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Anti-Christian war?

Has anti-Christian war broken out in America? Does the Nashville Incident point to that? If so, it will fail, as the Roman persecution did.

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Is the axis of Earth worship, twisted human desire, and depopulation now fighting an anti-Christian war? More to the point, has that war now escalated to the level of organized crime and violence? A shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee gives reason to believe both. This reason comes not only from the nature of the target and the attacker. It also proceeds from anti-Christian rhetoric from certain people in media, and selective application of the law.

The Covenant School shooting

On the morning of March 27, a biological woman shot her way into the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. She killed three pupils, all age 9, including the daughter of the pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church, the school’s patron. Another of the three died when she tried to summon help by triggering a fire alarm. The shooter also killed three adults – the headmistress, a substitute teacher, and a male janitor.

But if that luckless pupil couldn’t summon aid, someone else did. Metropolitan Nashville police responded within ten minutes. Two officers entered the school, made their way with near-military precision along the hallways, and finally heard the sounds of gunfire. They followed the sounds, confronted the shooter, and shot the shooter dead.

In the hours and days that followed, several other disturbing facts became apparent about the shooter. As a girl, she attended the school. More recently she decided to “transition” to “become” a man. That involved surgical mutilation and hormonal (i.e. testosterone) poisoning, all with informed consent, of course.

In the final moments of her (his?) life, Audrey “Aidan” Hale, 28, sent an Instagram message to a former basketball teammate. In it, Hale announced an intent to commit suicide. The teammate, addressing Hale by her birth name, tried to discourage her, but to no avail. But apparently Hale left no clue of an intent to commit mass murder.


Metropolitan Nashville Police announced that they had recovered a manifesto from Hale. But at this time, they refuse to release it.

An anti-Christian motive?

Apart from the manifesto, Hale had two semiautomatic rifles and a pistol, ample ammunition, and a detailed floor plan. No part of Hale’s background has surfaced, to suggest military or paramilitary training. Worth noting is that testosterone poisoning, as part of female-to-male “transitioning,” makes the patient more aggressive.

Hale’s motives pose the most immediate question. Did Hale bear a grudge against the school, the headmistress, the pastor, or his predecessor? The headmistress apparently died trying to shield others from Hale’s bullets. So perhaps one can regard her death the same way as the pupil who died trying to summon aid. But killing the pastor’s daughter suggests a deliberate attempt to cause anguish to the pastor. That could be by virtue of his office, or for another, darker personal reason. But we have no way to ask Hale, because police killed her. Is that “suicide by cop”? That would be consistent with those Instagram messages to the former teammate. Or did she really think she could win in combat against two trained police officers? (YouTube Influencer Brandon Tatum, himself a former police officer, had high praise for the Nashville officers’ tactics.)

But could Hale have acted from an even darker motive than that? Could Audrey “Aidan” Hale have decided to strike a violent anti-Christian blow, by killing Christian school pupils, faculty and staff? And more to the point: can we safely assume that Hale acted alone?

Irrelevant commentary – or is it?

Several media organs have made much of two specific bills that Gov. Bill Lee (R-Tenn.) recently signed into law. One forbids doctors in Tennessee to perform this kind of surgical mutilation or hormonal poisoning on any minor. The only exception might be to correct ambiguous genitalia. (Your editor has seen that kind of thing in the course of both training and pathology practice. Rarely someone is born with a literal bifunctional gonad, making sexual assignment almost arbitrary.) The other forbids men to play in women’s sports after “transitioning” to “become” women. But neither law prescribes any penalties, other than a sanction for fraud by a “trans woman” trying to play in women’s sport, or revocation of the medical license of any physician “transitioning” a minor. It certainly does not prescribe execution or even imprisonment of “transitioning” adults.


When the story broke, a group calling itself the “Transgender Resistance Movement” left its own statement. That statement spoke of “genocide against our people.” Furthermore, someone attributes this statement to Hale:

If you mess with our kids, we kill yours.

Or words to similar effect – begging the question of how any such persons, following “transition,” can even have children. Surgical mutilation of this kind always sterilizes the patient.

The wider anti-Christian war

This case joins a raft of school shootings – except that many, commenting on it afterward, are showing an anti-Christian bias. Of course, the pResident and his press secretary fall back on their old standby: gun control. The usual countervailing argument – that the school, as a “gun free zone,” was a soft target – still applies.

That aside, the U.S. Attorney General refuses to regard this case as domestic terrorism. This although Hale might indeed have had anti-Christian motive and enhanced aggressiveness to carry out this attack.

Did Hale act alone? Or did someone prime, groom, train, and arm Hale to carry out this attack? Hale had two characteristics that would make such grooming more likely to succeed. She had motive – possibly personal – and was undergoing a treatment that made her more aggressive. Hale also could help draw that floor plan from her own memories. But how long has the campus stood? Did that campus undergo any building or renovation program after Hale left? We don’t know. And: could Hale, without prompting, conceive of such a highfalutin motive as “striking a blow in the transgender cause”?


More likely, someone else primed her for the attack, someone who did have an explicitly anti-Christian motive. But no one investigates that possibility. Why doesn’t anyone investigate the associations of the perpetrator of such an act, to look for a primer/groomer? Could authorities not want to find any such person?

Where to look?

If someone did prime, groom, train, and arm Hale, the motives of that person, or group, become readily apparent. But the identity wouldn’t be anything as prosaic as “the alternative lifestyle community” or even anything calling itself a “resistance movement.” Rather, it is the same elite that believes that this Earth has too many people on it. And Christians, more than any others, believe in having children. Moreover we practice a morality that has children, and raising them, as one of our highest standards of value.

But the elites want the whole planet for themselves – and whether they even think about children of their own is a matter of pure conjecture. So naturally they support movements that worship the Earth instead of the God Who created it. They also promote lifestyles that, by definition, are anti-procreative.

So the source of their anti-Christian motive is twofold. Not only do Christians believe in a next generation, but the Christians are also providing it. Priming and grooming someone to attack a Christian school in this manner serves two purposes. It destroys the very next generation the Christians are providing. At the same time it strikes fear in the hearts of Christians, who are their enemies.

Or so they calculate, forgetting – if indeed they ever knew – that God does not give a Spirit of fear. The anti-Christian war will fail for the same Reason the Roman persecution failed. Christianity survived that persecution, and will survive this one.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

When one reads the Bible’s Book of Acts we find this same type of behavior was used to attack those who spread the word of Jesus, which included Biblical morals. Then consider we are seeing children and adults targeted with deviant behaviors and deviant indoctrination. There is a movement to destroy freedom and impose a dictatorship where people are enslaved to the State and those in control of the State. One also has to ask “Are we in Revelations and at the end of the book of Daniel?”.

Also, notice how the tools used in crimes are targeted when people commit crimes with gun. Image if Miss Hale had been using knives, bats, swords, etc. How many more people might she have killed? Miss Hale clearly had been abused in some fashion – probably physically and definitely mentally.


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