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Obama birth certificate fraud analysis



The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid? The Birther movement still matters, for the precedent.

Hillary Clinton started the Obama birth certificate story. It did not start with any conservative opponent of Barack H. Obama. And it has never gone away since. Obama has wasted every opportunity to show a legally satisfactory document and solve the mystery. Instead, the White House released a manufactured computer file with discrepancies that make it unacceptable.

How the Obama birth certificate story began

On April 27, 2011, the White House released the now-famous PDF file of the Obama birth certificate. On that same day, The Daily Telegraph (London, England) published this report and timeline to show who started it. It was not any conservative opponent of The Man Now Holding Office As President (TMNHOAPOTUS). (The New York Times suggested that, and L. Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center gave them the lie.) It was Hillary Clinton. And she started it during the 2008 campaign.

The story came from “an anonymous e-mail” that “supporters of Hillary Clinton” sent around. According to their story, Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, lived in Kenya with her then-husband, Barack Hussein Obama, Senior, until late in her pregnancy. She waited too late to travel by air, so she stayed in Kenya and had her baby there. She traveled to Hawaii with young Barack Obama after his birth, and registered his birth in Hawaii. Hawaiian laws allow this sort of thing.

In June of 2008, the Obama campaign released a short-form “Certification of Live Birth” saying that Obama was born at Kapiolani Maternity Hospital, Honolulu, HI, on 25 August 1961. But that did not satisfy the critics. In October of 2008, Mr. Phil Berg of Pennsylvania filed the first of many “birther lawsuits” saying that Obama should not appear on the Pennsylvania ballot because he was not born in the United States and hence was not eligible. (Also in October, officials at Kapiolani Hospital said that the law would not let them release the long-form Obama birth certificate, but a senior administrative physician had looked at it and said that it was in order.)

The courts did not hear the case, and the election took place. But the controversy never truly died. At least two US military officers have faced court-martial for refusing deployment to Afghanistan. Each officer said that they would accept no orders from TMNHOAPOTUS, because he was not truly President. Also, more attorneys filed more lawsuits alleging fraud in the Obama birth certificate matter.

(This might or might not be significant, in light of recent events. In January of 2011, members of the web site Free Republic openly speculated that Hillary Clinton had struck some sort of Faustian bargain with Obama, to drop the Obama birth certificate matter in exchange for her appointment as Secretary of State. Nothing came of that speculation. But why, then, did former President Bill Clinton suddenly start heckling Obama from the sidelines over the Keystone XL pipeline?)

In March of 2011, Donald Trump said that he had doubts about the Obama birth certificate. In April, Michele Bachmann pledged that, if she became President, she would publish her long-form birth certificate as her first act in office. Such was the context in which the White House released the PDF document showing what looked like a long-form birth certificate in the name of Barack Hussein Obama, II.

Obama birth certificate: the evidence

That document has never satisfied the critics. An amateur investigator took the file, opened it in Adobe Illustrator, and found multiple layers. Some of those layers seemed to hold “strike-over” characters. Furthermore, the typefaces of those characters did not match those of the rest of the document.

The PDF file shows a document printed on “safety paper.” Specifically, it looks as if:

  1. Someone printed this document on plain white paper.
  2. Someone else bound that plain white paper document in a book.
  3. More recently, someone else opened the book to that page and made a photostatic copy of the page.
  4. The copy device printed the copy on safety paper.

This process could make an image like that in the PDF file. But the black characters, including the form lines, the block-letter instructions, and the handwritten or typed entries, have white halos around them. The safety-paper texture never touches any of the black characters and form lines.

The Maricopa investigation

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, latest to investigate the Obama birth certificate

Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ.

About a month after the White House released the PDF file, two hundred fifty Tea Party activists in Maricopa County, Arizona, petitioned Sheriff Joe Arpaio to investigate. They complained that if Obama were not eligible to have his name on a ballot for Arizona Presidential Electors, the people of Arizona had the right to know this as soon as possible.

