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War, peace, oil, heroism, and futility



The Kimmeredge oil well. Is raising the price of oil a motive to let the Middle East erupt in flames?

There is no way, with my limited service as a draftee during the Viet Nam era, that I  can even begin to compare my time in the service with the sacrifices of true heroes such as John McClain.  However, it is important that a few things be pointed out concerning his article.

Why any American official would think of war

First there is no dispute that he is correct when he stated that  this country entered both Iraqi wars without a plan or a desire to actually win.   This of course had no reflection on either the Military leaders or the men who followed them into battle.  They did, as they have always done, all they could do under the conditions they were placed.

And it may be true that Saddam indeed had some personal issues with the Kingdom of Kuwait. But the real issue was oil.  Its always about oil.  Because this country has been under the thumb of environmentalists and other leftists for so many decades, our ability to produce our own energy has suffered and put us in the position of keeping the life’s blood available, from wherever in the world it could be obtained.  To that end, we have had to be involved with the politics and murdering despots who control that flow.

Lone survivor of a war we could avoid.As I have written before, George Bush’s policy was flawed from the beginning.  It never had a chance to work and it never will.  He looked at the mess the world was in and understood the causes.  The Middle East, Islamic terrorists and oil.  He saw no end to it for decades to come.  If, as his doctrine surmised, Iraq could be turned into a democratic and free country, other states in the middle east would see the prosperity, the booming economy and the freedoms living under elected leaders could provide,  as opposed to religious and murderous zealots they then endured.

GW believed, as many of us did, that freedom was inherent to human desire and he could not understand that all people of the world did not dream of it.  They do not!  What we as Americans have in our genes, in our very being, is not present anywhere in the Islamic Middle East.  Islam and freedom are as different as acid and honey.  As long as the Koran is their guide, misery will be their future.  We need to find a way, not to join them.

Given that Bush’s goals were admirable, I believe that history will treat him well.  Provided it is our America which does the writing of it.  At this point, given the acquiescence of our politicians and the love of Islam the usurper in our White House espouses, that seems very unlikely.


How to secure America

The only way we can prevent the repeat of involvement in the hell holes of the Middle East is if this county adopts a New Doctrine.  It should look like this:

  1. Develop every energy source possible in this country, for this country.
  2. Warn any country which supports terrorism that if any group or person they have trained or financed attacks America or Americans the consequences will be as follows:
    • Our Air Force and Navy will pummel your Military, your infrastructure and your industry back to the stone age.
    • No American soldier will set foot in your country.
    • Not one dime will be spent rebuilding one building or one bridge.
    • If the people of your country chose to permit the type of leadership which caused our attack, once again take power and allow terrorism to threaten America, whether it be one year or ten, our Air Force will be back.

Except for giving Israel the resources it would need to fend off the hordes, what a great world it would be if America could be in the position to ignore the bloody slide to Armageddon and the return of the 12th Imam.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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