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A warning to the world

Archbishop Carlo Mario Viganò gave the world a warning a month ago. Herewith the details and why we ignore it at our peril.

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A warning to the world

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 14th day of July in the year of our Lord 2023. I will be talking about the eloquent words of Archbishop Carlo Mario Viganò with which he issued a warning to the entire world of a global coup d’état currently in progress by a financial and ideological elite. His words are confirmed by a report issued by the conspirators themselves in which they openly admit the coming dictatorship will have to be complete within 10 years and ideally by 2030.

About the Archbishop

First, I think it is necessary to point out that I am not catholic. I am a protestant Christian who attends a Presbyterian Church. I just happen to spend several hours each week buried in research materials concerning the matter the archbishop is trying to bring to the attention of the world’s people. Since he is obviously a devout man respected as one who opposed even the pope on the subject of child predators in the priesthood, his words will be given more credence than mine have been given thus far.

See this archive of Archbishop Viganò’s written essays. – Ed.

The video in which he makes his plea to the world is still available on You Tube.

He said that there is a global coup d’état which extends to the whole world being enacted by a financial and ideological elite which has succeeded in gaining at least partial control of the world’s governments, politicians, business, information sources, education, and religious leaders. These people and organizations have enslaved themselves to the new global masters. Therefore individual and fundamental rights once thought of as sacrosanct have been and are being trampled underfoot.


Warning – war against humanity

There is a world war against humanity and we are the enemies of those who seek its destruction. My own opinion is that every western political regime is committed to an anti-human agenda. They do it for money of course, but mainly to centralize power and institute a planetary dictatorship. It’s happening under the auspices of the:

  • World Economic Forum which calls it the Great Reset, and the:
  • United Nations and its various divisions which calls it Agenda 2030.

They know that their plans cannot succeed while people still have faith in God. Therefore, they endeavor to erase God from the minds of the people. I believe that is what attracted the archbishop to the struggle.

These are very sinister, but very clever people who use the capital of the people, the fruits of their labor – forcibly, if necessary, extracted from them – to destabilize the social order that millions of people painstakingly built over many centuries. So, we build the bulldozers they use to destroy thousands of years of Christian civilization. The would-be global dictators are so confident of success that they have openly prepared a written report of about thirty double sided pages detailing their plans for the next 10 years but with a goal of completing them by 2030.

Future of urban consumption?

The report is entitled “The Future of Urban Consumption In a 1.5 Degree Centigrade World.” I have the report here in front of me and I have read it so you don’t have to. But I encourage each of you to read it and share this information with at least one person you love. Do you know what 1.5 centigrade is in our American Fahrenheit world? 34.7 degrees. Yes, that is correct, these people want a world where we live and maintain 34.7 degrees as an average annual temperature to keep the planet from heating up. It is absolute insanity and these people are lunatics, I know. But they are totally dedicated to forcing this plan on us.

Fortunately, the WEF, and the UN are not being secretive about their plans to enslave us. They speak openly, just as tyrants and dictators and those who dream of a world they control have done before. Adolf Hitler wrote of his exact plans while in prison in his book, Mein Kampf. He warned the German people of what he had planned for them, but they elected him chancellor anyway. I pray we will heed the words of our would-be dictators and not make the same mistake the Germans did.

How are they going to get there?

So, how will the WEF and the UN get us to 34.7 degrees? For starters, the average American likes to eat meat and I would wager that you are at least average. So you will be restricted to only 14% on average of the meat you once consumed. After 2030 the goal is no meat at all except some Frankenstein lab grown variety. If there is no meat there is no need for domesticated animals; these beasts are the source of heat anyway. They must be fed and watered and their methane gas and excrement are very bad. So all domesticated animals must go.


That thought is terrifying, isn’t it? No more domesticated animals, no cattle, no horses, no chickens, ducks, or goats. So that means they are going medieval on us. In case you think I’m exaggerating, Ireland has already slaughtered thousands of animals. And in Holland the farmers have overthrown the Dutch Government because it is destroying their farms. Agriculture in general, and farm animals specifically have been targeted around the world. In America, there have been repeated attacks on food production facilities in recent years. Just this week in Texas, an explosion at a dairy farm killed 18,000 dairy cows.

What that means

So just to reiterate after 2030 you will never grill a steak again unless these ambitious people are stopped. Climate change is the justification for all this hellish control of course. It is the excuse for their drive for world domination. What causes climate change? Anything the WEF or UN says causes it. Anything they decide is bad for the planet is a cause and justification for more control by them over us. So, meat, plastics, steel, and many other things will be missing from our new world.

