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Liberty and prosperity in NJ?



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Putting aside the many regulations, property taxes, highway tolls, income tax and sales tax, just to name a few areas where New Jersey leads the country in its attack on Prosperity, the LIBERTY part of the state’s motto continues to be in the sights, so to speak, of New Jersey’s leftist legislative body.

Latest assault on liberty

This past week, after many months of contentious debate and open hearings, after every piece of common sense presented to them had been ignored, the legislature has completed yet another round of gun control bills and delivered them to Governor Christie’s desk.

This latest bill, if Christie signs it into law, will immediately transform tens of thousands of New Jersey citizens into criminals.  The magazine limit from 15 rounds to 10 will have no grandfather clause for those owning sporting .22 caliber rifles or competition rifles with high-capacity magazines.  They must be turned in or the owner could be arrested and charged with a felony.

By the way, all of NJ’s unconstitutional gun laws are categorized as felonies, not misdemeanors as in most states. This is an intentionally designed aspect which implants the fear of incarceration into anyone who would even think about owning a weapon.  Law abiding citizens who have been found with just one round of ammunition in their vehicle, even if there are no weapons, have been charged with a felony.  If convicted, that person will do jail time and will lose his right to vote.  And for the rest of his life, as long as he lives in the People’s State of NJ, he or anyone living in his home will not be allowed to own a firearm.

Leave liberty and prosperity at the New Jersey border?It is expected, but by no means guaranteed, that Christie will veto this new outrage. It all depends on whether he runs for President as a Democrat or a Republican.  He could have told the legislators months ago and saved huge amounts of tax payer dollars that he would not sign a capacity law.  That would have ended this latest infringement on our rights.  He didn’t do that, so your guess is as good as ours as to why not.

Progressives who are doing the work of state and federal agendas of tyranny, direct form the Communist Manifesto, like to name their bills with descriptive wording to cover up the actual meaning and content.  The Affordable Care Act is one prime example.

This latest legislation has been labeled as a common sense Safe Act.  Actually it is neither. It would take a monumental leap into leftist utopia to make any sense of this common sense.  Is the NJ Assembly trying to imply that shooting 10 people is okay but they draw the line at 15? How about locking up criminals and making them serve their full sentences, institutionalizing the dangerously disturbed, end plea bargaining for crimes committed with illegal firearms?  That just might be more effective than expecting criminals will turn in their 15 round magazines before their next venture into mayhem.

Common sense to liberals is actually as foreign to them as facts.  Liberalism is a malady spawned from a quietus of logic emboldened with an imbalance between intelligence and emotion. They never look at or analyze results or effects.  Good intentions are the impetus of their lives. Results, be damned.

Understanding this, it’s hard to imagine how they could absorb the following facts or answer the following questions without terminal cranial implosion.  But in that dire prospect, what the heck, we’ll proffer them anyway.


Q- How quickly can even a moderately trained shooter eject an empty 10 round magazine and inject a new 10 round magazine?

A- Less than 2 seconds.

Q- How many 10 round magazines could one man carry into a gun free zone?

A- As many as 100 or more.

Q- In the words of a great stateswoman, what difference would it make, if 15 round magazines are illegal if a criminal, abiding by that law, could carry 1,000 rounds in 10 round mags?

A- No difference.

Q- Given the above, should legislators pass a law which forbids mass murderers from carrying more than one magazine?

A- Yes and while they are at it they should pass a law prohibiting large pockets in all pants and jackets.

Q- If you ever found yourself in a gun free zone and all law-abiding citizens were unarmed, would you feel it was your duty to inform a mass murderer that his gun was illegally loaded with more than 10 rounds?

A- Yes. But probably just once.

Q- As you are about to have your infidel infested skull liberated from the inner data mass would you rather discuss with the terrorists the evilness of their ideology or would you hope to see an armed citizen come between you and no more tomorrows?

A- That’s a hard one because you know that that law-abiding citizen may be harboring patriotic feelings of hate and may become violent some time in the future.

Want to really talk common sense?

  1. If guns kill people than so do cars and to a much greater extent.
  2. Over the last several years an average of 100 people a day have died in car crashes.
  3. Of that number 7 children between 1 and 14 years old die each day.  That is the equivalent of one Columbine or Sandy Hook every three days.
  4. Guns are bad when only bad people have them.
  5. More children die each month in car crashes than all the mass gun murders in history, combined.
  6. In 2013 the percentage of people killed by legal gun owners in commission of a crime (not self defense or police on duty) was .07%.
  7. In 2010 of the 12,996 murders just 2.6% were committed with rifles and 99.9% of those were done by criminals with illegal weapons. Just 30 out of 13,000 people were killed with semi-automatic rifles, the kind in which this new law effects.
  8. During the same time period that 30 people were killed by criminals with semi-automatic rifles over 36,000 people, 1,855 of them children under the age of 15, died at the hands of bad drivers.
  9. Over the past 10 years, by a margin of over three times, motor vehicles have been the leading cause of death for all children. Firearms were listed in 19th position following, falls, bad medicine, medical procedures, neglectful parents and air headed babysitters
  10. If limiting the number of rounds a person can carry in his weapon might save 3 children’s lives over the next 12 months, should there not be a limit set on how many children can ride in one vehicle of death at any one time which will save the lives of over 2,000 children?

There are many more statistics and data out there all of which as we mentioned above are conveniently ignored by the leftists running NJ and for that matter this country.  As we compare the two physical entities, cars and guns, several interesting aspects standout.

Both the car and the gun are inventions that will never be uninvented.  There will never be a time or a place where they will not be available.  While the car kills thousands more children each year than guns, progressives don’t seem to find body count relevant to their agenda.  The car, when used as intended provides the owner with the ability to produce and acquire needs and enjoy recreation.  The same can be said for the firearm.  When either is in the wrong hands, people die.

If the goal was actually to prevent deaths by preventing evil doers from using these tools what then should be the priority?  Revoking the licenses of good, safe drivers because there are poor and dangerous drivers killing people makes no more sense than removing the rights of safe and lawful gun owners.

And remember, driving a car is a privilege covered nowhere in our founding documents.  Owning a firearm is a right constituted by the 2nd Amendment.  One of these two, in the wrong hands, kills a thousand times more than the other.  Yet the one protected by the Constitution is the focus of attack by your government. Why do you suppose that is?

We understand that the Federal Government fears an armed and free society and that our battle for Liberty and Prosperity will never end.  That is the nature of government and so it shall be the responsibility of the people to be ever vigilant. It is about time our state legislators joined the battle to keep its citizens free from overreaching government intrusion.  It won’t just be their conservative constituents who will have been disarmed and neutered.  It will be all the people, including the legislators themselves.

Reprinted from TPATH.

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