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Is global government inevitable?

Is global government the inevitable end of history? Or have new blocs and movements arisen to challenge and thwart it?

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Is global government inevitable?

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday, September 8, 2023. I will be talking about the unrelenting efforts to deliver the nations of the world into the arms of an unelected, but very powerful group of people who think of themselves as super wise and super entitled to rule over the entire creation of God. Is the global government of a ruling, all-wise elite inevitable? Or can we find flaws and cracks in their plans that may enable humanity to defeat or at least indefinitely delay their plans?

A familiar archbishop speaks about global government – and the Antichrist of Revelation

Once again, I return to the wise words of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. I continue to bring you his words because I have come to respect his uncompromising battle for the truth in a religious world in which he is apparently the only one to do so. The first interview of the archbishop was conducted with French media. But I picked it up on The Remnant which is a catholic news service with a conservative bent. Thus it will dare to print the words of the archbishop. In that French interview he defined what he means by the term globalism in his mind.

Globalism is, so to speak, the staging, the script and the scenario that must prepare humanity for the political ascent of the Antichrist, to whom the leaders of the world—his servants—will cede national sovereignty so that he becomes a kind of global tyrant.

The archbishop draws a comparison between the Deep State and its mechanisms of subversion and the mechanisms of the Deep Church and concludes that they are identical.

The element that, in my opinion, must be understood—for the denunciation to be complete—is the mirror relationship between the coup d’ etat of the Deep State in the civil sphere and that analogous equivalent of the Deep Church in the ecclesiastical sphere. The modus operandi of subversive actions is identical, as are the principles that animate them and the objectives they set for themselves.

This conclusion – that the same forces that have subverted and captured governments are also the forces that have captured and subverted the church – is one I have held for a long time. So I was ready to finally hear someone else, someone within the church, say it. When asked if he is the only prelate who held this view, he said that he is the only one who is willing to publicly state the view. He equates the rise of globalism, of global government, with Satanism and says that globalism in its essence is Satanic.

Global government must make people forget God

The heart of the argument is what I have said many times. Which is that in order to succeed the globalists will have to erase God from the minds of the people. The archbishop says that in order to bring about the kingdom of Antichrist it is necessary to erase what remains of the kingdom of Christ in the institutions, in the culture and in the daily life of the citizens. Moral dissolution is one of the simplest means of subjugating the masses. One does it by encouraging them to vice, ridiculing virtue, and destroying the natural family, the fundamental cell of society.


Once the family is successfully destroyed, then children become commodities, products to be ordered over the internet. This fuels a vast criminal enterprise. Divorce, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, gender mutilation have all proven very effective tools in the destruction of the human family. They are also tools to eliminate God, faith, and the other tenets of natural law in the minds of the masses the globalists seek to control. A new religion thus comes to us and imposes itself on society. It is a religion backed by massive resources that has been able to replace God for many people.

The new global government religion

The new religion has goals diametrically opposite those of true faith. It is imbuing its dogma into all institutions, laws, education, culture, the arts, and virtually all other human activity. The globalists have used the principles of faith, i.e., people in the faith are all brothers. But they have substituted another for the natural head of society. Globalism comes to us proclaiming democracy as the highest good, but openly seeks to undermine and destroy the concepts of nation state and individual liberty. It seeks to bend and subjugate everyone to its will including ultimately the natural head of all-natural law.

The evidence for my position and that of the archbishop is all around us. But just look at the fact that the globalists seek to have the whole world follow their direction in lockstep. The global leaders are all members of the same club whether they openly admit it ala Justin Trudeau in Canada, or whether they deny it ala Vivek Ramaswamy. They have been placed intentionally at the highest levels of governments and international institutions. To again quote the archbishop:

There is clearly a single script under a single direction. It is planned as an instrument for the establishment of a totalitarian regime, connected by unelected technocrats who are devoid of any sense of democratic representation.

Who is the World Economic Form or what is the WEF? Who attends its conferences and once invited why do they so gratefully accept? The truly powerful of the world. The rulers, prime ministers, CEO’s of newspapers, television CEO’s, bankers, social media directors, heads of international corporations, directors of government agencies, presidents of global foundations, so-called philanthropists, and of course heads of state. They all share the same agenda. And they are so confident of their own power they now proclaim their agenda publicly with impunity. To shut off other opposing views they embrace censorship and propaganda.

The situation I just described is obviously hopeless, right? No, I don’t think it is hopeless because with God we always have faith that we will ultimately prevail. But in the here and now there are those among us trying their best to undermine all opposition. I’m not sure when neocons captured American foreign policy and set the country on a course toward the “New American Century,” and I thought with the demise of the second Bush administration the impetus was somewhat blunted. But no, that apparently is not the case.


