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Obama: educated derelict



Yale Graduate School. Yale recently disbanded its anti-Semitism initiative. More to the point, the moral relativism that rules here and elsewhere is the cause of much of what ails America today.

Americans spend an enormous amount of money for the education of their youth. Hardly anyone draws a connection between the content of this education, as articulated in the social sciences, the humanities, the law schools, and America’s decline as a world power. Let me illustrate this phenomenon by means of the character of President Barack Obama.

Obama the empty suit

If Mr. Obama is rightly called can “Empty Suit,” this may be construed to mean that Obama is a deceptively “Invisible Man” in a visible suit. What made him invisible from the beginning is that he has no obvious or substantive national identity. Has he not called himself a “cosmopolitan,” a man without a country?

Obama applauds his bill, and other Democrats applaud him. That was then. This is now.

De facto President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and several senior advisers applaud when the House of Representatives takes up Obamacare and “deems it passed.” Photo: The White House

Has he not been rightly denominated as a “post-American” president? What does this mean in depth, in truth, and not in journalese? It means that Obama lacks any moral or intellectual attachment to America’s two foundational documents, the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution.

Moreover, since the definitive and pivotal concept of the Declaration of Independence is “the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” which are obviously universal and immutable. Obama has effectively defined himself as a multicultural moral relativist, which means that Obama is a functional atheist or pagan nihilist.

Unsurprisingly, this defines the mentality of his Supreme Court appointments. Like Obama, the Court has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, which is rampant in the Third World, especially in Africa with which Obama is very much identified. Obama, wherever he was born, is anything but a “red, white, and blue” American.

Indeed, his denial of “American Exceptionalism” is consistent with his multicultural moral relativism. But this relativism is nothing more than a euphemism for atheism, more precisely, nihilism. Nihilism has been rampant in American higher education for many decades, as may be seen in my essay, “Intellectual and Moral Anarchy in America Society,” which was published in the Congressional Record (Senate) in 1968.

We must therefore conclude that Obama represents the mentality of most university professors (roughly 80%), and that his election to the highest office in the land may be attributed primarily to America’s most highly educated citizens and opinion makers!☼

<a href="" title="Obama: educated derelict">Obama: educated derelict</a>

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