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The masses revolt against the global order

In three separate instances (one civil disorder and two upset elections), the masses are in revolt against the neoliberal global order.

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The masses revolt against the global order, in Ireland, The Netherlands, and Argentina

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 1st day of December in the year of our Lord 2023. I will be talking about three examples coming simultaneously, or at least back-to-back, which indicate that the deplorables are starting to revolt against the global order. They have apparently reached the end of their patience with the neoliberal world order that has been forced on them for decades.

The global order – a definition

What is this neoliberal global order that the masses are starting to revolt against? Mass immigration floods Western countries with immigrants who compete for jobs and drive wages down. They don’t compete with the elite because the elite own the factories, they don’t work in them. They also compete for housing, not in elite neighborhoods, but in the margins. When they are permitted, they vote for people who promise to allow more immigration.

Immigration on a mass scale is a problem but not by any means the only problem. The world created by today’s global ruling elite is difficult and perhaps unsustainable for millions of working people. The governments produce invisible, printing press money like there is going to be no limit or end to it. But they are all on their way to having such unpayable debt that not only can it not be paid, but it also cannot even be serviced.

Something is starting to occur to today’s young and today’s poor. That is that when one generation gets something for nothing the next gets nothing for something. The foreign policies of the elites who run our world have set the rest of the world against them. Military policies and attitudes against other nations have them constantly, perpetually at war. Green energy policies virtually guarantee that the offspring of today’s working people will not have the same freedom and prosperity as older generations.

Mass revolt no. 1: Ireland against the immigrants

The elites, since World War ll, have always been depended on to do good for the masses and run the world responsibly. Well, they have done good, very good, for themselves at the expense of many. Now, the many are growing tired of it all and are starting to revolt. That is the subject of our report today.


Let’s start with Ireland which has been a popular destination for immigrants especially those from North Africa. For many decades Ireland was a country that sent immigrants around the world especially to America, Australia, and New Zealand. The Irish filled the under classes of many cities along the East Coast, especially Boston and New York. But now it’s all different. Currently about 20% of the Irish population is foreign born, thanks to the policies of the elite at the European Union which controls the Irish Government as it does all European governments.

The Dublin riots

The city of Dublin erupted in flames on Thanksgiving Day when an immigrant from North Africa stabbed a women and three children outside an elementary school in the inner city of Dublin. The woman and a five-year-old girl are in serious condition, while the other children have less serious wounds. The people took to the streets and set the city on fire, burning an immigrant hotel to the ground. The usual looting and burning has occurred throughout the city. The attacker was restrained, ironically, by another immigrant and several bystanders. The Irish police seem to be at a loss as to whether he is a hater or just mentally ill.

Many people have been arrested for participating in the riots. But many also view the immigration policies as the real culprit. The pace of immigration seems to be the match that lit the fuse that has been burning for many years. There have been ongoing protests during the last five years in which immigration has intensified under the direction of the EU bureaucrats. Many hotels and guest houses have been converted to asylum accommodations. These compete with the Irish masses but not the ruling elite. The outrage and violence provoked by the school stabbings may have been intensified by the fact that the school is run with the Irish language of Gaelic which probably makes it a center of Irish nationalism. People are trying desperately to retain their heritage, culture, and homeland.

And how does the government respond?

Currently they are expressing their rage through fire and chaos. The Irish government responded by promising more laws against hate speech.

Mass revolt no. 2: the Dutch elections

A recent rebellion has occurred in another European country, although a less violent one. After decades of ridicule, ostracism, and slanderous propaganda Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom, which he founded in 2006, won the Dutch general election with about a quarter of the vote. Geert Wilders has been living under police protection for 19 years because of Muslim threats on his life. But finally he is in the majority at least in the Dutch parliament. He now has the task of forming a government out of all the parties with the Party for Freedom as the majority.


I argue now that his election is not only a popular referendum on immigration but on many other elite special policies as well. His election represents a rejection of the neoliberal elite world order and all its sanctimonious destruction of the Dutch way of life. Climate lunacy, woke lunacy, anti-Russian lunacy and especially the lunatic policies that demanded that 3000 Dutch farms be vacated and their cattle slaughtered. I hope that it is a rejection of the entire European Union and its current drive to end national Sovereignty of member countries and merge them all under the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

The EU steamroller

The EU steamroller is definitely on a roll and seems to be intent on swallowing the individual rights of Europeans. Since the Magna Carta in 1215, individual freedom in Europe has been on an upward trend. A few Hitler years proved an exception, but even Hitler was quickly put down and order restored. Now, it appears that the whole continent will be under the heel of the EU boot. If so, then nothing can stop it short of a Russian victory in Ukraine. That could possibly collapse the EU and NATO.