Meet the new faciliator: Victoria Nuland

President Biden just elevated Victoria Nuland to Undersecretary of State, which makes her second only to the secretary, Anthony Blinken. Why is that important? It is vital because it is evidence of the single unipolar world that the U.S. has been trying to create since at least the fall of the Soviet Union. Ms. Nuland’s husband is Robert Kagan, who along with William Kristol, co-founded the Project For a New American Century. The U.S. had a chance to bring about a more peaceful world. But instead its neocon leadership, including Mr. Kagan, chose the path of war. Which is also the path of death, misery, and suffering. The good news for the neocons is that most of the money they confiscate from the American people goes directly into the pockets of the defense, or said better, the war industry and then it comes right back to them as campaign contributions.

What does all this have to do with global government? Everything, because it is the military arm of global rule, or what the recent BRICS meeting seeks to avoid. The BRICS+ as it exists now, is determined, it seems, to undo some of what the reincarnation of Dick Chaney, better known as Victoria Nuland has done. She is the mistress of coup, or master of using death and destruction to achieve her new American century goals. She is the chooser of war and never peace, and decider of disputes by the most violent and destructive means.

Enter BRICS as opponents of global rule

BRICS+ is trying to build a second pole to Ms. Nuland’s unipolar world, at least a second pole economically. This will hopefully also prevent some military destruction of the earth. My wife is fond of telling me that they meant it for evil but God meant it for good. As she says that when something seemingly helpful evolves out of something very detrimental.

The U.S. sent a very disturbing message to the BRICS nations with what it did to Russia. Out of that message came BRICS+. When Russia invaded Ukraine the U.S. not only sanctioned Russian oligarchs, banned U.S. investment in Russia, kicked Russia out of the SWIFT international system, and froze and stole Russian assets. It froze and stole the U.S. dollar reserves of the Central Bank of Russia. That move was a very blatant act of forceful theft It was inevitable that it would return to haunt the thieves.

Taking the low road

When other countries saw the U.S. abandon the moral leadership it once held, and grab the assets of a major central bank, they looked at each other and asked: What if some U.S. neocon decides he doesn’t like my policies or actions, will the U.S. steal my central bank assets too? China, India, and Brazil thought the answer was yes, so they immediately started selling U.S. denominated assets. So, Joe Biden, guided along by his neocons, and their bloodlust, blundered into the potential destruction of the dollar as an international reserve. So, the dollar is threatened not only abroad but also by its own Treasury.


By seizing Russian assets, in particular the Central Bank Reserves of Russia the administration demonstrated to the whole world that it cares nothing for the rule of law internationally or otherwise. Just as the administration unlawfully directed the DOJ against a political opponent, Donald Trump, and unlawfully directed it away from son, Hunter, it turned the law into a weapon. We in the U.S. have little recourse except voting and even that is of questionable value today. But other countries do have recourse and they are using it. They have banded together in an effort to find or form a currency safer than the dollar for their assets.

BRICS+ measures its strength

BRICS+ issued a 26-page summary or description of their recent meeting. In that summary, they did not mention a new currency but the implication is there. For now, BRICS+ will trade in the currency of its members. To have a stable gold-backed currency the price of gold would have to increase significantly so, when you see the gold price rapidly rising you can measure the decline of the dollar quite easily.

BRICS+ plans to dominate the energy markets and the seas that control them. Make no mistake, the U.S. Navy still rules the waves, but BRICS+ rules the chokepoints and coastlines. With the rising tide of woke officers and sailors in the Navy perhaps it won’t be long. The new BRICS+ controls about 30% of global GDP and about 45% of the global population. They dominate a long list of vital resources including most importantly the oil markets. Whether we measure by population, military weapons, economics, energy, other natural resources, or sheer mass, they are clearly in a position to challenge the G-7 and other organizations of the West.

Clueless wonders

Our current administration seems oblivious to all this as it stumbles along the road to ruin. It and its neocon owners have pushed the middle class close to extinction but no one seems to care. When we had law, internally and internationally, we sent those who steal to prison, but not anymore. Now, we set the example for thieves everywhere by stealing on an international level. Others are taking note and trying to find harbors safe from the predators who run the U.S. Government.

What does all this have to do with global government? It is perhaps a monkey-wrench, but time will tell whether it is permanent or temporary.


Finally, folks, the archbishop advises us to resist the call to build back better and instead join groups that together can rebuild what has been destroyed. My sentiments exactly.

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

From; appears by permission. – Ed.

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