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Obama’s lies, his worth, and the world



Are there any devils left in hell? Or did Obama hire them all away?

So, Mr. Obama, how are you doing? Here’s a list of things happened and happening on your watch:

  • 60,000 Russian troops are amassing along the eastern border of the Ukraine.
  • Crimea has just been annexed into the new Soviet Union following a referendum almost as crooked as America’s last presidential election.
  • The Russian government controlled media has just threatened to turn America into “radioactive dust”.
  • North Korea has increased its threat to nuke South Korea.
  • Iran has completed the final stages of plutonium enrichment and has pretty much announced it is about to destroy Israel.
  • China is in the process of declaring several Japanese islands their own.
  • China has imposed and is enforcing travel restrictions in international waters.
  • At this minute, a 777 Boeing airliner is most likely being packed with high explosives and radioactive material bound for a non-stop flight to an infidel city near you.
  • There is more, much more.  Such as Venezuela in turmoil, Hamas shooting hundreds of missiles into Israel, Islamic terrorists beheading and killing Christians in Northern Africa, Al-Qaeda in control of much of Libya, Syrian Islamists murdering and torturing non-Muslims, and the Obama supported Muslim Brotherhood renegades in Egypt are planting bombs and destroying infrastructure.

If some alien being were to drop in here on our planet and see this smoldering mess we call earth, after his first reaction of get me the hell out of here, he might sense the feeling of sorrow for any civilized world leader who was in charge of fixing it.  It would, no doubt, appear that the place is in such calamity, there just isn’t any way out.

But what our space traveling observer would not know is this mess was caused by the very individual who seems to be responsible for fixing it.  And unfortunately, responsibility is an alien concept to this leader.

Obama has told so many lies he can't escape their consequences now. Checkmate.As in every chess game ever played the situation always arises when there is no viable move. And now America and her allies find themselves in a tumult from which escape may mirror the inevitable consummation of the chess end game.  Alas, the Grand-master will always defeat the checker player and the community organizer’s own evil will always crumble in the face of the proficient one.   In this real world game, your team gets no trophy for just showing up. In fact your head may become the trophy.

This incompetent, dishonest, deceitful narcissist who has illegally usurped the Presidency of this once great country had no credentials for taking on the job of  leader of the free world.  He knew it, his socialist supporters knew it and we the people knew it.  Now, we as well as the rest of the world, are and will be paying for it.

Posterity, if there will be posterity, and they are able to ask, “My God, how did they ever let this happen?”; we can only pray they will understand enough to avoid its recurrence.

How did Obama get into this position of power?

Let us look back now at how this inexperienced, unqualified amateur was allowed to take this country and the world to the brink of war and economic collapse:

  1. He was allowed to hide his academic records, from grammar school through college.
  2. He was allowed to fabricate a life history which included made up girlfriends and authorship of books.
  3. He was allowed to forge Selective Service documents.
  4. He was allowed to use a Social Security number not issued to him.
  5. He was allowed to hide the fact that all his mentors were communists and haters of America.
  6. He was allowed to hide his passport records and his travel to Islamic countries.
  7. He was allowed to forge a birth certificate in order to prove the un-provable.
  8. He was allowed to run for the office of the Presidency despite his Constitutional ineligibility.
  9. He was allowed to run for the most difficult, important job in  the world without a bit of experience.
  10. And most important of all, he was supported by the media and his political party even though they knew he was a compulsive and habitual liar incapable of uttering the truth about his past or his intentions.

The chickens really are coming home to roost.

At the end of this article we have listed his lies and deceptions, not quite in chronological order but in two parts. The first part enumerates lies known before he was elected.  The second part, after.  We understand that most of us know of  these and don’t need to read them again.  But for those who may not, they are there in all their glory.  We have also made a document which can be downloaded and presented to your Obot friends.

Facts of human nature and life:

The one time presentation of information for the purpose of education or  in support of a position or an idea which has been proffered without due diligence regarding the facts, would direct the recipient of such deficient data to future skepticism.   That purveyor, if such carelessness or errors were not repeated, and if it was believed not to have been an intentional deception, could recover and regain the respect of those he must convey information to or communicate with.


Not so with an intentional lie.  The liar possesses a deep character flaw, one that shouts to the universe and travels for infinity through space and time, never to dissipate.  Once deceived, never again believed.

If Obama lies about something, he will lie about anything.

In one’s personal life, involving family and friends, a known liar disrupts his small environment with minor consequences.  He may in fact pass through his existence oblivious to  how he is perceived.  In the business world the distrust one earns with dishonesty has deeper ramifications, but again, without any significance outside his or her localized domain.


However…..When a liar leads a country and that country is looked up to and relied upon by other countries, his character flaw imperils not just his own nation but all other nations as well.  If anyone should doubt that peril, just have them look anywhere, home here in America or abroad.  In just six short years the world has begun to deteriorate round us.  No world leader, good, bad or the very bad, either respects today’s American leader or believes a single word read from his teleprompter.  How could they?

President G. W. Bush for example, found himself relentlessly under attack and called a liar by the Socialist Democratic Party and their propaganda ministry, better known as the Main Stream Media.  This onslaught resulted because no significant discoveries of weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq.   Some may say Bush was wrong.  Bush did not lie, he told the people what he was told by various intelligence organizations around the world.

