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Muslim flag at White House?



A typical Muslim national flag: a crescent and star on a green field. Muslims use gradualism to extend this flag worldwide. Ironically, Islam also practices ioperational atheism with its absolute determinism.

Twenty years ago, a comic tract artist warned of a deadly ambition in the Muslim world. Muslims, he said, wanted to fly their green crescent-m00n-and-star flag over the White House. Few people even knew what he said, and even fewer took him seriously. But today Muslims, from a brutal commander of an army without a country to a real head-of-state, now avow that ambition openly. What have secular, and especially leftist or libertarian, politicians to say to that?

First modern warning of Muslim aims

The first modern warning of what Muslims seek to do came from Jack T. Chick. Jack Chick has drawn chest pocket-sized cartoon tracts for at least twenty-eight years. His first “Chick Tract,” still in print, carried the title This Was Your Life. (A former colleague, whose name your editor will not mention, handed him a copy of that tract in, of all places, an autopsy suite in July of 1986.)

In 1994 he drew a tract he titled Allah Had No Son. Its theme: Islam, differences between Islam and Christianity, and Muslim ambitions. In it, a Muslim rants and raves against two “ignorant” American tourists. He draws himself up to his full hight to declaim:

You should be trembling. You don’t even realize what’s happening in your own country. Islam is the second largest, and fastest growing religion in America! And you people should FEAR US! We expect a Muslim flag to fly over the White House in the near future. It will be the end of Christianity in America.

Think it’s impossible? Britain was our first target. And the Islamic religion is bringing Britain to her knees.

A typical Muslim national flag: green with a white crescent and star.

The Turkistan flag, a typical Muslim national flag

No one, witnessing the rise of anti-Semitism in Britain today, and the clear favoritism for Islam over Christianity and Judaism by Her Majesty’s government, can doubt that. The Muslim community do not yet see their green crescent-moon-and-star flag flying over Whitehall, much less over Buckingham Palace. They don’t need to.

Jack T. Chick was no prophet. He merely read the trends anyone can read for himself. But no one took him seriously. Only those to whom anyone might have handed a Chick Tract even knew he said anything. And if then-President Bill Clinton ever heard that warning, he clearly never took it seriously. He never even saw fit to  mention it. (Would he have suffered punishment, under an American caliph, for the sexual escapades that saw him sending his defenders to the United States Senate? No one can know. Some Muslim heads-of-state adhere, in a deadly serious way, to Shari’a law. Others wear a mask of Shari’a discipline. Under that mask they are no different from Clinton in this regard.)

An April Fool joke?

Even after the Manhattan/Pentagon Incident of September 11, 2001, Americans never took seriously the most basic Muslim ambition. Islam is more than a religion. It is pan-Arabist nationalism in religious dress. The ambition to raise the green crescent-moon-and-star flag over all the civilized world did not die at Tours, or even at Andalusia in formerly Moorish Spain. (The Sultans of the Ottoman or Turkish Empire had the same ambition, but were more patient than the Baghdad Caliphs were.)

But on April 2, 2014, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the figurehead ex-President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, made a speech. Any reader of Chick’s Muslim tract might have thought Ahmadinejad guilty of plagiarism:

We can rest the day we raise the flag of the martyrs over the White House.

Here one can read his speech in Farsi, and translate for himself. One need not translate some of the Facebook comments that speech got. One commenter actually thought it was an April Fool joke! But someone else took that comment seriously. He observed, prophetically, that anyone hearing Ahmadinejad say such a thing, would write him off as “stupid.” And, said the commenter, “stupid” Ahmadinejad might be, but he had let loose an Iranian state secret. Namely that the mullahs of Iran would like nothing better than to let off a nuclear device in Washington, D.C. The real “stupid” person, in that commenter’s opinion, was Barack H. Obama.

Poor Obama think he has control of Iranian government nuclear program to prevent them to develop nuclear bomb and has no clue what kind of evil people he is dealing with…

No joke!

In the early days of enhanced security at airports, the authority over Dallas Love Field and the Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Airport showed this legend in the secure areas:

Comments about guns and bombs are taken seriously. Please no jokes.

Recently an independent media outlet calling itself Vice News released a video (embedded below) that clearly shows the Muslim ambition to fly a Muslim flag over the White House is not a joke.

I say to America that the Islamic caliphate has been established. Don’t be cowards and attack us with drones. Instead send your soldiers, the ones we humiliated in Iraq. We will humiliate them everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House.

The video is the first of five from Vice News. They have a second video already out, talking about how the Islamic State, the army-without-a-country in Iraq, grooms children for its cause.

And what does de facto President Obama do, when someone so brazenly declares war against the United States? He traipses off to a vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. A real leader in that office would not only cancel his vacation, but would also summon Congress back from its summer recess. He would then ask Congress to declare war right back at this beturbaned caterwauler. As Congress did when Adolf Hitler declared war against the United States. Instead, Obama, by executive action only, drops food and medical supplies on top of a mountain where tens of thousands of people stand under siege, and sends planes to make a couple of strafing runs at some enemy convoys. Apart from whose side he might be on, does he want to win or doesn’t he? Does he even care that a Muslim army has declared war against the country he nominally leads?

Sadly, Obama isn’t the only problem. The most serious weakness of the libertarian movement in American politics has always been isolationism, or what they call “non-interventionism.” What will Ron Paul and his son Rand say today, after this Muslim general said he would haul up a Muslim flag over the White House? Will they also dismiss that general as a crackpot and a strutting egoist? Will they insist this Muslim general has an illusion of power far greater than the power he has? The problem: this general commands a real army. By some accounts (in dispute) he now commands a dam on the Tigris River and could collapse it with some well-placed sticks of dynamite. If such a man talks of hoisting a flag over the presidential palace of a country he doesn’t yet control, that country’s official should pay heed.

The worst failing in any leader is refusing to believe anyone but his own side can ever have nefarious intent. Barack Obama believes America is the enemy of humanity. The Pauls, father and son, seem to think America has no enemies save those she makes. But when a Muslim general vindicates a warning that some obscure publisher of religious tracts gave twenty years ago, that belies those dew-eyed propositions. Or it should.

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Terry A. Hurlbut has been a student of politics, philosophy, and science for more than 35 years. He is a graduate of Yale College and has served as a physician-level laboratory administrator in a 250-bed community hospital. He also is a serious student of the Bible, is conversant in its two primary original languages, and has followed the creation-science movement closely since 1993.

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[…] Muslim flag at White House? […]


‘…in Britain today, and the clear favoritism for Islam over Christianity and Judaism by Her Majesty’s government,…’ perhaps you could be so good as to provide me with some/any proof of this statement? I live in Britain and have seen no evidence of this whatsoever. I wouldn’t dispute that there have been recent reports of a rise in anti-Semitism but unfortunately this is often the case when Israel is involved in any military action, but your suggestion that H.M.G are favouring Islam over other religions is, in my experience, just wrong I’m afraid.


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