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2023 – the post-constitution year

2023 is the year most societies abandoned their constitutions and any semblance of the rule of law, to serve “woke”: instead.

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2023 – the post-constitution year

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday, the 5th day of January in the year of our Lord 2024. This Report will discuss how a group of unelected billionaires and the politicians and global organizations they own have supplanted national governments along with their constitutions and justice systems by cleverly using their vast wealth to destroy Western Civilization and its ideas of individual liberty, thereby moving the world toward more and more authoritarian control.

Obviously, I can’t discuss or even remember all the things that happened last year. But at the risk of criticism for reporting only bad news, I will present as realistic a picture of 2023 and the final billionaire conquest of the Western world as I am able. By the way, the reason I report mostly bad news is that the news is mostly bad. However, I admit that’s just my opinion.

COVID leftover policies from 2019 to 2023

The trend that continued from 2019 through 2023 was the leftover effects of the Covid psyop. I see many people now including those in government who admit that it was all just a psyop although they would never use that term. The world was going along just fine. But then a group of mad men apparently led by the science, Dr. Anthony Fauci, decided to release on the world a virus which they weaponized to make it more virulent and more infectious. According to the work of Dr. Naomi Wolf who examined the Pfizer documents using a team of 3500 professionals, it was nothing less than an attack on humanity and an attack on the ability of humans to reproduce for the billionaires’ insane depopulation agenda.

We were conditioned to believe things would return to normal in 2023. So that all the things resulting from the psyop would seem normal. Instead of normal things got progressively worse. Now tyranny is so ingrained in our system that we do accept it as normal. The show trials and show indictments of thought criminals like Alex Jones and Donald Trump tell us that we should not even expect the rule of law to apply. What some prosecutor “thinks” about you is now enough for a criminal indictment.


Anyone who questions authority is now guilty of misinformation or disinformation. We are told that such speech must be combated, not by historians, but by those in authority. Prosecutors want to fully prosecute all dissenting enemies of the authoritarian state. But the same prosecutors choose to overlook violent crime and its criminals. Which is turning the cities of America into dangerous and fearful places. In this age of controlled media, what one thinks or says is far more important than what he does.


This is at least in part the result of wealth concentration in the hands of a few. I’m not talking about people who have a nice home in the suburbs, but people who control wealth so vast it exceeds the finances of many countries. For example, six mega-corporations now control 90% of U.S. media. That means that the boards of directors led by one person acting as chairman, control everything the average person sees, hears, and reads. It’s no wonder that people accept as gospel everything that comes out of the corrupt authority that controls information.

Year of control

Wealth concentration brings information control and with that control the voices of dissenting people are silenced. The monopolies and interlocking directorships of a handful of enormously rich people put control in just a few hands and those hands work together to control humanity. Even old enemies and competitors like Pepsi and Coca Cola are so interconnected they are no longer competitors, but simply players in the same rigged game.

The ultra rich, the billionaire elite, are behind many if not most of the ills currently plaguing the West in general and America specifically from woke lunacy and gender insanity to lockdowns and unnecessary wars.

So argues bestselling author Hanne Herland in her new book “The Billionaire World”. She traces the world’s major problems back to the billionaire elite and their use of Marxist repression and social engineering. She makes a compelling argument and I highly recommend her book to you. For example, the six corporations that control 90% of media are one of her points of evidence but also the richest 0.01% account for 40% of all political campaign contributions so they control not only the media but the political process and with it the justice system so that the law is simply a weapon to be used to subdue the enemies of those the billionaire elite prefer to have in power.

Some bright spots in 2023

There are a few reasons to think that 2023 was the year in which the culture started to turn against the woke insanity. Woke movies continue to fail at the box office. Bud Light, Target, and Disney continue to feel the weight of the public’s ire at their disrespect for their customers. We must also consider the plight of Harvard’s now former president, Claudine Gay. She was forced to resign the presidency of Harvard, not because of her many examples of plagiarism in the very documents that made her president, not because she was professionally unqualified for the job, but because she would not say publicly that hatred for and attempted murder of her Jewish students was wrong and should not be tolerated at Harvard. The Jewish/Israeli lobby turns out to be more powerful than the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lobby. As Dr. Gay found out.


Claudine Gay forced out at Harvard, and many other such anti-woke events, was simply a rear-guard action by people fighting to keep things as they are. Rear guard actions are typically battles by a smaller force dispatched to cover the retreat of the main body. The main body in our case is still in retreat, however, so we will have to wait to see if it survives. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the rear guard, because the woke army wants to overturn and destroy the entire culture. Just as did the Jacobins in revolutionary France, the Bolsheviks in Russia, and the Red Guards in China.

Common philosophies of the destroyers of culture

Their thinking completely permeates the West and therefore they are potentially as dangerous as the groups I mentioned. They share certain philosophies with the groups I mentioned such as a virulent hatred of free speech, free thought, free markets, and Western tradition. To further the destruction of the things they hate they have weaponized gender, race, and law. These people are puritanical in their insistence upon strict adherence to their ideology. They are not only humorless, but anti humor. Though they portray themselves as the future, in reality, they are just repackaged versions of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler.

