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Obama birth certificate details



Alleged long form birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama

Jerome R. Corsi came back to New Jersey yesterday. He shared with more than 200 Tea Party activists the details of the Obama birth certificate and other missing or doctored Obama records. He boldly told the crowd that Barack H. Obama is not and can never be eligible to be President. He called for an unspecified officer to serve a writ of quo warranto, not only on Obama, but on Joe Biden also.

What is wrong with the Obama birth certificate?

Dr. Corsi shared his evidence with Americans for Liberty, one of two Tea Party groups based in Morris County, New Jersey. The meeting took place at the Masonic Lodge, 39 Maple Avenue, Morristown, NJ. About 235 people attended, enough to fill the main lodge almost to overflowing. Event organizer and local radio talk-show host Dan Haggarty quipped that the room “looks like a courtroom.”

Jerome R. Corsi, the most tireless Obama birth certificate investigator in the press.

Jerome R. Corsi, PhD. Photo: CNAV.

Corsi spoke for about 52 minutes before replaying two videos from WNDtv, each holding an interview he did with a key witness in the Obama eligibility matter. He spent much of his time demonstrating key flaws in the Obama birth certificate document. The White House released this document on April 27, 2011. Those flaws are:

  1. The far-right digit “1” in the large, boldface number “10641” in the upper right-hand corner is pixellated and lighter in color than the digit “1” in the ten-thousands place.
  2. The statement at the bottom that attests that the certificate is authentic, misspells the word “THE” as “TXE.”
  3. The Hawaii registrar, Alvin T. Onaka, PhD, seems to have indulged in uncharacteristic whimsy: he turned the capital A in his first name to a “smiley face.” That, said Corsi, might be a “forger’s signature,” of a kind that forgers sometimes use to distinguish their “work.” (That pride is the worst enemy of any forger, is proverbial among law-enforcement officers worldwide.)

CNAV confirmed these three flaws, and noticed two more that Corsi did not mention:

  1. The far-right digit “1” in the stamped date “AUG -8 1961” is noticeably darker than the other characters mentioned. (That the date stamp renders “08” as “-8” might  have been the custom in 1961. Or it could be a typographical error.)
  2. The “safety paper texture” in the upper left-hand corner of the Obama birth certificate does not “curve” with the rest of the document. Whoever build this file wanted to simulate a photostatic copy of a page out of a book. In that case, all the horizontal lines of the “safety paper” should bend with the characters and form lines. Instead, one green safety-paper texture line bends with the top edge of the apparent book page. All other horizontal lines stay straight and do not bend at all. Furthermore, the vertical safety-paper lines do not move closer together as they should in the “bent” part of a photocopy of a page out of a book.

Add to it that the entire file has the safety-paper texture, including the margins of the document, which ought to be plain white or light gray if this were a photocopy of a page in a book printed on green safety paper.

Corsi then opened the Obama birth certificate document in Adobe’s Illustrator program. The document opened into nine layers. The green safety-paper texture, and only that texture, occupied the ninth and last layer. The other eight layers each held parts of the Obama birth certificate document, including character groups that a user could move, resize, rotate, or distort at will.

Tellingly, the large but pixellated digit “1” on the certificate number sat on a layer separate and apart from the rest of the number. That shows that the last digit is a strike over.

Corsi is not the first person to notice the many layers of the Obama birth certificate document. At least two other observers independently noticed the same thing.



The above evidence, together with a suggestion that the certificate number is out of sequence, shows that the Obama birth certificate document is not a scan of a paper document. Instead, someone built this PDF file to look like a photocopy out of a book. But if he meant to show that someone photocopied the Obama birth certificate onto safety paper, why did one horizontal line follow the curvature of the top edge of the document while the rest stayed parallel and straight?

But Corsi also observed that the Obama birth certificate file “is not only a forgery but a bad forgery.” To explain this, Corsi quipped that one working in the White House does not advertise for an experienced forger. One activist asked Corsi whether the document was a “set-up.” Corsi reminded him that too many other documents, besides the birth certificate, are doctored or missing.

He also returned to a theme he sounded in his book, Where’s the Birth Certificate? that he wrote before the White House released the Obama birth certificate document. He said that the people must remove Obama from office. But he added:

  • Impeachment is not the remedy. One does not impeach a civil officer who was never qualified to hold the office. Corsi suggested instead that someone serve a writ of quo warranto on Obama. The writ of quo warranto (Latin, “by what warrant”) asks its target by what authority he holds his office.
  • Joe Biden, now holding office as Vice-President, is not qualified, either. The reason: the entire election of 2008 was invalid.
  • Removing Obama and Biden from office negates their every act as President and Vice-President. This includes every bill that Obama signed, every appointment he made, and any promise he made to a foreign power, or the United Nations.

More to follow…


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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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While I have no doubt that the April 27 Obama “Birth Certificate” is a fraud, the fact that the printed lines near the margin curve where the lines in the safety paper margin do not is not evidence of fraud at all unless it could be proved that the original certificate was itself issued on safety paper. The evidence is that it was not as the images of the Nordyke twins (born at the same hospital and week as Obama claims to have been) BCs show no safety paper background.

My understanding is that the copies issued by Hawaii are microfilm images TRANSFERRED to safety paper. (E.g. the original image is in a computer and they load the printer with safety paper.) So the printed lines and the safety paper should not exhibit the same curl.

The simplist demonstration of fraud is to magnify the WH pdf six times and observe the different sized pixels in the area of the signatures (and other places too). This simply does not happen in a single scan of a single document. (And it didn’t happen with the supposed lawyer letters released the same day and time by the same office!)


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