because that’s what it is, was published this month and it will be finalized in a week or so and then it can be signed by all leaders on earth in a ceremony this May thus laying one more important brick in the wall of global government. The American Revolution is being reversed by the American government right in front of our eyes. The President says he will sign it and then execute it by executive order as soon as it is available thereby giving it legally binding effect over all Americans.

What the Pandemic Accord would mean – and mandate

If a health emergency is declared by WHO all signatories would have to submit to the authority of the WHO regarding treatments, regulations such as lockdowns and vaccine mandates, global supply chains, and monitoring and surveillance of populations. The WHO gets to decide when to declare an emergency. And that body gets to surveil or watch us until it has found one to declare.

In conjunction with the World Health Assembly, the rule-making body of the WHO, new pandemic regulations will supersede the laws of member states. This is a very dangerous situation for a once free people and free nation which guaranteed with the blood of patriots, freedom from totalitarian dictators around the world. This treaty will set up a worldwide medical police state under the control of the WHO, and more specifically its Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. I have seen statements from doctors who have reviewed the terms of this treaty and who believe that it will even allow the WHO to reach them, i.e., your primary care physician.

Surrendering medical supplies

Under the terms of this treaty, the U.S. will be required to surrender 20% of its medical supplies, including diagnostic tests, anti-viral medications, and vaccines, to the WHO for global distribution. Article 10 specifies real-time for the transfers not after American needs have been met. No longer will the U.S. be able to rush treatments and vaccines to its own citizens before sending “aid” to other countries. The treaty language denies the legality of intellectual property, which means patents, copyrights and the like. As much as I detest Pfizer and Moderna, companies like that are not going to do research and development if there is no profit for them and their investors.

Let me emphasize that the framework of this treaty makes it legally binding. Therefore defiance of it would label the United States an international outlaw. Article Four makes that much clear. It states that each country will manage its own domestic health policies provided these policies


do not cause damage to their peoples and other countries.

That is quite an exception. It is obviously intended to give the WHO an exception big enough to drive its blue and white truck through.

From the Ambassador to WHO

The Biden Administration has announced that it is committed to signing this “agreement” and binding the United States to its orders and directives. This from Pamela Hamamoto, U.S. ambassador to WHO:

The United States is committed to the Pandemic Accord, to form a major component of the global health architecture for generations to come. Shared commitment, shared aspirations and shared responsibilities will vastly improve our system for preventing, preparing for, and responding to future pandemic emergencies.

What does all that bureaucrat gibberish mean? It means that America and every other national government must and will surrender its sovereignty and get on board the train to global government. It means medical dictatorship on a global basis. There will be other trains of course such as the one leading to a global digital currency and the loss of all financial control and individual privacy. It means get on the train and don’t ask questions about where it is headed because we, the all-knowing, all wise ones know best so, you can trust us.

It jumped from a bat, so obey! Conform!

Pamela Hamamoto again:

We see a Pandemic Accord that builds capacities; reduces pandemic threats posed by zoonotic1 diseases; enables rapid and more equitable responses; and establishes sustainable financing, governance, and accountability to ultimately break the cycle of panic and neglect.

What does that pile of bureaucratic gibberish mean? We command and you obey because we know best and you little ones just have to come to terms with that. If any national government tries to weasel out of this agreement that government and its people will suffer severe sanctions. The cycle of panic and neglect means we will create lots of fear to drive more and more of you little ones onto the trains taking you to global government with us all knowing ones at the top.


Free speech will not be allowed in the new global government, but don’t worry, it’s for your own good. Remember when you really were children and your parents taught you that certain words and actions were inappropriate for nice people. Well, it is the same now under the Pandemic Accord so no free speech which means even the most eminent doctors and scientists will defy us at their peril.

WHO says who gets treatment – and who doesn’t

Pamela went on to say that the work must be inclusive and applicable for the health and well-being of all people. Now, folks this is where she really gets good and right to the intent of this bureau speak.

A commitment to equity must address inequities not only between countries, but also within them.

That can only mean the WHO bureaucrats will control how people within the United States are treated and ministered to. All people, all nations and tribes from every corner of the globe will be required and dragged into the mandatory medical prison created by the WHO and signed off on by your president. When we tell you that you must accept toxic vaccination and toxic drugs as compulsory you must understand that no one escapes this trap. These life saving treatments are free of course so no matter whether you are of means or not you must accept.

Furthermore, according to Ms. Hamamoto again:

We must not have common but differentiated responsibilities and capabilities.

Which means that we decide, not sovereign nations, how they will prepare for and handle a declared pandemic. The whole treaty depends on this one concept, i.e., uniform action across the whole planet. The world will act as one, the world will be one, just as in the days of Noah, but I digress.


The Pandemic Accord dares supersede God Himself

Pamela Hamamoto, the U.S. ambassador, yes, she works for us folks. She goes on to tell us that this treaty must stand the test of time, so I translate for her again. Leaders of nations come and go but this treaty lives forever and its language must prevent future leaders from doing the right thing for their people. If you little ones think you can defeat us by voting, think again because the signatures on these pages cannot be revoked. For 6000 years mankind has recorded his time on this earth, created and established on this beautiful blue orb by God Himself. Well, there’s a new god in town so get used to it. The new god will manage this planet for better than the old one I can promise you that.

Several amendments have been proposed to be added before the president finally signs it. None of them are good for free people. The WHO would change from an advisory organization to a governing body with legally binding proclamations. The clauses protecting respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people would be removed from existing regulations. The WHO would have the authority to require medical examinations, proof of prophylaxis, proof of vaccine, implementation of contact tracing, quarantine, and treatment. Allowing of the disclosure of all personal health data, finally a system of global health certificates on digital or paper format, including test certificates, vaccine certificates, prophylaxis certificates, recovery certificates, passenger locator forms, and a traveler’s health declaration.

Are we going to allow this?

Will Americans speak up and demand as a free people this will not be allowed. Will the people who helped draft and who agreed to this be driven from office? Perhaps, but I doubt it very much because we seem to have arrived at that time in history and we are here and alive when it is finally about to be achieved. The dream of insane, satanic, tyrants for millennia is finally here with the technology to implement it. Global government starting with denial of medical freedom is here now.

The WHO recognized that this global power grab might not sit well with some so they included language to make it provisionally binding as soon as it is signed. It will, in other words, be legally binding while the Republicans posture and preen but do nothing to stop it. Lawsuits will be filed, but it will be legally binding on the American people thanks to this most deceitful administration. Republicans have revived the attempt to withdraw from the WHO so time will tell, but it will not take very much time at all.


Finally, folks, there will be lots of posturing and grandstanding, but it will take serious resistance from the American people preferably led by their state governors to achieve anything. Review all connections with the United Nations and other world governing bodies that can supersede congress. That’s my view since I’m nostalgic for the old republic.


At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

From; appears by permission.


1 Zoonotic, adjective. Describes any germ, be it bacterium, fungus, yeast, or virus, that jumps from animals to humans. Ambassador Hamamoto uses this term to reinforce the “Natural Bat Soup Origin” theory of SARS-CoV-2 – zoonosis, noun.

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