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Putin distinguishing among Americans

Vladimir Putin barred 500 Americans from entering his country. But some of those are among the enemies of American liberty.

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Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, barred five hundred more Americans from entering his country. Most of the names attracted little notice – scattered Senators and Representatives, and “military industrial complex” wheels. But some of the names are now infamous for words and deeds – either designing and promoting present U.S. policy in the Ukraine theater, or persecuting those opposed to that policy. In fact Putin extended his reach further, to bar those who have persecuted Americans for speaking their minds. Why should he care about what such Americans think? Perhaps because he does not see all Americans as alike. And maybe he sees some of us as the enemies of his enemies.

The latest Putin stop list

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a “stop list” containing five hundred Americans’ names last Friday (May 19).

The Hill was among the first American organs to report this list. According to it, Vladimir Putin barred these five hundred in response to American economic and other sanctions against Russia. But, says the MFA, those names also include many who “spread ‘Russophobic’ attitudes” or worked for outfits that did so. Then the Ministry added this: they list those involved in the “persecution of dissidents” who took part in the January 6 Event.

User “Daniel G” at We Love Trump Report obtained and translated the full list.

The names appear in rough Cyrillic alphabetical order – though the Russians seem to have translated English names beginning with J as beginning with Yu or Ya, never as Zh. Thus Nina Jankowicz alphabetizes at the bottom of the list, with the Cyrillic letter Я (Ya).


That list contains several Senators and Representatives – most of them Republican, more’s the pity. It also includes the Attorneys General of California and New York.

Barack Obama shows up as the most prominent name on that list (Number 268).

Perhaps Putin listed him after finally associating him with Hillary Clinton. (He feared her enough to cancel a foreign trip and issue a ukase that his people arm themselves immediately. That happened in the summer of 2016).

Why is Michael Byrd on the list?

But then, have a look at Number 29 – Michael Leroy Byrd. Who is he? He’s the Capitol Police officer who shot Ashli Babbett.

But who is Michael Byrd to a man like Vladimir Putin? Compared to Nina Jankowicz, formerly of the Disinformation Governance Board, Michael Byrd is a nobody. Why should Putin bother about him? To understand why, read this thread, that reminds us of the timing of this latest list.


Ostensibly, Russia barred these five hundred after the U.S. refused to issue visas to Russian journalists traveling with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to the U.N. last month. But this list bars the people on it permanently. And again, why does it include Byrd? Because Putin was reacting to the Durham Report. He sees that as yet another attack on Russia – using his country as a “Baba Yaga” to influence an election.

But there’s more. Putin has been over this before. He granted an interview to Keir Simmons of NBC. Simmons asked him about why he threw a key opposition leader, Aleksandr Navalny, in jail. To which Putin quoted a Russian aphorism:

Don’t be mad at the mirror if you are ugly.

An American would doubtless say,

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Then he asked straight-out:

Did you order the assassination of the woman who walked into the Congress and who was shot and killed by a policeman?

Play this video to hear him ask that.


CNAV has mentioned Ashli Babbett at least three times before.

It’s about more than Ashli Babbett

But Putin expressed concern about more than Ashli Babbett. He counted 450 people languishing in prison over the January 6 event. “And they did not come to steal a laptop,” he said – perhaps referring to Hunter Biden’s Laptop. “They came with political demands,” he said – and accused the American government straight-out of prosecuting people for their political opinions.

So Michael Byrd does not appear on that list by coincidence. Neither does Nina Jankowicz – or Rachel Maddow of MSNBC.

The same people pushing the narrative that Donald Trump led an failed insurrection on January 6, 2021, are also pushing the narrative that Russia has imperial designs on the world, or at least that Russia attacked Ukraine without provocation. Furthermore, those same people began their attack on Trump by claiming he was a Russian asset. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s campaign collaborated with another sort of Russian – probably Putin’s opposition.

Those people are pushing another agenda: depopulation by recruiting people into the LGBTQIA+ group of lifestyles. Putin and his Security Council Deputy Chairman, Dmitri Medvedev, have noticed.


Small wonder, then, that two hundred American and Canadian families might well have pre-purchased houses in a new Russian village! Or that Russia would approve and even offer the labor to build such a project. Yes, for a pre-construction price – but still!

And to think that some of the same people pushing an anti-Russian narrative now, loved Russia fifty-five years ago. But Russia had another name then: the Soviet Union.

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