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Nashville Covenant School shooter’s manifesto leaked!

The manifesto of the Nashville Covenant School shooter leaked today, and proves to be a general woke rant – or does it point to grooming?

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After seven months, the written “manifesto” of the Nashville Covenant School shooter is now published. Somehow, Steve “Louder With” Crowder got possession of it, and this morning he revealed what he had to his listeners. This does not appear to depict any resentment at the school dating from her own attendance there. Instead it shows racial animus – difficult to explain, because the shooter, and her victims, were all white. It also shows that surgical mutilation and hormonal poisoning do not resolve deep-seated psychological issues.

Review of the Nashville Covenant School Incident

On March 27, 2023, Audrey Elizabeth Hale, 28, who also went by the male name “Aiden,” entered the Nashville Covenant School. She actually shot her way in. Then she started shooting almost at once. She killed three pupils, all age 9, including the daughter of the pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church, the school’s patron. Another of the three died when she tried to summon help by triggering a fire alarm. The shooter also killed three adults – the headmistress, a substitute teacher, and a male janitor.

But if that luckless pupil couldn’t summon aid, someone else did. Metropolitan Nashville police responded within ten minutes. Two officers entered the school, made their way with near-military precision along the hallways, and finally heard the sounds of gunfire. They followed the sounds, confronted the shooter, and shot the shooter dead.

Audrey Hale had opted for surgical mutilation and hormonal poisoning to “become” and “man.” As a girl, she also attended the school. In the final moments of her (his?) life, Hale sent an Instagram message to a former basketball teammate. In it, Hale announced an intent to commit suicide. But suicide was only part of her plan. The other part was mass murder.

Metropolitan Nashville police recovered a manifesto from Hale’s body. But one excuse after another, precluded its public release. Police did say she had been planning the attack “for months.”


The Tennessee House briefly expelled two of three members who disrupted their own assembly to call for gun control.

The manifesto

Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit has the details of what happened to that manifesto. Evidently an unnamed judge has the document now. Lawyers for the Nashville Covenant School filed a “motion of intervention” to stop its release. They said its release would compromise the safety of pupils, faculty and staff. Radio talk show host Michel Patrick Leahy filed his own lawsuit seeking release of the manifesto. Whereupon someone threatened to kill him. (Police arrested the one making the threat.)

But streaming show host Steven “Louder With” Crowder had his own undercover team, like those of James O’Keefe’s new Media Group, looking for the manifesto. Today he announced that his “Mug Club” team in Nashville had gotten possession of it – how, he wouldn’t say.

He didn’t stop there.


Beginning at 10:11 a.m. EDT he released this thread:

The manifesto, written in the pages of a school-type composition book, reads in part:

DEATH DAY. Today is the day. The day has finally come. I can’t believe it’s here. Don’t know how I was able to get this far, but here I am.

I’m a little nervous, but excited, too. Been excited for the past 2 weeks.

There were several times I could have been caught, especially back in the summer of 2021. None of that matters now. I’m almost an hour and seven minutes away.

Can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m ready… I hope my victims aren’t.

My only fear is if anything goes wrong. I’ll do my best to prevent [illegible] of the sort. (God let my wrath take over my anxiety.) It might be 10 minutes, tops. It might be 3-7. It’s gonna go quick.

I hope I have a high death count. Ready to die, haha. [Signed] Aiden.

Another page from February 3, 2023, reads as follows:

Kill those kids!!! Those crackers. Going to private fancy schools with those fancy khakis and sports backpacks, with theirmoney

daddies (sic) Mustangs and convertibles. F*ck you, little sh*ts. I wish to shoot [illegible] [obscene] with your mop yellow hair. Wanna kill all you little crackers!!! Bunch of little f****ts with your white privileges. F*ck you f****ts.


Eventually Crowder reported that Station WZTV (Channel 17, Fox Broadcasting, Nashville) authenticated the images he had and shared online.