It now appears he neither lied nor was he wrong.  The truth is now coming out.  There were plenty of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  But that is another story.  While George Bush may have disappointed many of us with his watered down conservatism and his failure to stay in the fight his last few years, he will always be respected for his honesty and integrity.  History will treat President Bush well.

Not so, the impostor now mis-leading the planet into economic destruction and a possible world war.  A little edification for the Obots who will be emailing.  There is a big difference between an error and a lie.

Webster’s Dictionary describes a lie like this:
1. A false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.


Obama has a certified history of lies, falsehoods and deceptions.  One might forgive the Socialist Democratic Party and the news media for supporting this leftist darling of theirs if his character was not known or if it was hidden prior to them giving him their support.  Unfortunately his lying ways were not hidden.

List I – Obama’s Lies – The Early Years:

  • Obama lied at a rally when he claimed his black father and his white mother were permitted to “come together” and have little Obama Jr. as a result of the Selma, Alabama bridge march.  Nice story but Obama was born 4 years before that march took place.
  • Bragged that his father served gallantly in World War II and as a result was afforded great healthcare.  Actually his dad may have received good healthcare but it would have been in a pre-school classroom because Obama Sr. was only 4 years old when that WWII ended.
  • In an effort to garner support from admirers of JFK, Obama claimed his father was brought to this country as a result of an outreach program initiated by President Kennedy.  Obama Sr. came to this country as a result of the sham marriage to Obama’s mother when he was already married in Kenya.  In fact he came here years before JFK was President.  So this wonderful story too, is a blatant lie.
  • For years two books that he claimed to have written listed him as a foreign student.  He had to approve this information before every printing.  Once he decided to run for president he began claiming that he was an American student.  One of those statements is a lie.
  • Claimed his grandfather was a poor servant of the British Colonialists. Not true.  He was in fact a wealthy rancher who paid paid 14 cows for Obama’s father to buy his first wife.
  • Claimed to love the US Constitution but in an interview called it a flawed document.
  • He lied about knowing the terrorist William Ayers, saying he was just a guy who lived on his street.
  • He obscured the fact that his mentor was Frank Marshall Davis an America hating communist.
  • He sat in another America hating Communist’s (Jeremiah Wright) church for 20 years and claims he never heard him preach hate.
  • In a recorded meeting with union officials he told them his goal was for a single payer (government) health care system.  Then in a pre-election debate he denied  wanting single payer.
  • Claimed authorship of books written by someone else.  (Terrorist Bill Ayers)
  • Lied when he said he never met Bill Ayers’ father who was a communist. Its been proven now Obama was mentored by him.
  • He fabricated a racially charged story about a black man who bleached his skin because he feared living in a racist America. Obama invented this story. In other words, he lied.
  • Claimed he had a white girlfriend who wanted to be black and she lamented that she couldn’t help being white.  Obama’s point in this may have been all whites are racist and therefore his squeeze wanted no part of being white. Only he knows what the intent of that was.  But what we know now is, it never happened.  He invented her and her disdain for the white race.  Curious, no?
  • Obama lied about the death of his own mother.  He claimed his mother died as a result of not having healthcare.  She had top drawer medical attention and her death had nothing to do with lack of coverage.

List II – Obama’s Lies – The Later Years:

  • He lied about the armed terrorist attacks on the Benghazi compounds blaming it on a video when he knew otherwise.
  • Told America that Al-Qaeda was decimated in order to help him win an election when he knew they were stronger than ever.
  • He lied to the American people in a debate with Romney when he claimed the border fence was basically complete even though he knew it was only 5% complete.
  • In a speech pushing the failed stimulus bill he lied to the American people when he said there were no earmarks in the bill.  He knew it was packed full of payouts to reward his supporters.
  • In his ongoing effort to divide this country he said the wealthy don’t pay fair share, even though he knows that the wealthiest 10% pay almost 80% of the tax burden.
  • Claimed there were no lobbyists in his White House even though he knew that to be untrue.
  • Claimed he created new jobs when 92 million people were unemployed which is the highest number and the highest percentage of unemployed since the Great Depression.
  • He continued fabricating lies about his father when he claimed his coffin had been draped with an American flag.   His father died in Nairobi.  He was an anti-capitalism Communist who despised America and her Colonialist ways.  Obama Sr. was not an American citizen. America flag, on his coffin, in Nairobi?
  • He forged or caused to be forged a birth certificate from Hawaii.
  • He forged or caused to be forged a Selective Service form and had it predated.  Anyone convicted of not filing this form would not be eligible to work for the Federal government.
  • He lied over and over when he told the American people that Obamacare would lower health care premiums.   Its been proven he was told years ago that the cost would rise.
  • He told the American people that Obamacare did not raise taxes when he knew there were billions of dollars in new taxes in the bill.
  • Told people they could keep their doctors if they wanted. Its been proven he knew that to be false.
  • Told people they could keep their health care plan if they liked it.  He knew they couldn’t.
  • He lied when he claimed he never met his illegal immigrant uncle.  Its been proven that he lived with the guy.


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub


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