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Obama birth certificate fraud



The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid? The Birther movement still matters, for the precedent.

The Obama birth certificate is a forgery. Furthermore, Obama’s draft card is another forgery. Now a sheriff has said it before the world.

Obama birth certificate evidence

This afternoon, at 1:00 p.m. MST, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, released his findings. Last April, the White House published a PDF file that purported to show the long-form Obama birth certificate. That did not satisfy critics of the man now holding office as President (hereafter abbreviated TMNHOAPOTUS). Two hundred fifty of them wrote to the sheriff and demanded an investigation. Their grounds: if Obama has not shown and cannot show that he is a natural-born citizen, then he would be ineligible to appear on a ballot for Presidential Electors from the State of Arizona.

So Joe Arpaio convened his “Cold Case Posse” of retired law-enforcement officers and lawyers with law-enforcement experience. Their assignment: find out whether the Obama birth certificate is genuine or not. According to Joe Arpaio and posse officer Mike Zullo, they fully expected to validate the Obama birth certificate, not disprove it. But they found problems with it almost at once.

The Obama birth certificate document has nine separate layers. Apologists for TMNHOAPOTUS  insisted that the layers came about when the White House optimized the document. They did this, so the theory goes, so that people could download a small-enough version of it without crashing the White House server. The problem: the posse tried to re-create the process. They printed out a long-form birth certificate (without the “green safety paper” background), scanned it, and added back the safety-paper texture. They did not get the same layers that the Obama birth certificate document has. Nor did they see the “white halos” that surround every character in the White House document.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, latest to investigate the Obama birth certificate

Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ.

They then realized another problem with the document: each layer is an image of text. The “text” that appears in the document is not machine-readable. Therefore, no one used any optical character recognition software to produce that document. To prove this, the posse produced a document using their own OCR program. They got machine-readable and even editable text.

From this they realized that the Obama birth certificate document is a forgery. At today’s press conference, they said that it was not only a forgery but a poorly done forgery.


Nor is this the only damning evidence. Zullo also said that a Selective Service System card issued to Barack H. Obama II is also a forgery.

The most stunning thing that Zullo and Arpaio said concerned the travel record of Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, Obama’s mother. The official story is that Mrs. Obama flew back to the United States and had her son in a hospital in Honolulu, HI. The posse asked the National Archives for records of persons entering the United States from Kenya in 1961. No record exists of a Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, or any woman with a similar name, returning to the USA from Kenya. But more to the point: the records of returnees from August 1, 1961 through August 9, 1961 inclusive, are missing. This nine-day gap recalls the infamous Eighteen-and-a-half-minute Gap on one of many seven-inch reel-to-reel tape recordings that President Richard M. Nixon made. Ironically, he made those recordings while trying to hide his involvement in the infamous burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at Washington’s Watergate Hotel in the summer of 1972.

In addition:

  1. They accused officials of the Hawaii Department of Health of deliberately withholding information from them and from other investigators.
  2. They have identified a “person of interest” in their effort to figure out who created the Obama birth certificate file. They will not say who their POI might be, or who employs him, or how, if at all, he connects to Obama.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio also announced that the United States Congress might have to investigate further. He called on TMNHOAPOTUS to “please help us” by giving any information that could still show that the Obama birth certificate is genuine.

How the press have reacted produced the press conference and the video captures below. WND reporter Jerome Corsi, who has written extensively on the Obama birth certificate controversy, also spoke at the conference. WND offered this page as a place to apply for a copy of Arpaio’s findings. CNAV tried several times to apply to receive the report. The results were not promising and suggested that WND‘s servers cannot cope with the requests it is receiving. (WND promises to make several videos of the press conference, each 15 minutes long, available at that address tomorrow morning.)

WND invited members of mainstream press organs to attend. Several did. But they reacted in anger, not at the idea that the White House produced a fraudulent document, but at Sheriff Arpaio and his posse. Most of them demanded to know whether they meant to accuse Obama of the forgery, and how they could say such a thing. In answer, Arpaio and Zullo denied that they accused anyone, and said that they had (thus far) no evidence to suggest that Obama took part in “manufacturing” an “electronic file.” They did say that the file is not genuine, and therefore is a fraud, and they will investigate further to find out who created it and why.