Crowder quoted this schedule that police also found on Hale’s body:


7:00am – Get dressed [COVERED]

7:05am – 8:55am – [COVERED]

w/ stuffed animals + possessions

9:00am – Eat breakfast at home [home encircled in heart shape]

9:30am – Pack up special belongings in backpack(s)

—9:50am – test knifecor glass breaker (dads old cars)

10:00am – Leave for Royal Range (19-20 min)

10:20am – Gear up + setup guns in trunk (assemble) + get out rest (w/ mags inside)

11:20am – Final video tape (0 min)


11:35am – Leave for Covenant school

12:00pm – Arrive at Covenant (Check parking lot for security)

12:05 – arrive in designated parking space

12:05-12:10 – prepare for attack

12:– – Lock + load all weapons

12:33 [circled] Open fire towards SW entrance

Let massacre begin Time2die [circled] XXX

Reaction and analysis

Elon Musk, owner of X, gave this man-on-the-street diagnosis:

Alex Jones at InfoWars made this statement, which Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit quoted:

The power structure and the Justice Department has tried to suppress the Nashville shooter, the trans woman-to-man who went into the little Christian school and shot those little kids and shot those teachers.

The manifesto was suppressed when it happened and we now have confirmed from insiders it was the Justice Department suppressing it. So the local government is upset about this, the police department, and from sources inside the system, we’ll leave it at that. They have leaked to Stephen Crowder and his investigative unit. They have leaked to them the first three pages of the document, where she talks about wokeness and hating white privilege and all the rest of it.

This is being done to then pressure the government itself to officially of Nashville release the manifesto because it’s reportedly huge, and see how this monster was brainwashed and poisoned by leftist propaganda, reportedly from the sources. She was a total brainwashed leftist on a bunch of psychotropics that love BLM, you name it. Stephen Crowder has the first tranche. We’re told more is going to be coming.

When “more” will come, is not clear. InfoWars released its own story, then another story when Nashville authorities started their investigation into the leak.


This manifesto cannot possibly put Nashville Covenant School pupils, faculty or staff under any greater threat than they already faced. The parts of it that Steve Crowder read out loud do not name any particular teachers or employees. It names the school only briefly, as the immediate target, and says nothing about Audrey Hill’s history at the school. One good reason for her to pick Nashville Covenant School is that, as a former pupil, she knows the floor plan.

But it does monumentally embarrass the American political left, and especially the “woke” left. It consists of extreme cultural Marxist talking points. As such it lends credence to CNAV’s earlier theory that it represented an anti-Christian war.

Rumors are flying that in fact Audrey Hale had a specific target, and made sure to kill the child of that target. But the manifesto, at least in the part Steve Crowder released, doesn’t say that. Its targets, far from specific, are general. Thus it supports Alex Jones’ thesis: the government (and, CNAV understands, Facebook) suppressed it because it embarrasses its fellow travelers.

Did someone else set up the Nashville Covenant School

Brandon Tatum, commenting on the manifesto, declared it inauthentic – not that Audrey Hale didn’t have it in her possession, nor even that she didn’t transcribe it – but that she did not compose it.

This former police officer doubts that anyone would write such a disjointed expository essay as this manifesto proves to be. But that suggests a possibility Tatum does not consider: some person or persons unknown, suborned her to do this deed. And not only suborned, but primed, groomed, trained, armed, and supplied.


What happened in the summer of 2021 that, according to the manifesto, exposed Audrey Hale to possible self-incrimination and arrest? Who taught her the shooting sports, and drilled her to such deadly proficiency? Audrey Hale is dead, and cannot tell us. How convenient!

Who threatened to kill Michael Patrick Leahy when he sued to seek release of the manifesto? Was it some random observer with an undisciplined mind? Or was it a member of the same cadre that produced Audrey Hale’s shooting coach and mentor?

What did the school’s lawyers mean by a threat to pupils, faculty and staff? If the manifesto itself contained no such threat – then did someone else make the threat, to scare them into filing that motion?

Someone, some day, will have to answer those questions. And maybe Donald J. Trump knows, in a general sense, who’s been priming and grooming many such shooters. Proved? No. Possible? Yes.

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