Joe Arpaio has a reputation for saving taxpayers’ money, and for a no-nonsense approach to law enforcement and corrections. (Think tent prisons, pink underwear for inmates, cutting off coffee and cable television, et cetera.) As he explained to WND (formerly World Net Daily, now an initialism), he was skeptical, and not willing to spend taxpayers’ money on an investigation. But long ago he had set up a “Cold Case Posse” of retired law-enforcement officers and lawyers with law-enforcement experience. They would examine evidence, without charge, in cases that Arpaio’s office had never solved. They were the perfect investigative unit for a case of this kind.

They began their investigation expecting to validate the Obama birth certificate. Instead they found the same multiple layers and white halos that the amateurs had found. They then tried to reproduce those layers in one of two ways that apologists for TMNHOAPOTUS said could have produced them:

  1. By optimizing the file for a wide release that would not crash the White House server, or
  2. By entering a simpler document into an optical character recognition (OCR) program.

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Neither method worked. Treating the file for OCR would have produced machine-readable and editable text. The Obama birth certificate file does not have this, but has only the image of text. (Ironically, editable text would have invalidating the document anyway, for who could tell what edits anyone had made?) Optimization would not have produced the white halos. The posse said of this that someone had added the safety-paper texture in the computer, not by using any off-line copy device.

The posse then sought to show exactly when Stanley Ann Dunham Obama has re-entered the country to have her baby in Hawaii, as Obama has always claimed. From the National Archives they asked for and got readable microfilm records of people entering the country from Kenya in 1961. Records of entries from Kenya between August 1 through 9, 1961 inclusive, are missing. That is the most sensational piece of evidence that the Cold Case Posse released yesterday. Not the discrepancies in the Obama birth certificate document, not even that apologists for Obama cannot explain them, but a nine-day gap in official travel records.

Where the case now stands

Sheriff Arpaio presented his findings yesterday at a press conference that ran for an hour and twenty-three minutes. During that conference, he suggested that Congress ought to investigate this matter further. WND covered that conference, and still promises releases of the full conference, in 15-minute intervals, at this page. At the time of this post, they have embedded a nine-minute interview with Sheriff Arpaio after the press conference.

To reply to certain critics who have objected to CNAV‘s coverage of the press conference yesterday evening:

Yes, Sheriff Arpaio has sought to enforce US immigration law, as US immigration authorities have failed to act. He has decided that removing unlawful residents from his county will decrease crime in that county.

To the regular commenter who asked why TMNHOAPOTUS did not release a Joint Photography Expert Group (JPEG or JPG) image of the Obama birth certificate, instead of a multilayered PDF file: Why don’t you ask the White House? CNAV has known from the first that the Obama birth certificate PDF file was not only a forgery but an amateurish one. Either TMNHOAPOTUS is deliberately playing games with his detractors, or else he is exhibiting the same incompetence that has marked his administration since his very inauguration.

As to “multiple investigations” of Sheriff Arpaio for “being a racist”: When a law-enforcement officer enforces a criminal law that members of a certain race happen to break in numbers out of proportion to their numbers in the population, that is not racist. Si usted no puede hacer el tiempo, no cometa el crimen. Furthermore, the commenter should ask why the Attorney General of the United States has implicated himself in a deliberate scheme to “throw down” assault weapons in Mexico to justify, or excuse, “gun control” in the United States. That Attorney General should look at Sheriff Joe, then look in the mirror, and then ask himself whether Sheriff Joe could ever think that his own moral stature is at the mercy of the actions of Eric Holder or anyone else in the Obama administration. (With apologies to Ayn Rand.)

To the commenter who cited the two birth announcements and asked how likely any conspiracy could be: Newspapers never “vet” birth announcements. They accept announcements from the parents. (Did you think that reporters constantly cover the “Labor and Delivery Beat” to gather information for birth announcements? In 1983, your correspondent served for four weeks in the Labor and Delivery Suite of the Jefferson Davis Memorial Hospital in Houston, Texas, as a clerk in obstetrics, while a student at Baylor College of Medicine. Never once did he or anyone else have to deal with a reporter from The Houston Post or The Houston Chronicle asking for birth information.) Therefore if someone wants to tell a little fib about where the baby is born, no one will ever check this out. The papers don’t have time for that. (And no, natural-born citizenship does not flow automatically from mother to son. A natural-born citizen is one born in-country to two citizen parents.) As to “a 47-year conspiracy to make a foreign-born baby President”: Actually, a year-long “conspiracy” to alter documents after the fact is far more believable. As mentioned, birth announcements, or even the lack of same, mean absolutely nothing. Such records are never, never official.


