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Any devils left in hell?



The Obama rainbow flag. Democrats now run from this flag and the man.

Sometimes the actions of the Obama administration leave me with many questions. And sometimes I wish the answers to those questions were beyond my grasp. Here are some of my questions:

Can only devils do such work?

Are there any devils left in hell? Or did Obama hire them all away?

Barack Obama, in multicolored shadow, imitating Lenin or Stalin. Artist unknown.

  1. Why on earth would Obama order the Port Authority police who are responsible for his safety when he arrives at Newark Airport not to carry firearms – especially when he knows that he has many enemies and security has been breached in the recent past and that such an action would make the police shooting gallery targets?
  2. Why would Obama order 3000 troops to Ebola infected African nations when they would be subject to contracting the disease?
  3. Why wouldn’t Obama shut down travel from and into Ebola infected African nations as many other countries have?
  4. Why Obama, who supposedly is so concerned with healthcare, not do his best to protect this country from Ebola and other dangerously infectious diseases by at least closing the borders?
  5. Why would Obama reduce our troops to pre-WWII levels when our national safety is being threatened by Islamic extremists who have declared war on us?
  6. Why would Obama refuse to call ISIS and Islamic endeavor when the first “I” in ISIS stands for Islamic?
  7. Why would Obama in Section 203, on page 496 in Parts B and D of the Healthcare Act (HR3590) create an unconstitutional private army now called the Ready Reserve Corp. that he can draft and demand to serve under his direct rule as a medical corp. when we already have a military force capable of handling such emergencies?
  8. Why would Obama and his Administration call the Ft. Hood massacres work place violence when by doing so he deprives the injured from receiving the benefits they need?
  9. Why would Obama negotiate a deal to free Bowe Bergdahl and leave Sgt. Tahmooressi languishing in a Mexican jail?
  10. Why would Obama order airstrikes in Iraq when all reports tell us they are doing absolutely nothing.

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  1. Why would Obama tell the world that the United States is not a Christian nation?
  2. Why would Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder tell state attorney generals that they did not have to defend Defense of Marriages Acts and bans on same sex marriages, or any other law they disagreed with in their states?
  3. Why would Obama shut down NASA’s space shuttle program and tell them their new objective was Muslim outreach and informing the world of all the Muslim accomplishments in science – that is if they can find any?
  4. Why would Obama tell the world that global warming was a fact when 31,487 American scientists, including 9,029 with PhDs signed a petition to reject global warming and even went as far as saying that there is substantial scientific evidence the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can actually be beneficial to plant and animal life on earth?
  5. Why would Obama promote the President’s Rural Council that would significantly hinder farmers across the nation by absurd regulations, such as requiring anyone that operated any farming equipment to have a CDL license?
  6. Why would Obama tell the nation that he will circumvent Congress with his pen and phone when he took an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution that requires he go through Congress?
  7. Why would Obama protect Eric Holder from facing a Congressional tribunal regarding Fast and Furious if he is so against illegal firearms?
  8. Why would Obama not insist that Lois Lerner be investigated for her abuse of power?
  9. Why would Obama and Eric Holder not try to calm things down in Ferguson instead of doing their best to throw wood on that fire?
  10. Why would Obama spend 20 years in a church where there’s a radical pastor who also baptized his children that he doesn’t agree with?

Now I’m sure that I left out a few things but the sheer volume and nature of the list above actually answers many questions – that is except for one: are there any devils left in hell or are they all part of the Obama administration?

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<a href="" title="Any devils left in hell?">Any devils left in hell?</a>


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RoseAnn Salanitri is a published author and Acquisition Editor for the New Jersey Family Policy Council. She is a community activist who has founded the Sussex County Tea Party in her home state and launched a recall movement against Senator Robert Menendez. RoseAnn is also the founder of Veritas Christian Academy, as well as co-founder of Creation Science Alive, and a national creation science speaker.

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@VP @JoeBiden said he will meet #ISIL in hell, he did not say which side. gates of hell has 2 side: 1 for in, 1 for out.

[…] Any devils left in hell? […]

Nathan Bickel

ROSEANN – Great commentary!

Let me suggest that our White House criminal ID fraud, aka Obama is temporarily on limited assignment before he experiences a full and complete damnation awakening in his future perdition abode.

In the interim, aka Obama has employed devils to do his deception destruction anti-American bidding. His usurping occupation of malevolent behavior is reaching the proverbial “law of diminishing returns.” Only by Creator God’s benevolent mercies will America be able to reverse many of aka Obama’s reeking anti-patriotic reforms. But it will take Americans the patience to clean-up after aka Obama. And, in the process there must needs be a targeted prosecution of this criminal’s co-conspirator enablers.

I still maintain that even devils cannot escape prosecution.


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