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Operation Restoring Freedom – go nuclear



Washington at prayer - a nuclear option for a non-nuclear age. Washington would have later reason for thanksgiving. His is an example of exceptional statesmanship.

Anyone reading or listening to the news these days is sure to have heard about Harry Reid’s nuclear option. While Senator Reid would certainly make use of any such option at his disposal, the label pales in comparison to the real power many of us have at our disposal. In order to restore what we have lost to this present coup, we have resorted to throwing firecrackers at the enemies of our country when we have a full storehouse of nuclear weapons. Why do we use firecrackers when we have nuclear weapons? Partially because we are unaware and unorganized, but more importantly, because we fail recognize the power that is ours for the taking.

Prayer – the nuclear option for God’s people

In the last two installments of this series I discussed how to reclaim our culture through education and turning grassroots into political gold. Since this is the week we traditionally set aside to give thanks to God (not to the Indians) for the many blessings He has bestowed upon this country, it is appropriate that this segment present our nuclear option – prayer! Now before you dismiss this as a simplistic suggestion, let me remind you that George Washington first fought and won his battles on his knees before mounting his horse. And let me remind you that there are many instances in this country’s history that document God’s miraculous intervention. If you don’t believe me, read Ben Franklin’s very moving call to prayer during the meetings of the Constitutional Convention.

Before going into the detail of how we can do this corporately, let me remind you of a few biblical instances where prayer broke through physical barriers. In the Old Testament, after the Babylonian captivity in ancient Israel, Nehemiah lamented over the destruction of Jerusalem. Nehemiah fell to his knees and prayed to God for mercy and to rebuild the walls of that destroyed city. God heard from heaven, and in spite of the ridicule, torment, and threats issued by the enemies of Israel, the walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt in a remarkable 51 days. In the New Testament, most believe that the church became “The Church” after Christ’s crucifixion on the Day of Pentecost. On that day, 120 believers met in an upper room and prayed with one heart and one mind. In so doing, the unimaginable and unlimited power of the Holy Spirit descended upon them and people were being saved by the thousands. In modern times, those in the 1967 Israeli War have many accounts of God’s miraculous intervention in the physical realm – including the removal of sand that revealed a mine field. Volumes can be written about the power of prayer over political enemies, but it seems we have either forgotten that great power or have marginalized its effectiveness in our everyday lives. And so, we resort to using firecrackers.

What kind of prayer?

Washington at prayer - a nuclear option for a non-nuclear age

George Washington prays at Valley Forge.

Before getting down to the nitty-gritty, we need to qualify what kind of prayer we need to save this country. When I was a child, I often saw my grandfather praying on his knees at the foot of his bed. One day I asked him, “Grandpa, teach me how to pray.” I clearly remember him saying in his heavy Italian accent, “You cry to God with your heart.” If you are not already crying to God with your heart over the national distress we find ourselves in today, chances are you are either uninformed or hopelessly apathetic. And chances are that you are not one of our regular readers. I will go one step further. We not only need to cry to God with our hearts over the distress we are in, but we need to do that in one accord. In so doing, perhaps God will once again have mercy on America and heal our land.

Here’s a real nuclear option, distinctively different and enormously more powerful than any you will ever hear Senator Reid propose – remember that God says in Psalm 2 that He laughs at the plans of men. On Thanksgiving evening at 10:00 PM ET, after all the celebratory chaos is behind most of us, get on your knees (if you are physically able) and join me in the following prayer. Should we do this in one accord, in one spirit, and with one mind, together we can unleash a nuclear blast that will be heard throughout all of creation. Print out this prayer, send it to everyone and anyone you can think of, and join with the remnant God has reserved to Himself to unleash His power on those who would steal what we rightfully own. Put away those firecrackers; it’s time to go nuclear!

The prayer I suggest

Oh great and awesome God, You who keep Your covenants and have mercy upon those whom love You and observe Your commandments,

We praise and thank You for the blessings of liberty You have bestowed on this country and we ask your forgiveness for being content to live in our comfortable houses while Your house is being destroyed.


We confess that our nation is guilty of complacency and apathy by allowing the elevation of all the sins that are abominations to You as we have stood silently by – intimidated to speak for the fear of men.

Most of all, we have not regarded You and we have taken the blessings You have bestowed upon us for granted as something we deserve, earned, and are entitled to.

But you are a merciful God.

You are the same God who looked for Adam and Eve in the Garden after they sinned against You.

You are the same God who promised to heal our land if we would humble ourselves before you, pray, and seek Your face.


And You are the same God who healed the snake bites of the Israelites in the desert if they would only look to the symbol of Your healing power that You provided for them.

And You are the same God who tells us that if we turn to You with all our hearts, with fasting, with weeping and with mourning, and rend our hearts instead of our garments, that You are gracious and merciful to forgive and heal.

Today many of us have gathered together to give thanks to you and to celebrate the many blessings You have bestowed upon us. Tonight we are joining our voices in one accord to confess our national sins, and to pray that You will mercifully spare us and not give Your heritage over to reproach.

Today, Dear Lord, we are looking to You for our nation’s salvation and to preserve our liberties – not because we deserve Your mercy but because You are merciful.

And we pray, Dear Lord, that You will replace our apathy and complacency with passion – passion for You and passion for righteousness. Light Your fire within each and every one of us as we join together and pray to You, Dear Lord, to save our land.


In the name of the God of Heaven, Creator of the universe, together we pray.



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RoseAnn Salanitri is a published author and Acquisition Editor for the New Jersey Family Policy Council. She is a community activist who has founded the Sussex County Tea Party in her home state and launched a recall movement against Senator Robert Menendez. RoseAnn is also the founder of Veritas Christian Academy, as well as co-founder of Creation Science Alive, and a national creation science speaker.

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It is now the following day. Were there any tangible results of this call to prayer?


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