Two alternative organs as well as WND published, respectively, a report and an editorial saying that the only way to stop the fraud was with the people’s vote this fall. Brian Montopoli at filed this report, but devoted half his space to attacking Arpaio’s record as sheriff and accusing him of seeking publicity. Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baier mentioned the Arpaio news conference only briefly, with a short clip from the news conference. For Fox News Channel, this is a burial. Had Fox considered this story important, they would have introduced it with their trademark “Fox News Alert” graphic and fanfare. They did not. (Fox News preoccupied itself all day with remembering conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, who died this morning under mysterious circumstances.)

How others have reacted

Nick Purpura is the lead plaintiff in the only case against the health care reform bill that mentioned Obama’s eligibility to hold his office. He and co-plaintiff Donald R. Laster Jr never argued that Obama was born anywhere other than in Hawaii. Instead they argued, and still insist, that Obama is not a natural-born citizen because his father was a British colonial subject.

Today Purpura watched the conference on a live stream. “Wild,” he said, and added:

This calls for a RICO complaint. We should name [Senate Democratic Leader] Harry Reid and [former Speaker, now House Democratic Leader] Nancy Pelosi, as aiding and abetting fraud. They have stolen the office of President of the United States, and here is the proof.

A ranking New Jersey Tea Party activist did not hear about the press conference until CNAV reached her for comment. She expressed no surprise, either with Arpaio’s findings or the lack of coverage.


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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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I think Joe Arpaio is just trying to distract from his failure to investigate and arrest child molesters.
Check out these links if you’ve the patience.

link to

link to

I live in Maricopa, and I am not a fan of Arpaio. I imagine next election his litany of mistakes and probably crimes will cost him enough votes that he loses. And good riddance, I say.

I believe that we’ve’ entered a new phase. At this point, some politicians, high profile people and even some media will sense where the political wind is blowing. They will come out of their complacent Obama deception charading woodpiles and attempt to save face for themselves, for having been part and parcel of the disgraceful and shameful cover-up.

Finally, I can’t help but think that in the coming weeks, the most used room in the White House will be the Obama laundry room. Taxpayers will have to shell out for new washing machines.

Fergus Mason

“Apologists for TMNHOAPOTUS insisted that the layers came about when the White House optimized the document.”

Oh FFS. If the document really was a forgery, and the forgers wanted to conceal layers, they’d simply have saved it as a JPEG. This is desperate. I probably don’t like Obama any more than you do, but all this “birther” rubbish is just pathetic.

Ian Lister

The man is under multiple investigations for, essentially, being a racist and you blindly accept his word? You’ve just fallen off the sanity wagon into pure conspiracy theorist.

Obama is your president and will re-elected in November. You’d better learn to live with it.

Fact Checker 2012

The reason even Fox didn’t cover this in depth is no one serious gives any weight to these accusations. Other analyses have come to the opposite conclusion on artefacts in the birth certificate file, but surely the most compelling argument against these conspiracy theories is a rational assessment of the circumstances of the President’s birth.

The President was born in a hospital in Hawaii, his birth was registered normally and two (yes two) local newspapers at the time carried the birth announcement. Do you believe those announcements were retrospectively faked too?

If not, what else are you suggesting? A 47 year conspiracy to make a foreign born baby President? Why would anyone do that, and at such long odds of success?

It can’t, by the way, be about getting US citizenship for the young Obama. He’d get that automatically by being born of a US citizen mother.

Sorry, but a bit of common sense is needed here.

Nathan M. Bickel

Fact Checker 2012 says: Re: Your March 2, 2012 at 4:48 am comment:

People such as yourself, continue to be an embarrassment to our US Constitution.. It’s irresponsible people, such as yourself, who have participated in allowing this Obama tragedy to scourge our country in the first place! The continued ridicule of patriotic Americans, who love our US Constitutional Republic, is getting old.