They seem to hate humanity because they are in league with those who seek its destruction. They are also dishonest with an arrogant sense of entitlement. Look as examples at the case of the presidents of Harvard, Penn, and MIT. They were all shameful embarrassments. And that they were elevated to such positions demonstrates how serious the rot in the system is. When Claudine Gay, the former president of Harvard, resigned, she could think of no other reason for her troubles than racism. Not her plagiarism, her racism directed toward Jews or the fact that she was unqualified, but racism she alleges was directed toward her. And that is what I mean by a sense of entitlement.

Psychological and spiritual defects

These people and those who support their aberrations have deeply ingrained psychological and spiritual defects in their make-up. Those defects tell you a little about those who control academia, finance, entertainment, and media. But they also completely dominate the political and bureaucratic apparatus of state power. Which means the law is on their side and they control it. It is very hard to resist them especially when those who appear to be resisters don’t really oppose them. When Bud Light, Target, and Disney made certain changes it wasn’t because of any philosophical difference but because they value money more than their beliefs.

I mentioned the Jacobins of revolutionary France as sharing certain beliefs and traits with the wokesters of today. The Jacobins starting in 1789 set out to purge France of its monarchy and its church. Those institutions had controlled France for more than a thousand years. The Jacobins replaced the centralized power of the monarchy and the psychological power of the church with something whose slogan was Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Today we might call it Liberty, Equality, and Democracy, because they wanted the people empowered to make decisions previously made by the monarchy and the church.


Equality is a fiction, in 2023 as in 1789

What they found, however, was the same thing we are finding today. And that is that the second two items of the motto make the first item impossible to achieve. That is that equality and democracy will not permit liberty to exist. The founders of America knew that and that is why they gave us a republic instead of a democracy.

People are inherently not equal. There are always people who are stronger, smarter, faster, more charming, more productive than others. Society, if left somewhat alone, will sort itself into some type of hierarchical structure with the elites on top and the masses at the bottom. The elites are supposed to help the masses by allowing through law and constitution, the formation, writing, and application of the laws which the elite apply equally to all. Ideally, the elites administer justice with sensible law courts rather than lynch mobs. The elites conduct training in universities and trade schools and they make the trains run on time.

Elites in reality

Elites have the power and power corrupts both the mind and the morals. In a modern, powerful empire the elites have acquired so much power that corruption, cheating, stealing, by those who have power to keep and expand it, and by those who seek it, is inevitable. The elites, through their total control of information, turn enough of the population into accomplices to keep them in power and those who matter, in money. For example, we have to build weapons to the tune of $120 billion and give them to Ukraine or no American will be safe. I suppose that most people fail to realize that a portion of the money, their tax money forceable extracted from them, is skimmed off by the elite in Ukraine, but the bulk goes to the elite arms makers right here in America to keep their stockholders and corporate office holders happy.

An artificial belief system

Myths need believers and to perpetuate the myths we the people in the U.S. empire must be kept in line. Through elite control of virtually all institutions we are expected to believe and perpetuate the myths. Or we might be purveyors of misinformation otherwise known as the truth, or worse believers in conspiracy theories. The war on terror, the war on drugs, and the war on poverty, all have to be believed if we are to be kept in line. Terrorists threaten us every day and we must fight them here and abroad or they will kill us. Never mind the violent criminals who inhabit your cities preying on the innocent they are just an illusion created by your own racism.

Genocidal globalists, weaponized migration, weaponized sexualization of children, destruction of identity through isolation, language, family, and culture are all part of the elite’s tactics of keeping us in line. Climate alarmism to the point of hysteria is part of the global elite’s plan to destroy all individual freedom. Now our elite betters tell us that it is actually our breathing that is changing the climate. So unless all but about 1 billion of us stop breathing the planet is doomed.


Conclusion – goodbye 2023

Please keep in mind that the elite have no intention of sacrificing any of their rights and privileges. They demand that we sacrifice. Have no children to save the planet, stop eating meat to save the planet, stop farming to save the planet. And now die all but 10% of you to save the planet, but not us, just you. Once again these are all myths created in the myth factories of the global elite. I wonder if those like George Soros and Bill Gates and their ilk actually believe any of the woke nonsense they expect us to obey. No, they don’t believe it because it is simply a means to an end. They are using unscientific climate alarmism and panic to steal your freedom and ruin your life. Don’t believe the lies and don’t comply with their lies because your freedom and your very lives are at stake.

In conclusion folks, perhaps next week we can look at the wars in Ukraine and Gaza as well as what is likely in 2024 in America and around the world.

Finally, folks, I will close this Castle Report with a quote from Alexander Solzhenitsyn: “Unlimited power in the hands of limited people always leads to cruelty.”

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,


This is Darrell Castle.

From; appears by permission – Ed.

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