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A plot to destroy humanity

Abandoning agriculture, immune overstimulation, alternative lifestyles, child “emancipation,” crime – could all be part of one plot.

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A common thread runs through several recent stories about health policy, family policy, farm policy, and many other policies. Look at only one of these subject areas, and you’ll miss the thread. But look at all of them together, and you’ll see it. The thread is a plot to make humanity less numerous, by attrition if feasible – and by force if necessary. CNAV has discussed some aspects of the plot before – but the time has come to present them together.

How difficult is such a plot to imagine?

Presenting any such plot against humanity runs into a persistent problem: most people cannot imagine anything so awful. For those who can imagine it, the medical establishment has its overarching label: paranoid ideation. Operationally, paranoid ideation refers to an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance, or a sense of persecution. But in most cases, the subject considers himself alone under persecution. In this context, some serious thinkers see a persecution of many by a select few.

The roots of the word paranoid give a clue to the disdain of the establishment for some people. In ancient Greek, the preposition para- means next to, or beside – and the verb noeo means “I think.” (In Greek, the lexical form of a verb is the first-person singular present indicative, not the infinitive.) Thus to call a person paranoid is to say such a person is beside himself and not thinking properly. So that’s the attitude of the establishment toward those who can imagine a plot against humanity – that such imagination is dangerous and places the person literally beside himself.

But that same establishment has a problem. The finding of paranoid ideation becomes untenable when the ideas they label paranoid, have a sound basis in fact. And that goes double when one develops evidence implicating that establishment in the untoward events that form the basis for the ideas in question. That’s the problem we face today.

A playwright anticipates the plot – or at least the cover-up

To show how unreliable “official news” can be, one need only look to a twentieth-century playwright named Patrick Hamilton. He had good reason to think very dark thoughts about his own life, and life in general. In 1932 a car, whose driver was drunk, hit him and dragged him through the streets of London. The experience left him with a limp, paralysis in one arm, and a scarred face. Two years later, his mother killed herself. This information is available (courtesy of the Wayback Machine) from the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas, Austin, Texas.


During this dark period, Hamilton wrote a play that gave its name to a common psychological manipulative practice: Gas Light. Most people remember its 1944 Hollywood film adaptation that George Cukor directed, featuring Ingrid Bergmann, Charles Boyer, and Joseph Cotten. Today, to gaslight someone means to suggest that what that person clearly perceives, that person merely imagined.

Western governments have been gaslighting their bodies politic for decades, but especially in the last few years. In the United States we see this in the “Censorship Industrial Complex,” now the subject of a major lawsuit. (And, of course, a preliminary injunction, now on appeal.) But we’ve seen this also in other countries in Europe, most notably in The Netherlands. Their government proposed closing 3,000 farms, ostensibly to curtail toxic runoff; that government collapsed last month.

With that as background, let us consider certain elements of the plot.

Abandoning agriculture and animal husbandry

We’ve seen measures all over Europe for the abandonment of farming, including dairy farming, and raising of food animals. Two months ago, the Irish considered a measure to slaughter 200,000 cows – to curb the release of methane. That program might be in action, as two in three cattle slaughtered in Ireland turn out to be dairy cows. (Of the Dutch proposal to close 3,000 farms, we’ve already spoken.)

We also hear of a plan to substitute sheet mushrooms for meat – and to make insects a human dietary staple. Meanwhile, Bill Gates, of software fame, buys up farms to idle them. Twenty-two months ago, this same Bill Gates brazenly talked about reducing population “to save the planet.”


(This article at Reuters, purporting to correct an unsavory rumor about Bill Gates’ speech, is a classic example of gaslighting. Patrick Hamilton’s estate should sue for copyright violation.)

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cartez (D-N.Y.) is on record as advocating abandoning animal husbandry for precisely the same reasons. The latest we hear is worse: feeding insects to beef cattle, to make them unappetizing.

Immune system manipulation

The world’s people have heard often about coronavirus, and the coronavirus vaccine. We’ve heard of the things coronavirus vaccines have caused:

  • Myocarditis, leading to heart attacks in young adults – a thing nearly unheard-of before today,
  • Stroke and other ailments from unwanted blood clots, and
  • What the medical profession calls “habitual abortion,” meaning repeated miscarriages.

But that vaccine might not be the worst offender. Dr. Andrew Wakefield famously correlated the Measles-Mumps-Rubella combination with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Today his former profession disavows him – but that does not stop distraught parents from noticing their children abruptly withdrawing from the world within days of receiving that particular combination. (The establishment might want more Autism Spectrum patients, because eligible marriage partners will avoid them.)

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has placed himself in a position to alert people to the dangers of immune system manipulation. He is running for President, and already has earned the honor badge of membership in the Disinformation Dozen. But even he might have missed a correlation he might not have thought to examine. While vaccine schedules have gotten heavier with every passing decade, food allergies have also been rising. Allergists should be paying attention to this rise, but they haven’t. Are they under orders to ignore it? Or do they know the correlation, and cynically calculated that “the common good” requires suppression of it? Here’s one consequence. Perhaps those suddenly allergic to beef, would find the medical establishment setting sheet mushroom and insects before them at table.

