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Flight 370: something stinks



Nothing to see here. Move on.

Okay everyone, let’s just move on. Nothing to see here.  Or is there?  TPATH presented a scenario just a few days after the Boeing 777. known as Flight 370, disappeared.  At that time too much in the way of inconsistency and common sense led me to believe this plane had not, as they told us, simply crashed.  See that article HERE.

(Editor’s Note: See also the reprint of Mr. Kehoe’s article here, and my editorial here.)

Official version: Flight 370 went into the drink

Late last night the Malaysian government “put a cap” on this mystery.  The plane, they informed us, has crashed in the most remote and the very deepest region of the southern Indian Ocean.  How convenient?

So let’s recap shall we?

  1. For over three weeks no country in the entire world, using all the most sophisticated tracking systems developed by mankind, had any idea where this plane was or how long it was in the air.
  2. Now we are being told, yes we tracked it to the Indian Ocean.  What? Where was this data for three weeks?
  3. The announcement was made last night using this new tracking information and a few images taken by a satellite of ocean debris.  Keep in mind here that no wreckage, as of this time, has been picked up or inspected.  Really?

In our commentary, linked to above, it was speculated that the cockpit may have been breached by terrorists posing as passengers.  While that still remains a possibility, is seems more likely now that the pilot may have been involved.

Flight 370 down in the Indian Ocean? Why there?But having said that, there are many facts that fly in the face of common sense.

  • Flight 370 did begin a hard turn south-south west after the Malaysian traffic controller released it.
  • Flight 370 dropped from 40,000 feet to as low as 5,000 feet in an effort to avoid radar.  If the objective was to take this plane to the Indian Ocean, why the deception?  Even if Military jets were scrambled, which was very unlikely, all they could do is shoot it down if it was deemed a threat.  Mission accomplished.
  • Residents of Maldives reported seeing a low flying airliner and their description of it matched Flight 370.  The time they reported seeing this plane was perfectly consistent with the time they would have seen it after it made the unauthorized turn.
  • These people reported that the plane was traveling North West.  Not South West or South.  So either those people who live on that island have no clue as to which direction north is, or something does not compute.
  • Staying with the Maldivians for a bit longer, there are no regular airline routes over their island.  Small planes from time to time but no huge airliners.  A plane that large and flying that low would have gotten their attention.  And it did.
  • North West and North of Maldives, a Google Earth search will show, there are hundreds of small islands some with long straight roads and others with old runways which could have been prepared for this plane.  A little further North West will bring you to many islands in the Gulf of Aden.  From any of these islands it’s not too far to Jerusalem.

What is terrorism?  What is its purpose?

Well, one might suggest terrorism’s main goal is to terrorize. Terrorizing the victims is not the goal.  After all if one were not alive, one would tend to no longer fear dying.  No, the object is to disrupt, intimidate and frighten the living.  Keeping this in mind, what value would an operation like this have in the benefit of terrorism?

They avoided making radio contact and announcing to the world that, Allah willing, Flight 370 would be slammed into the sea.  But instead they flew stealthily for hours into the furthest ocean region on the planet, where it was not likely to be found and no motive assessed to it.  This my good friends, does not even begin to pass the smell test.


Or shall we believe that the pilot was the only one involved?  That he was just a crazy guy ticked off at his government and not part of an Islamic terror pact?  This, for certain, appears to be the preferred outcome of those providing information.

This too does not even begin to make any sense.  Once he was in the air and in control of the cockpit, he was essentially free to do anything with that plane he desired.  He could have turned it around slowly and without arousing the attention of the passengers, he could have really made his evil government pay by slamming into a government building.  But instead, he flies this plane, for 7 hours to crash it where it won’t be found.  This becomes even more absurd, as everyone knows, post 911, 290 passengers are not going to sit calmly while a plane is intentionally deep sixed or used to kill  more people on the ground.

Is it possible that the governments of the world know this plane is under a tarp and not under 5,000 feet of salt water?  Is it possible they are making this ridiculous announcement in an effort to throw off the terrorists and hope they believe the search for the plane is over?  We can only pray that that is what’s going on.

So even if they get to the location in the Indian Ocean and declare, without a doubt, the debris is from Flight 370, knowing what we know, who in their right minds would believe them?  I know one group that won’t.  The instant it is announced that the debris has been verified, the terrorists will know they are still being looked for.   For they would know, the debris from that plane will be found some time soon, but not in the Indian Ocean.

Reprinted from Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub



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