Rather, you should be ashamed of yourself, but, apparently, you are not, as you continue the (old) familiar liberal extremist mantra bigotry “birther” rant. You and your type, are CTDAS – “Conspiracy Theorists of Denial, Arrogance and Silence” over Obama’s deceptions. You are part and pacel of the people crowd to be pitied for your compliance to this whole Obama charade. With all the evidence against Obama, people like you make yourselves out to be the sick puppies. You and others are like the people in the Hans Christian Anderson parable, “The Emperor with no Clothes.” You mesmorize yourselves blind, to what is obvious.

Patriotic people of this country no longer want a bogus “president.” Obama is no more of a legitimate president, than the man in the moon. Unworthy political leaders, media and courts allow this phony politician to continue acting as a legitimate president. Simply put, Obama is not a natural born citizen, of which is one of three major requirements to hold the office of US Commander-in-Chief.

Finally, to suggest that Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation is illegitimate, – that, insinuation, of itself, is lower than a snake’s belly, allegation (charge). I would suggest that you need to check into the nearest mental health clinic, – or, take a reputable college logic and US Constitutional course. That might be cheaper than getting a [another] life…..


The birth cirtificate issue has been around far to long. I don’t care if you believe his documentation is authentic or not what I do care about is why the only governmental body who has the authority and obligation to investigate this issue has done nothing more than look the other way.
Congress has used special investigators to investigate Richard Nixon for spying on his election competition, they did the same to investigate Bill Clinton for of all things extra marital affairs both offenses most in Washington are guilty of.
Now we have a possible serious violation of our Constitution and nothing? How far would this have gone if congress had done it’s job in the first place? That is the real issue here, the comeplete and total dereliction of duty by the very people we elect to represent us and uphold constitutional law.
What we have now is a president who is questionable on his ability to legally govern. A system that possibly failed to qualify this president prior to the campain and election. A congress that failed on it’s responsiblity to the people who elected them. Remember that during the campain and the election congress was democrat controlled. There are no politics injested there only a fact.
Let us say for conversation that after the 2010 election congress did investigate and for sake of discussion that the president is found ineligible what happens to every bill he signed, every executive order, they become null and void and this country has never had that happen and would have a very hard time dealing with that kind of embarassment both here and also on foreign relations.
What do you do when the prosecution of violations is overshadowed by the harm or damage done by that very prosecution?
My political affiliations aside the results of an investigation into our president I have mixed feelings on. The investigation of our elected officials who denied their responsiblity to the Constitution and the people who elected them and their removal from office I would cherish.

Fergus Mason

“Now we have a possible serious violation of our Constitution”

No you don’t. What you have is a small number of people who don’t like Obama because he’s a funny colour and who’re willing to snatch at any conspiracy theory, however wild, that offers the illusory hope of getting rid of him. Why not try to find an electable Republican candidate instead, rather than the current freak show?

James K

I think the fact that you have people registering court cases that Obama can’t be President because he’s a “mulatto” speaks volumes for the underlying motives of the birther movement.

I just wish they were brave enough to come out and say it.

link to

[…] the regular commenter who asked why TMNHOAPOTUS did not release a Joint Photography Expert Group (JPEG or JPG) image of the Obama […]


I think this is another sign of the new whiny crybaby politics. Anyone remember the “Bush military service controversy” that was an attempt to win the election after the fact by disqualifying the candidate.

Racism has just kept it alive. Joe is a corrupt shrieff under nurmours investigation trying to distract people from the real issue. Sheriff Joe Arpaio belongs in prison for his history of abuse of power, misuse of funds and numerious other betrayals of his job.


It is a sad day when we cannot question our elected officials. What happened to checks and balances. Just the other day my friend tried to get her drivers license and was met with very rigerous documentation requests, six items were requierd to get a drivers license. One of them being a certified copy of her birth certificate. I don’t think it so unreasonable to have a certified copy of ones birth certificate to run for POTUS. What is the big deal to show a certified copy with the Hawaiian seal on it? The constitution was written to protect our rights and liberties as citizens. By the way Mr. Obama is a citizen just like us and must show his documentation. What is the big deal?

When we live in fear of questioning our elected officials, then we have lost our freedom. When we are ridiculed into believing we cannot question the officials we elect to uphold the law of the land then we better regain control over our government. No matter who is in office.

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud […]

[…] that same birth certificate that Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ, and many others, have proved a […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud […]


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