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Reedy Creek Improvement District board signed power away to Disney before new law, say present board

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts apparently wrung concessions from the old Reedy Creek board to give it perpetual near-autonomy.

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Walt Disney Studios, Alameda Entrance, Burbank, Calif.

The new board overseeing the old Reedy Creek Improvement District (where lies Walt Disney World) discovered recently that their predecessors signed away enormous power to Disney to oversee its own development, a local television reporter said today on Twitter.

Disney hijacked the store

Mike DeForest, reporter for WKMG-TV (Channel 6, Orlando, Fla.), broke the news with this thread on Twitter today.

According to his reportage, the new board of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD) discovered recently the last-minute agreements between the old Reedy Creek Improvement District Board and The Walt Disney Company. The CFTOD board is now considering legal action to “address” these agreements.

I cannot tell you the level of my disappointment in Disney. I thought so much better of them. This essentially makes Disney the government. The board loses, for practical purposes, the majority of its ability to do anything beyond maintain[ing] the roads and … basic infrastructure. Ron Peri, Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Board Member

I cannot think of a more naked attempt to circumvent the will of the voters, the will of the legislature, and the will of the governor. Brian Aungst, Jr., Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Board member

All agreements signed between Disney and the District were appropriate, and were discussed and approved in open, noticed public forums in compliance with Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law. Anonymous spokesman for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, parent of Walt Disney World

Perpetual agreements

Disney obviously intended to negotiate a perpetual agreement. But, recognizing that this might violate Florida law, the agreement contains this interesting dodge:

If the perpetual term of this Declaration is deemed to violate the “Rule Against Perpetuities,” or any similar law or rule, this Declaration shall continue in effect until twenty one (21) years after the death of the last survivor of the descendants of King Charles III, King of England[,] living as of the date of this Declaration.

Nine of these descendants live today, including minor children. Thus as long as the Royal House of Mountbatten-Windsor continues to be fertile, this agreement would last.


Replies to the anchor tweet show that many users believe Disney took advantage of DeSantis’ gullibility. But others suggest that Gov. DeSantis knew full well what Disney would do, and let it happen.

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