I will admit to being a little nostalgic when I see the geese and ducks on the lake across the street from my house since I have been watching them for 25 years. But my betters say they are bad so goodbye my friends, so sorry. To those of you who choose not to eat meat, eggs, or dairy, you are not exempt from this climate change menace, not if you have a dog or cat, or maybe a little bird. That’s right: no more household pets because all those pets must be fed and that is not necessary. And also quite dangerous in this changing climate.

When Fido is gone, will they heed the warning?

I’m hopeful that missing ole Fido will arouse all those vegans and vegetarians into an army of resistance. But we will see. You are also advised to learn basic sewing like your grandmother did because your access to clothing will be restricted. This is especially distressing because we will be freezing our butts off in 34.7-degree cities. I wonder how Miami will fare with that decree, but the planet must be saved. Each of us will be restricted to 8 new items of clothing per year. After 2030 the goal is three new items per year. Yes, I know you must be thinking these people are insane and you would be correct. But they are also deadly serious and they already control much of the world including much of the United States.

Many fewer children

What about our kids, don’t they outgrow clothing every year? Yes, they do and that is a problem you should not worry about. Because there will be far fewer kids in our future. Birthrates are collapsing across the Western World and that will continue into the future. Vaccines that attack the human reproductive system will continue to be forced through intimidation into the young. So they can no longer reproduce. If you think that sounds like fantasy just look at the Pfizer documents ordered released by a federal judge. You can listen to the words of Dr. Naomi Wolf or watch her videos. She and her team of 3500 were charged with sorting through and cataloging 10’s of thousands of pages of documents in which that company admits attacking the human reproductive system.


Well, at least we will be able to travel in the new world to visit our grandkids, right? I’m afraid not folks, travel will no longer be in your future. The good news is that our new overlords will graciously allow us to take one flight up to 950 miles every two years. Their goal is to get us to the point that we fly only once every three years. By the way they also plan to take your cars away, even the expensive, short range electric cars. After all folks, it’s worth it to get to 34.7 degrees in your city, don’t you think.

No travel, no privacy

How will we get around then? How will we visit our kids 1500 miles away? We won’t because they plan to lock us down and make us so protein deprived and sick that we won’t have the energy to travel. How will they enforce all this? Through central bank digital currency and digital ID of every person on earth. CBDC is not a system of preventing counterfeiting because the government already does that. It is not to prevent drug trafficking, or money laundering. It is, instead, a system of social control and a system of stamping our human resistance to the new global dictatorship.

There will be no privacy in the new world. But unlike the systems under Mao, Stalin, and Hitler, we will not live in fear of our children denouncing us. Digital ID powered by digital currency will record everything you buy and everywhere you go. The saviors of the planet will know whether you are a willing participant in their global dictatorship or a resister. I read of a woman who escaped from North Korea who said that if someone was really good and well behaved that person might be rewarded by being allowed to have a rice cooker.

Heed the warning, and prepare your defense

This new world will most likely be ushered in by some new planetary disaster. Covid was a test case for the new overlords to shut down the entire planet, ruin economies, destroy supply chains, destroy businesses, kill many people and destroy the health of many people. The head of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, said in the last conference that the world is in for a very difficult year. Perhaps they are planning some new pandemic, climate event, ecological disaster, or world war. Any of which can only be solved with their permission.

Archbishop Viganò said that this is a global war and therefore it requires a global defense. People of goodwill must come together from all governments and all walks of life to meet and issue an anti-globalist manifesto which refutes their agenda point by point. People who want to defend traditional Christian society should come to this meeting and act now. The old system of divisions along the lines of political parties must be put aside to solve this problem.


Hold them to the light

The anti-globalist alliance must come together to resist the efforts of what amounts to a combination of the worst dictatorships of all time. There have always been those who lusted for global conquest and control. But now the technology is there to achieve their dream. The final bricks are being laid in the wall as I speak. The people we must fight are the enemies of humanity. So they and their agenda must be held up to the light and exposed.

Millions will accept anything those in authority tell them. Like whipped dogs they do the bidding of their masters. Thanks to decades of schooling and other propaganda they are pawns to be used in the game. So changing their minds will be difficult and perhaps impossible. They see the enemy as having good and pure motivation. Remember, for our young people normal is what you are born into and this new insane world is their normal.

Finally, folks, this seems crazy because it is. But if it is real, and I believe it is, then it is the most important story for humanity since Jesus was on this earth.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,


This is Darrell Castle.

From; appears by permission. – Ed.

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