Mass revolt no. 3: the Argentine election

Now let’s turn our attention away from Europe to another Western nation where the natives appear to be in revolt against the elite order with all its propaganda and media might. Argentina, and its capitol city of Buenos Aires is often referred to as the Paris of the Americas, with its culture, architecture, and cosmopolitan atmosphere. That country, however, has been home to some of the craziest economic experiments in the entire world. The politicians elected for decades have done nothing except create massive unstoppable inflation.

Since the end of World War ll Argentina has averaged 190% inflation per year. Inflation is currently running at about 140% for 2023. This insanity has destroyed the value of the local currency and created great value for the U.S. dollar. This has given rise to widespread black market monetary exchanges. If the people want to preserve value, they must convert to dollars. But as you know those are also subject to inflation.

So, Argentina has been controlled by the same global elite working toward global government or at least global control for many decades. From Juan Peron and his wife Evita to the modern influence of Communists like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez who wielded their influence from Cuba and Venezuela the Argentine people labored under their insane policies.


One can’t help but wonder why the Argentine people cannot overcome the propaganda and try something different.

Enter Javier Milei

Well, now with the election of Javier Milei who will assume the office of president on December 10th they have.

Mr. Milei is consistently referred to in the Western press as far right. But the reality is different, as you might expect. He is a Libertarian and a proponent of the Austrian School of Economics. He has been a university professor in economics and mathematics for 20 years and has never failed to publicly and consistently state his libertarian views. He knows that in the last 100 years individual freedom has been eroded by state power. And he seeks to reverse that.

He knows that government should not be in the banking and money business. So he seeks to abolish the Argentine Central Bank. No issue in Argentina is more important than money. So he intends to replace the peso with the U.S. dollar, which should eliminate the hypocrisy of the black-market exchange. The process of dollarization, he hopes, will limit Argentina’s inflation rate to that of the U, S. Federal Reserve’s choosing.

I would advise caution in dealing with the U.S. and in dollarization. Because as Henry Kissinger, who recently died at the age of 100 once said,


It’s dangerous to be an enemy of the U.S. but it is even more dangerous to be a friend.

Remain neutral, Mr. Milei, that’s my advice. Remain neutral like Switzerland, and don’t become involved in U.S. foreign wars. Especially avoid the U.S. regional coups across South and Latin America.

What else does Milei want?

He says he wants to free market the country with:

  • Sound money,
  • Free banking,
  • Abolition of most regulations, and
  • A large reduction in taxes.

Those policies could make Argentina an investment magnet rather than an investment black hole. It could become like Hong Kong before the Chinese Communists took over. Historically, Argentina has stayed out of large global conflicts, but recently it applied to join the BRICS nations. Milei has said he wants to reconsider that and reorient Argentina towards the U.S. and Europe geopolitically. OK, Javier. Just be careful.

What if his reforms stick and the country stays with them for, oh, say a decade? The result could make Argentina the freest and most prosperous country in this hemisphere and perhaps in the entire world. Argentina has tremendous potential and has been waiting for sanity to emerge. It is rather isolated from large U.S. and European conflicts. It is a giant, geographically, but it only has 45 million people. It has everything in the way of natural resources and climate. The only problem with Argentina has been insane government so maybe that is about to change.

Three cases of mass revolt

In conclusion folks, what does all this radical political change mean for the masses, the rabble, the deplorables of this world? It is a similar geopolitical force as that which elected Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter how you feel about Donald Trump because that is not the issue. He was and is the people’s attempt to assert individual autonomy from the global ruling elite.

Trump, Wilders and Milei, represent the people against Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, the European Union, and the U.S. State Department. The people try to rise from their knees. But as with Trump the power of the almighty and evil global state want to push them right back down. The riots in Dublin represent rage and outrage that the Irish Government, which is simply the Irish branch of global empire, is more concerned that no hate speech be uttered than it is the lives of Irish children. The pent-up emotion of losing their country, their jobs, and their way of life, and even their children, has finally reached the explosive stage.


In sum

Finally, folks: will the reforms of Wilders and Milei stick and transform their nations for the better? Time will tell. But their global masters, and ours, will be hard at work to keep these revolutions contained. You can rest assured about that. Perhaps there has always been only one revolution with bad guys and good guys, and the trick is deciding which is which. I pray they do stick and they become an example of courage for the rest of us.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

This article appeared originally at and appears here by permission. – Ed.

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