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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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James K

“Hillary Clinton started the Obama birth certificate story”

And then realised how stupid, insane and unbelievable the whole thing was, even as an electioneering ploy, and dropped it.

If this was about the birth certificate, then why did the focus change immediately to “natural born citizen” when it was produced? The only person who claimed the certificate was a forgery was Jerome Corsi, and that’s because he had a book to sell. And know I see he’s been fired from his job for making stuff up.

makes you think, doesn’t it?

M. Aire

“No, James K. She cut a Faustian deal with TMNHOAPOTUS.”

That doesn’t make any sense. Is Clinton Faust in your analogy? Wouldn’t that deal have made *her* President? Or is Obama Faust, which would mean Clinton has untold levels of power and influence?

M. Aire

Or more likely you used the phrase “Faustian” without any clue what it actually means.


No, a Faustian bargain is a deal with the Devil, not just a ‘bad’ deal in which one party is cheated or dishonest. For Clinton to make a Faustian bargain with Obama implies that one of them is the Devil, or at least actively evil and plotting the destruction of the other. Perhaps you should use ‘raw deal’ unless you actually mean to imply that Obama was Satan incarnate in the first instance but has given up that position to Clinton.

I believe that we’ve’ now entered a new phase. At this point, some politicians, high profile people and even some media will sense where the political wind is blowing. They will come out of their complacent Obama deception charading woodpiles and attempt to save face for themselves, for having been part and parcel of the disgraceful and shameful cover-up.

Finally, I can’t help but think that in the coming weeks, the most used room in the White House will be the Obama laundry room. Taxpayers will have to shell out of their hard earned tax monies for umpteen more new cases of soap and bleach.

My question is: “How many new washing machines will be worn out before Obama permamenly exits the White House?”


BREAKING NEWS: Obama is actually two twelve-year-old Cambodian boys in elaborate disguise. Proof to be revealed when laughable evidence is fabricated.


He’s a natural born American. Someone you don’t like got elected. Get over it already.

James K

Pastor Bickel

To answer your last question first, at least another 4 years, given that the people the GOP are putting up against Obama aren’t qualified to run a car wash, let alone a country.

To answer your first statement, not going to happen. Dear old Sheriff “I hate them Chicanos” is hardly a qualified forensic auditor, and is only doing this to grab the headlines one last time, before going down for his own wrongdoings.

Or maybe Obama will have him killed, like Breitbart.

M. Aire

“Oh, I know exactly what a Faustian bargain is. It’s when one party gets a rotten deal and doesn’t realize it until much later, or when one party goes into the deal and swears to keep it, but with his fingers crossed.”

What in God’s name are you talking about? Faust was an intelligent man who grew bored with the limits of human knowledge, and submitted to eternal damnation for power and wisdom beyond that which he could obtain on his own. The phrase “Faustian” does not imply a deal tainted by deception, it is one in which the dealmaker is willing to sacrifice the good in themselves to obtain their goal, in a broad sense, selling your soul to the devil. For all his evil, the devil in this case meets the terms of the agreement. In the actual legend, in the tellings I’ve heard anyway, Faust knows exactly what Mephistopheles is up to, and in the end is taken to hell as per their arrangement. How this can be applied to Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, or “honor among thieves” I haven’t the slightest idea.

I think this is worth bringing up because it is yet another example of faux-intellectual conservatives like yourself using phrases that sound ominous without regard to their actual definition, like “socialism.”

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud analysis […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud analysis […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud analysis […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud analysis […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud analysis […]

[…] Obama birth certificate fraud analysis […]


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