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Voter fraud by mail



Ballot box, symbol of elections. The Texas voter ID law will stop people from stuffing this, and hopefully other kinds of voter fraud. If Donald Trump doesn't insist on this kind of backup, he'll likely lose the election.

CNAV has exposed voter fraud by stand-in (the Texas Voter ID Law should check this) and voter fraud in the voting machine. Now James O’Keefe exposes the latest voter fraud gambit: by mail. Specifically, mail-in ballots. He infiltrated the Democratic political machine in Colorado. He found a brazen criminal mind-set to rival that of “Boss” William M. Tweed of New York’s Tammany Hall.

Mail-in balloting

The latest means of voter fraud: vote by mail

A voter votes by mail in Lane County, Oregon. Photo: Chris Phan on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License

Three States in the United States (Oregon, Washington, and now Colorado) run all their elections by mail. In most other States, a voter may apply for a mail-in ballot (or “absentee ballot”) if the voter knows he won’t be able to vote in person on Election Day. (In New Jersey a voter may apply to vote by mail for any reason or no reason.)

Above all, mail-in balloting relies on people to be honest. A voter applies to vote by mail, and must sign a form. But the voter need not do so before a notary or even another adult witness. The county clerk sends the ballot out. The voter marks the ballot, seals it in an envelope, and sends it back. Or in some counties, a voter may “authorize” a “messenger” to pick up the ballot, bring it to the voter, wait for the voter to fill it in, then take it back to the local town hall.

What happens when a voter dies? Typically the ballots keep coming, and the relatives throw it out. And when a voter moves out? The new owner or tenant throws the ballot out. Sometimes the voter himself will throw the ballot out if he just doesn’t care about voting.

Classically, identity thieves, fugitives, and other scavengers go “Dumpster Diving” (from the Dempster Dumpmaster, the first special-purpose public trash bin for easy collection) for identity clues or even table scraps. Now those bent on voter fraud can dive for another kind of modern pearl: throwaway mail-in ballots. And as James O’Keefe found, the Colorado campaign of Representative Joseph Salazar (D-Colo.), and the activist groups Work for Progress and Greenpeace, actively encourage people to do just that.

How James O’Keefe uncovered voter fraud in Colorado

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James O’Keefe runs Project Veritas Action. He has made himself famous for infiltrating teachers’-union conventions in New Jersey and by inspiring anti-abortion activist Lila Rose to go to Planned Parenthood clinics while impersonating a piece of knocked-up jailbait seeking an abortion.

James O’Keefe approached three key elements of the Colorado Democratic machine. To do this, he physically disguised himself as a man fifteen years older than he really is. He released a seven-minute video (see below) of his undercover interviews with several activists.

This partial transcript should tease anyone to play the full video, then demand repeal of the all-mail-in balloting laws in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. And demand better identification for mail-in ballot applications. (Like the right thumbprint, if CNAV may make so bold as to suggest.)

These people (including Meredith Hicks of Work for Progress) literally don’t see what they are doing as stealing. They speak of recycling ballots. If people will discard them, or don’t need them any more, why not put them to good use? One key source of voter fraud material: ballots the county clerk still sends to college seniors, in care of their respective fraternities, though those seniors graduated and moved out long ago. Ms. Hicks and at least two other activists actually told Mr. O’Keefe which trash bins might yield the best stashes of ballots other voters threw away.

Mr. O’Keefe did “egg on” Ms. Hicks, among others. He spoke of a “they” who “cheat and steal.” He meant the political opponents of Senator Mark Udall (D-Colo.), Representative Salazar, and other Democratic politicians. And the activists fell for the egging-on without protest. Not one said, “But what you are doing makes you just as bad as they are.” Not one reminded him that a person could go to prison for the kind of thing they contemplated. In the eyes of these activists, anything goes, and the end justifies the means.

Some activists saw through Mr. O’Keefe’s disguise and “clammed up.” But Ms. Hicks actually offered him a job after he pretended to be interested in how to commit voter fraud on a large scale.

As CNAV prepared this report, Mr. O’Keefe alerted us: already the Colorado machine has launched their counterattack.

Alan Franklin, the Political Director for Progress Now in Colorado, has been burning up his twitter feed attacking me and even his own people, calling them “idiots.”

“Idiots,” that is, for blowing the gaffe. Mr. O’Keefe suggests sending out a “tweet” on Twitter like this:

None can deny what James O’Keefe found. The Democratic Party turned Colorado “blue” this way, in addition to selling a fraudulent message about (a) ease of voter access, and (b) the basic policies of the Democratic Party and what those policies will really carry out.

The Democratic Party still insists voter fraud does not happen. James O’Keefe showed not only does it happen, but the Democratic Party, at least in Colorado, does it regularly, brazenly, and without remorse. Mail-in balloting makes voter fraud all too easy. (And U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder made it easier: he forbade Secretaries of State and county election clerks to clean out names of dead and moved-out voters from their voter rolls for four years.)

This, of course, shows how difficult a campaign for true liberty can be. Those who think nothing of voter fraud, do it to steal vast sums of money from their fellow citizens. They call it “taxes,” “subsidies,” “welfare,” and “care” – “care” for whatever cause they think the government should make you support, whether you want to or not. Has our society reached a “tipping point,” where collectivists find elections easy to steal by voter fraud and other means? Is that how Barack Obama seeks to turn the United States into a one-party (Democratic) country?


On Friday 24 october 2014, the triple anchors on Fox and Friends featured this James O’Keefe video. They said further that authorities have already charged someone (they didn’t say who) at Works for Progress for voter fraud.

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People still take James O’Keefe seriously?
After the ACORN sting turned out to be a fraud, and he had to pay $100k in damages to one of the people featured in his tape, another was just taking them for a ride, and ACORN was cleared of all charges by the US Government Accountability Office (sadly after they lost funding from Congress)?
Or after it was shown that he edited the tape interviewing the head of NPR fundraising to remove exonerating context?
Those are just two of this man’s many egregious frauds.
He’s even less trustworthy than MIchael Moore.

[…] Voter fraud by mail […]

[…] Voter fraud by mail […]

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