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Migrants crowd out wedding guests, military vets

Upstate New York hotels are evicting homeless veterans and wedding guests in favor of migrants bused in from New York City.

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Migrants crossing

A hotel in upstate New York has canceled wedding guest bookings and military veteran housing to make room for migrants. That same hotel is involved in three lawsuits by its county and town of residence.

Migrants from New York City

WNBC-TV (Channel 4, NYC) reported that multiple wedding couples, who had booked rooms for guests at The Crossroads in Newburgh, Orange County, found their plans canceled. The story of Gary Moretti and Diane Mifsud of Florida, according to The Daily Mail, is typical. They booked 30 rooms at The Crossroads for guests, many flying in from overseas. Then – apparently without a word – the hotel canceled the bookings. The groom found out about it only after he pro-actively called the hotel to ask after the bookings. “You don’t have to be concerned,” the voice on the telephone said back to him, “because it’s all cancelled.”

Evidently the thing the managers felt the couple “didn’t have to be concerned about” is whether any money would change hands. That still leaves them scrambling to book other rooms for their guests, many of whom are already canceling their plans. The hotel didn’t even inform the guests – nor, apparently, anyone else. One other couple from Queens (Sean Plunkett and Nicole Hoefferle) received the nearly identical discourtesy from this same hotel.

The migrants involved are arriving on buses fro New York City, by order of Mayor Eric Adams. According to Blaze News, Orange County and the Town of Newburgh are suing The Crossroads, The Ramada by Wyndham (another hotel in Newburgh), and the City of New York. The county and town seek to enjoin New York from busing any more migrants into town to house in hotels.

The veterans’ story

Days earlier, the hotel abruptly canceled plans to house more than a dozen homeless veterans. The Yerik Israel Toney Foundation reported that the hotel gave no reason for the evictions. Sharon Toney-Finch suspects that the migrants are the reason. The timing cannot be coincidental. And according to her research, New York City will pay $200 a night per room to house migrants. The YIT Foundation could only pay $88 a night per room

In addition to Orange County, Rockland County is also suing New York City over the migrants, according to Biz Pac Review.

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