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Team New Jersey. Not a party. A team. And right now they say: not another Bush!

The glaring failures of the two-party system have been an increasing concern among patriots who long for representatives that represent the people rather than political cabals. The primal dissatisfaction of the majority of Americans with both Parties is palpable. The Democrats have turned into closet Marxists and the Republicans have turned into spineless compromisers that have turned play-along-to-get-along into a new art form. Both factions seem to be primarily concerned with re-election rather than protecting our Constitutional Republic. They have forgotten that regardless of party labels, we are all Americans and in order to stay Americans, we must protect America.

Conservatives, the Republican Party is not your friend

The concern is exacerbated among Conservatives who have historically believed that the Republican Party represented their interests and among Liberals who have historically believed that the Democrat Party represented their interests – with the reality being that both parties represent their own individual interests and preserving their power base. Both major Parties rely on the divide and conquer method, whereby they are able to capitalize on the divisions among our people in order to help to feather their nests.

Is there a way out of this that doesn’t continue to divide America and destroy her in the process?

Even the least of all evils is evil

First, we must realize that the problem for voting for the lesser of two evils has always been that you still get evil – and that is the only choice we get as we continue to rely on the power-crazed cabals to pick and chose our candidates. In the last presidential election, many Conservatives refused to cast their vote for the moderate Mitt Romney. They stood home on Election Day hoping that the Republican Party would take the hint. They didn’t – and we got BO for another four years. And for the Liberals who refused to listen to the voice of reason about their party’s favorite son and marched lock-step into the polls, the results were the same – we got another four years of BO (pun intended).

So do we dig our heels in and stand by the Party that pretends to represent our interests or do we come together and find a solution for all our people – refusing to be divided by party hacks? There may be a two-step way to reclaim America from the outside in – but we won’t be able to do it alone. It will take TEAM WORK.

Not a Party. A team.

Step One: Do not donate any money to any political party. Donate directly and ONLY to the candidate of your choice! RINOs in the Republican Party prevail because they are funded by the Party while establishment challengers are often not given any money – even when funds have been donated in their name!!!!!!!!!!!! For Democrat challengers, it’s more of the same – honest and sincere Democrats cannot prevail against the huge war chests of their Party’s cronies. It’s the Party’s (regardless of which Party) way of filtering out those who do not march lock-step with them and take order from the establishment.

Step Two: Vet!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have become accustomed to accepting the well-crafted soundbites that the establishment candidates have polled and possess the expertise to communicate with a smile and well-tailored clothes. They know how to play a crowd and they know how to dazzle. They tell us what we want to hear and they have been groomed in the art of persuasion. But their machine doesn’t stop by perpetuating well-crafted images; they employ character assassins that bear the credible label of opposition researchers. These assassins seize upon any bit of information in the candidate’s history that they can spin and use it to tear apart viable candidates piece by piece – and if they can’t find anything, they spin a web of insults and ridicule to make the candidate look foolish and undesirable. The result: we swallow their propaganda hook, line, and sinker. We the People have to come to the realization that celebrities belong in Hollywood and the people’s representatives belong in government.

How do we dismantle these machines?

Team New Jersey. Not a party. A team.We create a TEAM – not a Party. To win this battle, we can’t play by the establishment’s rules. We’ve already lost if we do. In New Jersey there is a website dedicated to this very concept. It’s The purpose of the website is to list legislation that most Americans can easily agree upon. It includes: defeating Agenda 21, Education Choice, Firearms protection, Fiscal responsibility, and fighting Voter Fraud. The legislation for each state may differ based on the issues prevailing in that state. Additionally, legislation that protects the rights of parents against government and global elitists should be added to the list, as well as legislation revoking Obamacare. The concept is to simply refer your candidates (regardless of their party affiliation) to your state’s website and ask them if they support the legislation listed and if they would be willing to sponsor the legislation if elected. If they agree, the website’s administrator can add their name to the website as part of that state’s Team.

Spread the word

Next – you have to spread the word about your state’s team by printing banners from your personal computer and pasting it in an obvious position on the glass of your car. The banners should be simple and simply read: Team (your state) with the website. For instance, if you live in NJ, the banner would read: Proud member of TEAM NJ. The second line would read: The objective would be to drive as many people as possible to the website where they can find candidates that support the people’s legislation – not the Party’s hype. By doing this, We the People can create chatter and excitement and provide much support for like-minded candidates – support they haven’t paid for and support that isn’t provided by their party. If you are able, get a group to contribute X-amount of dollars to purchase a billboard that reads the same as the bumper stickers/banners. Perhaps you and others can finance an ad in your local newspaper that reads the same. The point: get the name out using everything at your disposal; get people talking about your state’s team; get candidates who put America above party; and give challengers a real chance against the establishment’s cronies.

The beauty of this plan is that you are not fighting against the major parties; you are simply supporting the candidates that support American principles. AND…it will give a strong united voice to those candidates, as well as create a myriad of targets for the political cabals. Whether we realize it or not, we are already fighting against well-oiled and well-funded teams. It’s time we create our own team – bigger and stronger – and with real principles not well-rehearsed soundbites. They may have their ivory towers, but we have strong foundations to rest upon. Team USA is not a team to cheer for every four years at the Olympics; it’s a team that can lead us to victory here on American soil, today and for years to come. Be a team player and not a party hack. Go Team America! Go Team USA! Boo to the Marxists and the compromisers. It’s time to play a different game – a game that we have designed with rules that enable us to win – and we may have just learned how.


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RoseAnn Salanitri is a published author and Acquisition Editor for the New Jersey Family Policy Council. She is a community activist who has founded the Sussex County Tea Party in her home state and launched a recall movement against Senator Robert Menendez. RoseAnn is also the founder of Veritas Christian Academy, as well as co-founder of Creation Science Alive, and a national creation science speaker.

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