The Alternative Lifestyle Alphabet Soup

We turn now to the alphabet soup of “alternative lifestyles.” All have one thing in common: they are inherently anti-procreative. Matt Walsh discovered some strange goings-on at Fox News that are likely all too common. Recall the CEO of BlackRock arrogantly talking about “forcing behaviors.”


The “behavior” that the aptly-named Larry Fink sought to “force” might be more than accepting alphabet-soup adherents. It might include embracing it as a personal lifestyle choice. Why, for instance, have multiple Hollywood actors and especially actresses adopted children from Africa – only to subject them to the surgical mutilation and hormonal poisoning that puts the T into the alphabet soup?

The T part of the alphabet soup is likely the easiest “alternative lifestyle” into which to seduce a child. It is also the most dangerous, not only to the children involved but also to humanity. A child, after such surgical mutilation and/or hormonal poisoning, will never reproduce. Do not hold your breath waiting for in vitro solutions to the obvious problem of non-procreation. Those who have engineered this plot might dangle the prospect of such “reproductive research” to alphabet-soup converts. But it is all a sham. They don’t want anyone to reproduce except themselves.

Abortion – and child marriage

Since Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, political consultants have flooded the media, especially legacy media, with the dire prediction that “reproductive rights” will install a permanent leftist “trifecta” in the federal government. That strikes CNAV as more gaslighting. Red States outnumber blue States, and already “abortion tourism” becomes more difficult. But that still leaves the “blue States” adopting more extreme regimes. Thus far none has adopted a full-on infanticide permission, but that might come.

California provides the worst example to date. California does not yet have a minimum age of marriage. Recently its legislature considered one – but then Planned Parenthood (Abortion Central) and the American Civil Liberties Union opposed it. Why? Their rationale is jaw-to-the-floor amazing – that many children are perfectly capable of consenting to marriage. Technically U.S. law considers child marriage a human-rights violation in certain Middle Eastern and other cultures. But the left wants it legal here – part of a plot to abolish the very concept minor. Don’t expect them to make sales of cigarettes to minors legal – they want to make sales of cigarettes even to adults illegal. Rather, they want more customers for the abortion mills – and the surgical mutilation and hormonal poisoning clinics.

Crime and currency substitution – together?

Finally, as everyone knows, crime is out of control in America’s largest cities. Darrell L. Castle noticed that the week before last. Oakland, California is one of the worst trouble spots – and even the NAACP in Oakland is now protesting.


The letter speaks of the crisis in – or absence of – public safety, and then speaks of some ways to solve the problem. The solutions they ask for, are attempts to address one problem they won’t name: fatherlessness. After decades of declaring men, especially fathers, superfluous, they are reaping the whirlwind.

But to dismiss their complaints by saying, “You get what you vote for,” would be worse than too easy. Mr. Castle noticed something else: George Soros funded the campaigns of several prosecuting attorneys who won’t prosecute. Those candidates ran on platforms promising social, not traditional, justice, as if crime happens only to “the other guy,” or worse, “The (White) Man.” As the authors of that protest letter, now know, that’s not true. Crime affects their community, and hurts everyone, not merely the immediate victims.

But Actor James Woods made one connection even Mr. Castle missed: crime diminishes the value of cash. Merchants won’t accept it, and will embrace electronic transactions. Which makes everyone easier to control.

Someone replied that maybe the prosecutors have focused on social justice.

That, said Woods in reply, is a smokescreen.


That’s just a smokescreen. They couldn’t care less about social justice in actual fact. That mantra is used to cover policies designed to devalue currency. The result is crime chaos and crime devalues currency. Ask who is the biggest currency speculator in modern history? James Woods, in reply (post deleted)

Well, whether those prosecutors care about social justice – or not – George Soros, their financier, definitely doesn’t care.

Some admit the plot

Three weeks ago, this same Darrell Castle caught Vice-President Kamala Harris letting the cat out of the bag.

Three months ago, Vladimir Putin forbade 500 nominal Americans to enter his country. Many of them are copacetic with the depopulation plot, and Putin knows it.

More to the point, Elon Musk has identified a chief suspect in the plot – George Soros.

Now: does everything revealed here, constitute actionable information? That depends on the action one contemplates. Does it constitute sufficient evidence to hale someone into court for crimes against humanity? That’s doubtful. But: does it constitute sufficient intelligence to encourage people to step aside from established society, and build a new one? Yes.


The Parallel Society and Economy are now essential to the life and health of humanity, and individual humans. This definitely means abandoning telecommunications services that censor any discussion of these plot elements. But it also means abandoning any way these elements might affect you, and supporting things that compete with these elements. In short:

  • Support your local farmer, rancher, and dairy operator.
  • Embrace “alternative medicine,” and natural diets.
  • Rediscover our Christian roots, and, where possible, make common cause with those who support a life-giving agenda.
  • Support family, adult marriage, and child-rearing.
  • Vote for officials who will do their jobs.

More important than trying to identify and prosecute the plotters, is making sure their plot will fail.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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Donald R. Laster, Jr

When looks at the history of what is called the “Left” the extermination agenda is clearly visible. Look at what the Bolshiviks, ,NAZI, Socialist, and other “Left” groups have been doing for more than a century to get rid of those the consider undesirable. Then look at what has been done going back hundreds of years. When one looks behind the proverbial curtain the extermination agenda is obvious.


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